Chapter 76: Master and Miss (Part One)

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It was less than a month away from the entrance exam of the Martial Arts Academy, and it was getting hot, making people a little anxious.

Perhaps due to this reason, the Emperor had already got out of East Warmth Chamber and moved into Smooth Spring Garden.

There were many trees in Smooth Spring Garden, and the Emperor would move here every summer.

It wasn’t strange to see the Emperor here, but the Emperor moved in a month earlier compared to prior years.

This was interesting, and the officials couldn’t help but discuss this when they weren’t busy. However, none of them could figure out what was causing the Emperor to be anxious before the summer heat got here.

The Emperor did need to be in a calm environment since he was getting anxious.

He knew why this was, and perhaps he would only calm down after that big event took place. After 11 years, this ambitious ruler was finally going to use the saber in his hand.

“Su Buwei.” The Emperor leaned against the wall while sitting on the heatable brick bed, and he pointed at the teacup on the table and said, “You are getting lazier and lazier. Fill the cup for me.”

Su Buwei didn’t dare to remind the Emperor that he was told not to refill the teacup. He quickly made new tea and filled the teacup for the Emperor.

“Your Majesty, are you tired?” Su Buwei asked carefully.

The Emperor nodded as he closed his eyes and rubbed his furrowing brows. After a moment of silence, he said, “Go get Imperial Concubine Cen; her massage technique is much better than others. I’m not sure if I got blown by too much wind, or I’m not adjusting to the coolness in Smooth Spring Garden. My shoulders and back all hurt.”

“I will go and inform her right away.” Just as Su Buwei was about to turn around and leave, the Emperor shook his head and said, “From now on, you can just let the people under you take care of such errands. You are the eunuch who officially holds the ink brush in the Royal Study. If you do everything yourself, others might say that you don’t know how to manage your subordinates. Just tell someone to do that; I still need to ask you some questions.”

“Ok.” Su Buwei left the room and told a small eunuch to go invite Imperial Concubine Cen, then he quickly returned to the room afterward.

The Emperor rubbed his temples and asked, “Any news from the training field outside the city? I told them to report to me as soon as the result comes out.”

Su Buwei quickly replied, “There is no news. This is the last competition between the top three students of the Martial Arts Academy, and the time limit is three days. Today is the first day; the result shouldn’t come out this fast.”

The Emperor looked at the sky outside the window and said, “It is about to get dark. I don’t think anything would happen during the day. Those three are all smart, and none of them would be in a hurry. However, I like the idea that Principal Zhou has. Great Sui doesn’t lack brave generals, but we don’t have many people who could see the big picture. Some people say that I only promoted Xu Xiaogong due to his background and experience; they are all jealous. Those who couldn’t see Xu Xiaogong’s talent are all commoners.”

The Emperor continued, “In my eyes, among the 16 great generals, only Xu Xiaogong and Luo Yao could see the clear big picture. Others are brave and calculative, but they are often narrow-minded and couldn’t see the big picture.”

Su Buwei didn’t dare to comment on this topic.

The Emperor laughed and waved his hand. “Let’s end that there. I’m tired of reading all the memorials to the throne. Tell me a joke. If it is good, I will reward you.”

“Ok.” Su Buwei thought for a moment and said, “It is hard for me to think of a joke since I don’t know much. Let me tell you something that happened in my childhood. I was about eight years old, and it was during the summer. I was bored, and I played with cicadas under a tree. Then, a senior came over and told me that it would take three years for the cicadas to mature underground, developing their wings and the ability to chirp. I didn’t believe this senior at the time, but I learned that it is real. It isn’t easy for these little things to chirp loudly; they need to stay underground for three years.”

Su Buwei smiled and looked at the Emperor, but he found that the Emperor’s expression had turned cold. He was terrified and quickly knelt.

“I don’t know how to tell jokes. Please pardon me, Your Majesty.”

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