Chapter 72: Greed (Part One)

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After Fang Jie saw the crippled old man use the so-called one saber strike under the dead plum tree in the backyard of Beckon of the Red Sleeve, he froze there for a long while and realized how wrong he was.

The saber technique was called One Saber Strike

Just the methods of using a saber in this technique could scare people to death, let alone its power.

Every attack was straight, but the angle of every attack was strange and bizarre, making others feel like the arm of the person using the saber broke.

Ordinary people’s arms couldn’t twist and turn like that.

People’s wrists could move in almost all directions; it was as flexible as a joint could get.

However, the crippled old man’s elbows were even more flexible than his wrists!

How could an ordinary person’s elbows bend in the opposite direction?

Who could anticipate such strikes?

Fang Jie was dumbstruck, and he looked at his right arm subconsciously. Just thinking about his right elbow bending in the opposite direction made goosebumps appear on his skin. The more Fang Jie thought about it, the more afraid he became. He thought that all the bones in the crippled old man’s body were broken, and the latter could bend his body in many ways.

“This… is too tough.” Fang Jie swallowed his saliva with difficulty. While wiping away the sweat on his forehead, he hesitated and asked, “If I want to learn this, do I need to break all the bones in my body and not let them heal? Getting used to having more joints? I don’t understand how the muscles can handle it.”

“Even the bones can handle it; why not the muscles?” The crippled old man had small sweat drops on his forehead after he showed Fang Jie all the variations. It was clear that even though he was a cultivation master, he couldn’t change many things at his age.

The crippled old man ditched the rusty saber in his hand to the side and sat on a boulder before panting and drinking liquor. “I used this saber technique when I was young and toured the world 50 years ago, and I killed and robbed people before. As a result, this saber technique was quite famous. However, when I got older, my temper grew mild, so I gradually stopped using this saber technique. One Saber Strike hasn’t been used in close to 50 years, so probably no one will recognize it even if you use it.”

After his breathing became steady again, he said, “This saber technique is too vicious and cunning. Only those with tough hearts could unleash the full power of this technique.”

“You think that I have a tough heart?” Fang Jie asked.

The crippled old man laughed and said, “Many people don’t want to accept their violent nature, and they don’t dare to face their urges of killing. Many people dream of such things, but they would reprimand themselves when they wake up. It doesn’t matter if you are a vicious and cunning character. The important question is that do you want to learn this vicious and cunning saber technique?”

“One Saber Strike; every method and angle are unpredictable. If you use this technique, even those who are stronger than you will be suppressed. All the attacks will be counter logic, and everything could be summarized with the word – trickiness.”

After pausing for a second, the crippled old man said self-mockingly, “It doesn’t matter what you do; if you only focus on tricks, it would be an inferior approach. When I was young and sought thrill, I got too extreme, and so did One Saber Strike. You can say that among hundreds of factions in the world of martial arts, nothing is more vicious and trickier than One Saber Strike.”

Fang Jie nodded and agreed. Anyone obsessed with tricks would seem low and not righteous. However, there was nothing truly righteous in this world.

Therefore, Fang Jie laughed, “Being lowest of the low is a form of superiority. This so-called One Saber Strike is a top-tier technique. The viciousness is internal. If someone is not cunning, even the most vicious technique will seem righteous.”

What Fang Jie said made the crippled old man extremely happy; this was high-level flattery.

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