Chapter 7: The Law Enforcers from Chang’an, and the Spy from the Grassland (Part One)

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The man in cyan stood by the window and didn’t look at the fancy platform and the amazing dances. He looked outside the window as if something in the sky caught his attention.

The cold wind rushed in and fluttered his cyan robe that was turning white.

Perhaps it was too cold; Aunt Xi was shivering uncontrollably on her chair.

Only She knew that even the chilliest wind couldn’t make her feel cold. She felt cold since this man said that he was going to the Great Snow Mountain. What he said made her bones chill.

“You have to go?” Aunt Xi asked.

Aunt Xi wasn’t old. Although she had thin wrinkles at the corners of her eyes, she was still beautiful. Her eyes and brows were exceptionally gorgeous. If she wanted to get married, the men who would want to marry her could line up from the gate of the building to outside Fangu City.

Although Fang Jie was the landlord, he only saw Aunt Xi once, and he memorized her eyes and brows. It wasn’t because Fang Jie was lustful; her eyes and brows were too beautiful.

Aunt Xi’s full name was Xi Huamei, but her brows weren’t drawn.

[TL Note: In this context, Huamei means drawing brows.]

She was born with a pair of brows that was mesmerizing, and her eyes charmed many people. When she was still young, many people were drawn by her, and they were willing to spend all their money and even die for her.

However, she was attracted to him, the kryptonite in her fate.

“Is Xin’er good?”

This man didn’t answer Xi Huamei’s question. Instead, he asked a question of his own.

“She is doing well. It is surprising that you still remember her.”

Xi Huamei looked at this man’s back and said, “Ten years ago, you dropped Xin’er off and left. We haven’t heard anything from you in the last ten years. Xin’er asked me where you were many times, and she only stopped asking in the last two years. Perhaps she believed the answer that I gave. How could you be so cruel? Even neglecting her for your obsession?”

“What did you tell her?” the man in cyan still didn’t answer the question.

“I told her that you died!” Xi Huamei bit her lips.
“That is good.” The man in cyan turned around and smiled. “If she believes that I’m dead, she wouldn’t worry so much. It would be a good thing for her. After another ten years, perhaps she will forget me completely. Without me, she will be happier. All the memories that I left aren’t worthy of remembering… I must go!”

This man suddenly answered Xi Huamei’s first question.

Then, this man looked at the grey sky. Although he looked calm, he was hungry for battle. “Everything you see in this world is submission, so someone has to do something. Some people set rules, and people got used to it, feeling like they should kneel and act lowly and forgetting that they are humans. Humans should stand tall and be brave.”

Xi Huamei opened her mouth and didn’t know what to say.
“I’m not cruel,” this man answered the second question, “If I’m crueler, I wouldn’t have let that person leave ten years ago. If he died, there would be more fairness in the world. If I’m crueler, I wouldn’t have hesitated for my broken life, allowing him to be carried away by his disciples and grand-disciples. I used ten years to heal, and so did him. However, he has a lot more spiritual pills and elixirs. He should recover faster than me. If I don’t go now, I wouldn’t have another chance.”

“Since you know this, why don’t you wait until you are surer of the situation?” Xi Huamei screamed, and her chest moved up and down more and more. “Aren’t you afraid of causing a catastrophe?”

The man in cyan froze for a second and then shook his head. He said calmly, “The catastrophe will be here sooner or later. Instead of waiting for it to grow to the size that we can’t deal with, it is better to accept it and take it head-on. Perhaps some people will get to live.”

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