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Conquer the World Chapter 69.1

Chapter 69: Dig the Hole and Wait for Fang Jie to Fall In (Part One)

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Da Quan was confused, and he asked Fang Jie with a low voice, “What do you mean?”

He was shocked by the red-robed daoist’s finger strike, and he didn’t think about other things. However, when he heard Fang Jie’s tone, he knew that the latter wasn’t only surprised by this daoist’s cultivation strength.

“This red-robed daoist showed his power when only a few hundred people are around, and he is Spiritual Master Xiao’s second disciple. This show is over the board. Even if this isn’t planned ahead of time, does such a big figure have to deal with it? Just that other daoist who was talking could easily kill this ox. Also, even if this red-robed daoist must do something, can’t he kill the ox? But he just had to create such a giant pit in the ground with a finger strike.”

“Yeah, why?” Da Quan was surprised and asked subconsciously.

“This is a show,” Fang Jie said with his voice lowered, “He is trying to show his strength on purpose. Look around; the people are surprised, and they are going to be thankful and might become believers.”

Just as Fang Jie said that, those people who were saved instantly knelt and thanked the red-robed daoist repeatedly. Seeing this, the red-robed daoist got up and came out of his horse-drawn carriage before helping these people stand up.

This daoist looked cold, but he talked with a gentle tone and an immortal-like presence. He almost instantly converted these people.

“A few hundred people aren’t many, but if they all spread the news around the area, the entire region will know about it,” Chen Qingshan said with a smile.

Hearing this, Fang Jie’s eyes lit up, and he murmured, “I got it now.”

“What do you mean?” Da Quan and Chen Qingshan asked at the same time.

Fang Jie shook his head and didn’t respond.

He had thought that these daoists were doing a show for these people to expand the influence of the Daoist Sect, but he now realized that he was too shallow.

Since the Emperor of Great Sui promoted this sect, why would these high-level daoists do tricks for ordinary people?

This incident wasn’t as simple as these daoists trying to convert these people into believing in Daoism.

It was for the central government and the Emperor of Great Sui.

When Fang Jie ran into Wanyan Liyao on the way, he guessed that Great Sui was going to launch a military operation in the northwest. If Great Sui wanted to attack Mongo-Yuan, it wasn’t enough to organize the military and raise the prestige of the Emperor.

Everyone in the world knew that Mongo-Yuan had Great Wheel Temple on Great Snow Mountain, and the Buddhist Sect was at the peak of power at every place outside Great Sui. Even though the people of Great Sui didn’t believe in Buddhism, they were cautious toward this sect that controlled almost all other nations outside Great Sui. It was heard that Great Snow Mountain had the greatest number of level 9 masters, and the 3,000 golden monk soldiers under the Great Wheel Wisdom King’s command were known as invincible.

These legends were all things that the people of Great Sui worried about.

Although the people of Great Sui believed that the military of Great Sui was unrivaled, and they wouldn’t be afraid if they challenged Mongo-Yuan, the Buddhist Sect was different. If Mongo-Yuan was a mammoth, then it was only the tip of an iceberg compared to the Buddhist Sect.

If cultivation masters of the Buddhist Sect appeared when Great Sui attacked Mongo-Yuan, the people and officials of Great Sui would all get fearful.

Therefore, the Emperor of Great Sui invited Spiritual Master Xiao of One Qi Daoist Temple on Pure Joy Mountain into Chang’an. Although Spiritual Master Xiao was here to watch the entrance exam of the Martial Arts Academy, it wasn’t that simple. As a result, this incident with the berserk ox was also not that simple.

The Emperor of Great Sui invited Spiritual Master Xiao to Chang’an to show the strength of the Daoist Sect to the people of Great Sui. That way, people would be more confident in the upcoming war. With the cultivation masters of the Daoist Sect behind them, the military of Great Sui wouldn’t need to be afraid of the cultivation masters of the Buddhist Sect.

Fang Jie realized that the Emperor’s seemingly casual invitation contained many moves; his intelligence was admirable. If Fang Jie learned of all the things that the Emperor did to prepare for this war, he would be stunned to his core. As a qualified ruler, the Emperor had considered almost all the difficulties that Great Sui would face in the future.

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  1. passerby

    monster are uncomprehendable
    genius are unfulfilled potential
    giants are those with powers
    monsters are uncomprehendable
    officials are those with responsiblities
    families are related by blood

    monster description of Fang jie (MC) reminds me of isaac

  2. passerby

    I always thought that westerners called figures of powers monsters and demons

    whereas in asia the literary term was ‘rivers and lakes’.

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