Chapter 70: One Saber Strike (Part Three)

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Fang Jie nodded and said blankly, “How come such a talented figure suddenly disappeared? Although I don’t want to say that the Emperor did something, I couldn’t find another reasonable explanation.”

The crippled old man replied, “If the people in the government heard what you said, you would be arrested right away and executed without a trial.”

“You aren’t someone like that,” Fang Jie laughed awkwardly.

The crippled old man chugged a mouthful of liquor and stayed silent for a while before saying, “Ms. Xi is a loyal and virtuous woman. Although that man was only her boss, and they didn’t have an intimate relationship, she left Chang’an alone and tried to find him after hearing that he had left. That man helped Ms. Xi before, so she was going to return the gratitude, even though she didn’t know how to at the time. While she searched for that man, she encountered that man in cyan who you met at Fangu.”

“Love at first sight?” Fang Jie asked.

The crippled old man laughed but said with a sad tone, “Something like that. He accompanied her for a month before leaving, and he was missing for ten years. After that encounter, Mr. Xi started to look for two people instead of one. Beckon of the Red Sleeve was only opened in Chang’an for about a year. After the boss disappeared, and Ms. Xi left Chang’an, the people in the government who tried to get on the good side of Beckon of the Red Sleeve in the past announced that it was disbanded. So many good girls were expelled from Chang’an. Many years had gone by; I wonder if those people are living good lives. I heard that some of them were forced into pleasure quarters. What a sin!”

“You were around back then?” Fang Jie asked.

“Yeah,” the crippled old man replied.

“You couldn’t stop it?” Fang Jie asked another question.

“Me?” the crippled old man snorted and said, “What could I have done even if my strength was great? How can a person rival an empire? Although Beckon of the Red Sleeve wasn’t directly shut down, the people who announced the disbandment of the ensemble had the order from a big figure. Those officials who gave gifts to Beckon of the Red Sleeve before couldn’t offend this big figure, so they could only watch Beckon of the Red Sleeve decay. Compared to the mercilessness of this big figure, I resent the coldness of that figure on the throne more. During that turbulence, he didn’t stand out and say anything. If he said something, Beckon of the Red Sleeve wouldn’t disappear in Chang’an.”

Fang Jie thought through the information that the crippled old man revealed, and a disgusting conspiracy became clearer and clearer in his mind. The more he thought about it, the colder the world seemed in his eyes; it was too cold and dark for him to adapt.

If his guess was correct, the shamelessness of this conspiracy would tarnish the reputation of the Emperor forever.

After drinking several mouthfuls of liquor, the crippled old man got a little tipsy. Looking down at his liquor gourd, he murmured with slight pain, “If I had enough courage back then and killed a few people without fear of death, that figure’s seat would shake for a while.”

“All this is a guess, right?” Fang Jie said while patting the crippled old man’s shoulder, “Perhaps it isn’t what we think it is.”

The crippled old man smiled as his eyes became clearer, and he said, “Then tell me what the guess is. If you guessed the whole thing from this little information, I will admit that you are very smart.”

“What is the use? There are no benefits.”

“If you can make a reasonable guess, regardless if it is the same as our guess, I will teach you 24 joint lock techniques that can tear muscles and dislocate bones of your enemies. If your guess is the same as our guess, I will teach you one saber strike.”

“So stingy! One saber strike… why don’t you say half a saber strike?” Fang Jie asked with a pout.

“Don’t be so greedy,” the crippled old man said with a smile while stroking his beard lightly, “My saber strike is something special. If I don’t want to teach, it would be useless even if the most talented level 8 master kneels before me.”

Whether intentional or unintentional, he looked at Chen Qingshan who wasn’t far away. She was looking at flowers, but she was prettier than the flowers.

Hearing this, Chen Qingshan grinned, but her eyes showed coldness and pride.

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