Chapter 70: One Saber Strike (Part Two)

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“How come I never heard you girls mention this glorious past?”

“Aunt Xi said that we shouldn’t bring up the past if we aren’t in Chang’an. Regardless of how glorious the past was, it is behind us. She also said that if Beckon of the Red Sleeve was going to come back to Chang’an, then we will redeem the glories that we had 11 years ago.”

“Aunt Xi has such ambition! Now that she is back, I believe that those aristocrats and big figures will all come as they did 11 years ago,” Fang Jie praised.

Little Dot’s expression dimmed, and she murmured, “Beckon of the Red Sleeve was able to reach such a height, not because of Aunt Xi’s abilities. The previous owner of the ensemble was a figure who was above everyone at Great Sui except for one person. Only a figure like him could make those arrogant big figures come here and give us valuable gifts. Only a person like him could make a song and dance ensemble this exceptional in Chang’an.”

“Above everyone at Great Sui except for one person,” Fang Jie recited this phrase and suddenly thought of a name.

He asked in surprise, “How come a figure like him would open a song and dance ensemble? Also, after he disappeared ten years ago, how come Beckon of the Red Sleeve disappeared as well and reappeared in Fangu several years later?”

“He was the most talented figure in Great Sui, and even the Emperor who just came into power had great respect for him. You should know that a man on that level needed to consider his relationship with the Emperor. The Emperor of Great Sui didn’t stop him from opening a song and dance ensemble, and the Emperor also wasn’t able to keep him in the central government by enticing him with the highest-ranked position. Ordinary people wouldn’t be able to understand this.” It was the crippled old man who just spoke.

Fang Jie thought for a moment and nodded. “Knowing when to back off is the greatest ability.”

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The servants of Beckon of the Red Sleeve started to clean the wooden building, and the neighbors in the area came to help. Aunt Xi ordered people to buy fresh fruit and make tea, and a prestigious and honorable woman like her also changed into ordinary clothes and cleaned the building with others.

Not only Aunt Xi, but all the girls of the ensemble joined in.

Only two people didn’t help with the cleanup. One was Xi Zhuxin who didn’t get off the horse-drawn carriage and was extremely mysterious, and the other was the crippled old man who was drinking his liquor on the stone staircase on the side.

Of course, Fang Jie and Chen Qingshan also didn’t help.

After entering the city, Cui Lueshang went to visit all the seniors and elder acquaintances of his family; he couldn’t ignore these things with his background.

Xiang Qingniu who seemed unreliable said that he was going to see Spiritual Master Xiao, but his eyes looked at Shu-Aroma Pavilion nearby.

Da Quan went to find a place where they could stay, and Chen Qingshan looked at flowers not far away.

Fang Jie went to buy some cooked meat in a small restaurant close by, and he carried it back with oilpaper.

He sat beside the crippled old man and asked with a flattering smile, “Do you want me to drink with you?”

The crippled old man rolled his eyes and took out a liquor cup from one of his sleeves as if he was doing a magic trick. Fang Jie took the cup, and the crippled old man poured him a cup of liquor.

With the cup of liquor in hand, Fang Jie asked, “Can you tell me the history of Beckon of the Red Sleeve?”

“You want to know more about that man, right?” the crippled old man asked.

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