Chapter 73: The Competition (1) (Part Three)

“Sir, can you tell me why the big figures of the Ministry of War are summoning me? I want to be prepared so that I won’t be rude later.” After saying that, Fang Jie tried to stuff a silver certificate into that official’s hand, but the latter wasn’t willing to accept it.

“I don’t know.” When this topic was brought up, this official’s expression turned cold as he said, “When we get there, someone will bring you in. As to why the big figures want to see you… how can I know the details?”

Fang Jie nodded and went silent. As he looked down at his broken arm, worry flashed across his eyes.

-Beckon of the Red Sleeve-

The crippled old man asked Xi Huamei, “Will there be any problems? The Ministry of War suddenly wants to see this kid. That girl is nowhere to be seen, so I can only pursue the second-best option by teaching this dumb kid. If he also disappears, then none of the people who I like as disciples will be around.”

With a slight frown, Xi Huamei stared at the backyard for a while before saying, “Grandpa Luo… Do you think that Fang Jie is a bit similar to him?”

“Being extreme?” Grandpa Luo asked.

Xi Huamei didn’t reply. Instead, she looked at a sandalwood box on a table, appearing hesitant.

“We just returned to the Capital; I don’t want to cause any trouble for Beckon of the Red Sleeve,” she said.

The crippled old man’s expression changed.

“I understand.” After saying that, this old man left the room, looking a bit lonely and depressed.

-Viewing Platform, Training Field –

The person who sat in the middle was the Emperor’s sixth brother, the only royal king who still stayed in Chang’an.

After the fight for the throne, the First Prince and the Third Prince got defeated; one was sent to a border city while the other was under quarantine in a city in the south. The Seventh Prince, who later became Royal King Zhong, disappeared ten years ago.

The Second Prince was given the title of Royal King Guo, and his feudal land was in the east along the coastline. The Fifth Prince die of an illness and was given the title of Royal King Jia. The Sixth Prince, who was chatting and laughing in the middle of the platform, was given the title of Royal King Yi, and he stayed in Chang’an and didn’t return to his feudal land in Boling State in the northwest. It was heard that he cried his heart out when saying farewells to the Emperor, and the Emperor got soft-hearted and allowed him to stay.

Royal King Yi didn’t participate in the activities of the government. He usually spent his time cultivating flowers, playing with his birds, and fishing by lakes. Chang’an was giant, but this man had seen all the places inside the city.

Since this man was the only royal king inside the Capital, and he was friendly, kind, heroic, and loyal, his reputation was great among the officials. Also, this royal king was a man of the culture. Many girls in pleasure quarters in Chang’an were obsessed with him.

Although Royal King Yi was middle-aged, he was still dashing and charismatic. How could women not like a man who was rich and had a ton of time to pay attention to them?

Royal King Yi knew how to enjoy life. Even though he was going to watch the competition between the top three students of the Martial Arts Academy, he still brought four beautiful maids. He was drinking the best wine from the west, and the green thumb ring that he was wearing was a royal item from the empire before Great Sui, which was invaluable.

He liked drinking tea, but he only used the spring water from the Thousand-Life Mountain 15 kilometers away from Chang’an.

He didn’t carry any swords and sabers, but one of his maids was holding the Demonic Moon Saber. The Emperor of Eastern Chu had offered to trade a city for this saber, but this royal king rejected it.

This man liked all pretty things. He was Yang Yin, a royal king who seemed extremely relaxed and casual.

“When will it begin?” he asked the person beside him.

The person beside him was a senior who was burly and had pure black hair. He was wearing a soft cotton robe, cloth shoes, and white socks. He sat crossing one leg over the other, and he had a great complexion. He had almost no wrinkles on his face, but others somehow felt like he was old.

Royal King Yi asked the question but got no replies.

He turned around to look at this senior and then instantly laughed.

This senior already fell asleep.

[TL Note: I feel like all characters in this book have good sides and bad sides, which make them feel real.]

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