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Conquer the World Chapter 71.3

Chapter 71: The Land Is Dry and Cracked, so the Seedling Is Tilted (Part Three)

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Fang Jie replied, “Therefore, it seemed like the Emperor was involved in the expel of Beckon of the Red Sleeve after Royal King Zhong disappeared ten years ago, even though another royal king issued the order.”

The crippled old man frowned slightly and asked, “You mean this is only what it seems like on the surface?”

Fang Jie answered, “Throughout these years, I heard that even though the Emperor has the mildest temper among all emperors of Great Sui, he doesn’t lack courage. If he wanted to do something to Royal King Zhong, he wouldn’t use this childish tactic of making someone disappear and expelling the latter’s business. Don’t you think that it is too obvious?”

Fang Jie recalled the scene where that red-robed daoist created a pit in the ground with a finger strike outside the Capital, and he grew more confident in his guess. How could such a calculative ruler make such a low-level decision?

Therefore, Fang Jie added, “If the Emperor wanted to take out Royal King Zhong, he would eliminate all risks. Also, he wouldn’t use this low-level tactic.”

The crippled old man froze for a second and said, “Royal King Zhong’s family has been living well, and his feudal land stayed the same. Every year, His Majesty would send over many gifts, even though only a group of old retinues lived there. I always thought that the Emperor has been feeling guilty…”

“Guilty?” Fang Jie laughed, “How would someone capable of doing this feel guilty?”

The crippled old man nodded, and his expression turned a little bit ugly.

Fang Jie thought for a moment and said, “Another royal king expelled Beckon of the Red Sleeve, and it seems like the Emperor didn’t stop this from happening. Perhaps the Emperor didn’t get the chance to do anything. With Royal King Zhong being present, that royal king was suppressed and couldn’t make any impact on the government. Therefore, when Royal King Zhong disappeared, this royal king thought that his opportunity was here and expelled Beckon of the Red Sleeve. When the Emperor learned about this, it was already too late. To maintain the image of his other little brother, the Emperor couldn’t invite Beckon of the Red Sleeve to return to Chang’an.”

Fang Jie added after a while, “Perhaps this is the truth. An idiotic royal king wanted to advance in power. He thought that the Emperor would eliminate Royal King Zhong’s forces now that the latter disappeared, but he did the wrong thing.”

The crippled old man’s expression changed, and he said after a moment of hesitation, “It seems like… the royal king who expelled Beckon of the Red Sleeve… His Majesty didn’t put him in important roles. Although he is still a royal king, he doesn’t have any real power.”

“If you observe everything without your heart, you should be able to see the truth,” Fang Jie summarized with a little pride.

At this moment, all the liquor was drunk, and all the meat was eaten; the conversation ended at the right time.

“Come to the backyard of Beckon of the Red Sleeve tomorrow morning; I will teach you one saber strike.”

The crippled old man got up, and he was staggering a little since he was tipsy.

Fang Jie got up and walked steadily.

However, the person who seemed a little bit drunk wasn’t drunk at all, but the person who seemed fine was drunk.

In order to learn that saber strike, Fang Jie didn’t only use his brain intensely; he also used his stomach. He couldn’t drink much, but he emptied that giant liquor gourd with the crippled old man.

Xi Huamei looked at Fang Jie who was walking away and then at the crippled old man who was burping.

“Want to help him?” she asked.

The crippled old man chuckled and said, “I like this young man. He is a wastrel without cultivation strength. Wouldn’t he get beat up easily in the entrance exam of the Martial Arts Academy? We all came from Fangu; I would even be ashamed if he lost all battles and became quadriplegic. I haven’t used that saber strike in a long time; it should be shown.”

“This gift is quite big,” Xi Huamei said earnestly.

The crippled old man casually waved his hand and quickly fell asleep leaning on the doorframe. He murmured something interesting, but it was hard to tell if he was sleep talking or not.

“The land is dry and cracked, so the seedling is tilted. It can still be saved by a ton of water and fertilizer.”

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