Chapter 75: The Competition (3) (Part One)

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This wasn’t a big military encampment; one could almost tell how many tents there were in one glance.

After Fang Jie went through the door, he appeared in the back of this military encampment.

The main battlefield, which was that small city, was about 1.5 kilometers away from this military encampment.

The soldiers in this military encampment were under the command of one of the three young talents, but Fang Jie didn’t know who it was.

Unfortunately for Fang Jie, someone placed a saber beside his neck as soon as he went through the door.

“Who are you?” the soldier who held the saber asked coldly.

Fang Jie could tell that this soldier’s cold glare landed on his neck and not his face. He was once a border soldier of Great Sui, so he knew the military laws well. In this situation, if he didn’t anything strange, this soldier wouldn’t hesitate to thrust the saber forward and kill him.

The soldiers who were guarding military encampments could execute any trespassers without informing the chief commanders.

Once, the son of a rank 2 ministry head was curious about what the military encampment of the defense force of Chang’an looked like, so he scaled the wall with a few henchmen.

These people were instantly arrested when they got in, and the patrolling soldiers shouted and ordered them to kneel.

Not all young masters were clever and calculative; there would always be some useless ones. Unfortunately, this young man was the second type. In his mind, even his father couldn’t make him kneel.

This young man cursed loudly, thinking that the patrolling soldiers would fear him. However, after the soldiers ordered him to kneel three times, and he didn’t budge, arrows were shot out without hesitation, instantly killing him and his henchmen and turning them into hedgehogs.

This incident was a huge piece of news, and everyone talked about it in Chang’an. From Fang Jie’s perspective, those soldiers who killed that young master would soon disappear in secret.[Support the real translators and read on Noodletown Translations for free.]

Perhaps the ruler would first comfort this ministry head and then reprimand him as a part of an act. However, the ruler would probably kill some people in secret to comfort that ministry head. After all, compared to a rank 2 ministry head, the lives of those small soldiers were nothing.

In reality, this didn’t happen. Fang Jie still thought like someone from Earth, and his thoughts were sometimes dark.

This was Great Sui!

That ministry head who just lost his son endured the pain and wrote a memorial to the throne, apologizing for the actions of his son. Then, he took off his ridged hat and reflected on his mistakes by locking himself in his residence.

The Emperor issued a public statement, reprimanding this ministry head for not teaching his son properly. Only a few comforting words were at the end of this public announcement.

Those soldiers who killed that young master weren’t executed in secret.

However, none of these soldiers received any type of promotion.

As to what other types of compensations the Emperor gave to this ministry head, no one paid attention to it.

Under this broad background, Fang Jie had to figure out a way to make the soldier in front of him not kill him. When Fang Jie said that he was here to deliver food, the saber of this soldier only paused for a few seconds.

“Actually, I’m a spy,” Fang Jie said these words.

The soldier who raised the saber froze, and then he turned around and looked at his peer.

“Bring him to see General Luo!” The other soldier made the decision almost instantly, making Fang Jie a little relieved.

Now, all he had to do was to figure out a good excuse to escape before meeting that General Luo. He didn’t have Da Quan or Mu Xiaoyao around him, and his right arm was broken.

While walking behind this soldier, Fang Jie’s mind went into overdrive. He didn’t have time to figure out who he offended and placed him in such a situation. He had to find a way to come out of here alive.

“Who sent you? Li Fubo or Jin Ao?” that soldier suddenly asked in a cold voice after taking a few steps forward.

An idea appeared in Fang Jie’s head, and he said, “I will say that when I meet General Luo.”

Then, he straightened his back and looked proud.

That soldier glanced at Fang Jie and sneered, “You sure can act. If you are really courageous, why would you admit that you are a spy right away? Also, is the person who sent you here drunk? Why would he pick a disabled person like you?”

Fang Jie froze for a second and looked at his right arm.

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