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Conquer the World Chapter 72.2

Chapter 72: Greed (Part Two)

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“I haven’t seen you use your saber 50 years ago, and I don’t know how vicious your moves were back then. However, after seeing your saber technique today, I only have admiration toward you on top of feeling the shock. Your saber technique contains no viciousness; you have unleashed the maximum amount of human potential righteously.”

The crippled old man froze for a second before laughing and cursing, “Shameless.”

Fang Jie would never feel bad about being shameless, so he smiled and asked, “The entrance exam of the Martial Arts Academy will begin in about a month. How much can I grasp?”

The crippled old man thought for a moment and said, “It depends on… your perseverance.”

Fang Jie was silent for a moment before he swung his right arm and smashed his right forearm into the dead plum tree.

Crack! The plum tree that had the thickness of a leg turned into two pieces, and so did Fang Jie’s right forearm bone.

Fang Jie clenched his teeth and bent the broken bone 90 degrees backward. Just the look of it would make many people sweat in fear.

The crippled old man’s expression changed, and he shook his head and cursed, “I just said that you are smart yesterday, but now I know that you are an idiot. You broke your arm before I said anything! How can you practice the saber technique with your right arm broken? I said that you need to be vicious, and you turned this vicious against yourself? Aren’t you supposed to ask me if there are any secrets in making joints move in opposite directions?”

Fang Jie pushed the broken arm bone back into its place, and big sweat drops were already sliding down his face due to the excruciating pain. He picked up a tree branch from the ground and then ripped a sleeve off his robe with his teeth before tying the tree branch onto his forearm to stabilize the injury.

After he did that, he was already covered in sweat.

The crippled old man didn’t help. Instead, he was still cursing, and he got angrier and angrier.

On the other hand, Fang Jie fell onto the ground and drank from the crippled old man’s liquor gourd. Then, he wiped off the sweat on his face and said, “If people are too smart, they couldn’t focus and concentrate. Therefore, I had to push myself into a corner. Now that I only have one usable arm, I can’t think of shortcuts and tricks and need to focus on practicing this saber technique.”

“Are you dumb?” the crippled old man asked.

Fang Jie nodded and replied, “Yeah, I’m really dumb.”

“Grandpa, which hand did you use when you showed me the technique?”

“Right hand.”

“Now that my right arm is broken, you can only teach me the left-handed version of the saber technique, right?”

The crippled old man’s expression changed again, and he finally understood Fang Jie’s intention. While his shoulders trembled, he bent his back and picked up the rusty saber before passing it to Fang Jie’s left hand.

After a moment of silence, he stared into Fang Jie’s eyes and asked, “How did you know… that I’m best at the left-handed saber technique?”

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When geckos encounter dangers, they would break off their tails to attract the attention of their enemies and escape. When wild wolves got their legs caught in iron traps, they would bite off their legs and escape.

Beside the dead plum tree in the backyard of Beckon of the Red Sleeve, Fang Jie broke his right arm.

The crippled old man’s expression changed, and Fang Jie who was like a fool didn’t look sad or regretful.

Fang Jie used this vicious and cruel method to trade for the crippled old man’s left-handed version of One Saber Strike.

No one knew how Fang Jie figured out that the crippled old man was better at left-handed saber techniques. When the crippled old man asked him, he didn’t say anything.

The crippled old man had been a hermit for about 50 years, and people had forgotten the name of Left-Handed Saber Sir Luo that terrified many people 50 years ago in Yangtze-South.

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