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Conquer the World Chapter 70.1

Chapter 70: One Saber Strike (Part One)

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When Fang Jie entered Chang’an, he finally understood what it meant to have one’s eyes opened.

On top of feeling like his eyes weren’t enough to look around, Fang Jie felt tiny and insignificant. Almost everyone would feel this way in this city. Regardless of which way you looked, you couldn’t see the end of it. Prosperity was at every corner of this city; this city was already an immortal legend.

There were many famous cities in Fang Jie’s previous life such as the Ancient City of Rome, Round city of Baghdad, and Constantinople. Compared to Chang’an which was like the sunlight, they were like the light of fireflies.

What surprised Fang Jie the most wasn’t the prosperity of Chang’an, the majestic buildings, and many boldly dressed beautiful women on the street. He was shocked to find that Beckon of the Red Sleeve had properties in Chang’an!

On the most prosper street in Chang’an, there was a majestic-looking three-story wooden building. There was a big courtyard in front of and behind the building. This property occupied more about two acres of land in the most expensive location in Chang’an.

After walking close, Fang Jie discovered that this wooden building was covered in dust and lost its colors. Also, the chain lock that was placed on the gate was rusty. It was clear that this lock sealed up this building for many years, and it carried an unknown mission.

When the caravan fleet of Beckon of the Red Sleeve stopped in front of this building, and Xi Huamei who looked serious and sad at the same time stood in front of the locked gate, Fang Jie suddenly felt like the atmosphere in the area changed.

He looked around subconsciously and suddenly found that the people coming and going on the street turned quiet. Everyone’s attention was on Xi Huamei.

Even the vendors and merchants in the shops close by rushed out, looking toward Beckon of the Red Sleeve with strange expressions.

Fang Jie didn’t know what these expressions meant, but he was clear that Beckon of the Red Sleeve had a glorious past in Chang’an.

At this moment, someone suddenly shouted, “Beckon of the Red Sleeve is back at Chang’an!”

“Beckon of the Red Sleeve returned!”

The entire street fell into a state of craze, and people started to gather around here. The men all had excitement in their eyes, and Fang Jie was surprised that the women had no hostility in their eyes even though they didn’t cheer.

How glorious had this song and dance ensemble been for the proud residents of Chang’an to behave this way?

“You must not know!” Little Dot wrinkled her nose proudly and bumped Fang Jie with her shoulder. “Beckon of the Red Sleeve used to be extremely famous in Chang’an. You can’t even think of how popular it was! More than 11 years ago when Beckon of the Red Sleeve first opened, do you know what kind of big figures appeared to congratulate us?”

Little Dot raised her little chin and counted with her fingers, “The big scholars from various departments, the heads of various ministries, and even the iron-face judges of the Court of Judicial Review came and gave us gifts! Even the Queen sent someone to bring the gift of a folding screen.”

The pride on Little Dot’s pretty face was too real.

“About 11 years ago?” Fang Jie asked with a frown, “You weren’t apart of Beckon of the Red Sleeve then, right?”

Little Dot rolled her eyes and said, “It doesn’t matter if I was around or not; I’m a member of Beckon of the Red Sleeve now. None of the girls in the ensemble right now were around 11 years ago, but are the pride on their faces fake? We are all proud of the glory that Beckon of the Red Sleeve once had. You must know that even when aristocrats wanted to listen to songs and watch dances at Beckon of the Red Sleeve, they had to buy tickets like everyone else. If the girls didn’t want to dance, even the rank 1 and rank 2 officials of Great Sui couldn’t make them.”

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  1. Quick question here…what chapter does his background get revealed? I’m on chapter 53 and it’s kinda pissing me off. Like why is his own background kept from him while. Plus there’s that girl protecting him seemingly left to die since he isn’t able to fix the situation for her.

    • Hey there, his background is a bit part of the plot, so it would be slowly revealed throughout the chapters. His actual identity would be slowly revealed by chapter 350. P.S. The story has many twists, so it can be interesting to read.

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