Chapter 75: The Competition (3) (Part Three)

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“This isn’t important.” Fang Jie shook off a soldier who wanted to drag him away and said with slight contempt, “I’m not a spy; I only came here since I fell into someone’s trap. I observed around on the way here. You shouldn’t have more than 500 soldiers in this encampment. I also looked at that small city. As long as more than 300 soldiers are defending the city, your 500 soldiers couldn’t successfully siege it, even if you move at night.”

Fang Jie added after a slight pause, “General, since you are waiting for the nightfall, the other two must be doing the same. Also, you aren’t only waiting for the nightfall; you are also waiting for each other to move first. In this competition, the person who moves last would have a big advantage compared to the person who moves first. If I were you, I wouldn’t siege first.”

After saying that, Fang Jie looked at Luo Wen and waited for a reply.

Luo Wen nodded and said after thinking for a while, “I believe you.”

“Why?” Fang Jie was surprised by this straightforward answer.

Luo Wen pointed at Fang Jie’s right arm and said, “That is the dry branch of a plum tree. There is no plum tree in the training field or on the side of the road between Chang’an and the training field. You came from Chang’an, so someone must have led you here.”

After pausing for a second, he added, “I don’t care about how you are tricked. Since you are in my encampment and know what I’m waiting for, you should tell me all your thoughts. Otherwise, I don’t mind killing you right now. You aren’t Great General Xu Xiaogong’s soldier, and perhaps you aren’t even a soldier. You are only an enemy who trespassed into my military encampment. If I want, I can turn you into meat paste, and no one will blame me.”

Fang Jie replied, “I’m a soldier, and I know the strict military laws of Great Sui; you aren’t lying. I only want to get your attention to help you; you will only help me if I help you. After all, if no one wants to go back to the Capital with me, I would have a hard time going back. If the people who want to kill me can’t kill me with others’ sabers, they will do it themselves.”

Luo Wen thought for a bit and nodded. “I don’t care who you offended. If you can think of a way to break the defense of this small city, even if I couldn’t offend these people as well, I would bring you into the Capital safely.”

“Deal.” Fang Jie nodded and said, “As long as you can bring me back to the Capital.”

Luo Wen liked the confidence in this young man’s tone, even though this young man’s appearance was a bit bizarre.

“If you are telling the truth, I have to say that you are smart. The people who want to kill you aren’t successful this time, and perhaps they would fail again because of your intelligence.”

“I don’t dare to be stupid when I’m always in danger.”

Luo Wen didn’t pay attention to this sentence. He didn’t know Fang Jie’s life, so he didn’t know what it truly meant. He quickly went over the rules and asked while pointing at the map that contained many of his negated siege plans, “Look at this map, if you can understand it.”

Fang Jie shook his head and said, “With 2,000 soldiers defending this city, there is no way to successfully siege the city with only 500 soldiers. This competition… I’m afraid that Principal Zhou doesn’t want any of you to be the champion in this competition.”

-Viewing Platform-

Royal King Yi Yang Yin rubbed his furrowing brows and asked Principal Zhou, “Senior Zhuo, how come nothing is happening?”

Zhou Banchuan drank some tea and smiled. “Nothing will happen during the day, but it is hard to say during the night. The time limit is three days. We aren’t in a hurry.”

Great General Xu Xiaogong of Right Reverent Guard sighed and commented on the side, “Even if I have to fight this battle, I wouldn’t know what to do for a while. It is tough to be the champion!”

“Be the champion?” Principal Zhou laughed and said mysteriously, “With only 500 soldiers, I can’t even successfully siege the city, let alone you. It is impossible to be the champion of this competition.”

“What do you mean?” Yang Yin asked.

“There is only one way to breach the defense of the small city. Let’s see which one of them can think of it first. The person who thinks of it first can be considered the champion!”

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