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Conquer the World Chapter 72.3

Chapter 72: Greed (Part Three)

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After 50 years, old people had been replaced by young people.

Who could still remember that he used left-handed saber techniques?

Fang Jie wasn’t left-handed. He did almost everything with his right hand. However, he broke his right arm without hesitation; only a maniac could do something like this.

Therefore, the crippled old man was stunned. He couldn’t help but ask, “You have a deep hatred for someone?”

Fang Jie shook his head.

“Do you have any goals that you must reach?” the crippled old man asked again.

Fang Jie thought for a moment and shook his head again. It didn’t seem like he had a hard goal in his life. If he didn’t get into the Martial Arts Academy, he wouldn’t commit suicide. He would try to become an official. Even if he failed to do that, he wouldn’t be extremely angry or sad. He would be disappointed, but it wouldn’t be the focus of his life.

“No long-term goals… So, just for entering the Martial Arts Academy? Is it worth it?” the crippled old man asked the third question.

Fang Jie thought for a moment and nodded. “It is worth it.”

The crippled old man asked no more questions. He looked at the rusty saber in Fang Jie’s left hand and murmured, “You have a good foundation in using sabers. If you practice One Saber Strike with your right hand for a month, it would still be hard for you to comprehend it, but it would be somewhat acceptable. But now with your left hand… it would be tough for you to even get the hang of it.”

After saying that, he turned around and walked to the side in disappointment, but Fang Jie couldn’t help but laugh mischievously.

“Mimic a few moves and let me see.” The crippled old man sat in a reclining chair that was about ten meters away, and his eyes squinted. Although he didn’t drink much liquor, he appeared tipsy.

Fang Jie nodded and took a deep breath.

Then, he closed his eyes and recalled the technique that the crippled old man used.

One person watched as the other practiced, and one person cursed as the other got cussed at.

When he got mad, the crippled old man would jump up and kick Fang Jie, and Fang Jie would only giggle and didn’t mind it.

Beckon of the Red Sleeve’s three-story wooden building was about 100 meters away. It was big and contained hundreds of rooms, not including the massive grand hall on the first floor.

With many people’s help, the building was already cleaned. Since people hadn’t lived in it for a long time, there was the unpleasant smell of mold.

All the girls lived on the third floor. They got their own rooms, and there were still empty rooms. It just showed how big this building was and how many girls that Beckon of the Red Sleeve had in the beginning.

Beckon of the Red Sleeve was a song and dance ensemble, and it wasn’t a pleasure quarter.

There were dozens of famous song and dance ensembles in Chang’an, but only one focused on songs and dances and never did the business of pleasure quarters.

When Royal King Zhong created Beckon of the Red Sleeve, he said that he was going to create the purest and most delicate song and dance ensemble in Chang’an.

With his identity, it would be hard for him not to achieve this goal.

Only those who wanted to die would ask the girls in the ensemble if they provided those kinds of services.

The girls only slept when it was close to the morning, so it was still quiet in the building.

The servants and workers were busy organizing the place, and Butler Tu Five left the building with two other people, heading to the local government to report their arrival. Also, they needed to hire more workers.

Most people were still sleeping, but Xi Huamei wasn’t tired.

Perhaps she was unsettled after returning to Chang’an ten years later. She stood before the window and looked at the backyard. It was hard to tell if she was looking at the current scenery or the scenery from ten years ago.

After a long while, she asked the fairy-like beauty beside her, “I asked your opinion of this young man before. What do you think now? In order to learn the left-handed One Saber Strike, he broke his right arm. Not many people have such courage and determination.”

Xi Zhuxin who was in white looked at that young man. She was expressionless; it felt like nothing could disturb her. She looked out the window and said after a while, “Greed.”

Xi Huamei was surprised, but then she laughed, “Without greed and desire, how can anyone achieve anything? Greed is the strongest and most long-lasting motivational force behind people’s growth.”

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  1. mcard

    Greed is interesting,

    desire is a powerful thing
    for those that don’t move forward, they shall recede into the waves pushing them back, similar to however stagnant empires get overtaken and forgotten to history. Even a starving camel is bigger than a horse? empires are still beheamoths and change is generally possible although painful and difficult it may as well be a rebirth of a new one.

    desire is one thing and can have many origins, one is greed and the other is fear. The rewards for the good and the punishment for the evil. Hence skinner boxes and operant conditioning.

    Anyway a civilization that stops innovating becomes stagant, decays and dies. hence why progress and research is quite important. Progress is never assured (similar to freedom), it must constantly be fought for and gained. – parts taken from learned hand and Age of cosmic exploration

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