Chapter 76: Master and Miss (Part Two)

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“You aren’t capable of saying such things on your own. Who taught you this?” the Emperor asked coldly.

Su Buwei’s body shivered, and he replied honestly after a moment of hesitation, “Senior Huai Qiugong, the Head of the Ministry of Rites, taught me this. He said that Your Majesty is feeling anxious, but you would feel better after hearing this. I don’t know much; I just feel like Senior Huai is coming from a good place. I just said what he told me, no more no less.”

After a while, the Emperor heaved a long sigh and said, “Get up, I wasn’t blaming you. That old guy doesn’t dare to tell me that himself, and he is making you take the blame. I’m not a cicada, and I have endured for 11 years. If this opportunity didn’t come, I can endure for another 11 years. Later, tell Huai Qiugong that I’m going to charge him with the crime of disrespecting me, and he should crawl into the Royal Palace and explain himself.”

Seeing the Emperor calming down, Su Buwei felt a bit assured, and his admiration toward Huai Qiugong became stronger. He thought, “Senior Huai had said that His Majesty is a wise ruler, and he would understand the situation after being hinted. His Majesty also wouldn’t truly get mad.”

Suddenly, the Emperor said, “Go get prepared. After the daily meeting tomorrow morning, I’m going to the training field to see the competition myself. There is no need to make a big fuss. Just ask Luo Weiran and Hou Wenji to come with me. Great General Jin Shixiong’s son, Yu Xiao; Great General Luo Yao’s son, Luo Wen; and Great General Li Yuanshan’s nephew, Li Fubo; these three are all rare talents, and they are coming up at this critical moment. I want to see if these three young men could really handle pressure and be useful in this upcoming war.”

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On the second day of the competition, only about four to five people could be seen on the viewing platform. The big figures of the Ministry of War and the Ministry of Personnel had the daily morning meeting and issues to handle, so they didn’t come back to the training field the second day. After all, Chang’an was too big. After their daily morning meeting in Smooth Spring Garden, it would take them half a day to get to the training field.

Since those big figures were busy with their work, they didn’t have three days to spend here. They only came here for the first day since it was mandatory.

Royal King Yi didn’t return to Chang’an last night; he lived here in the training field. Although the small courtyard and houses at the training field weren’t as grand and comfortable as his residence, he had four beautiful maids around him. Perhaps it was interesting and thrilling to sleep somewhere else once in a while.

Compared to his grand royal residence, this place seemed more worldly.

After having breakfast, Royal King Yi came to the viewing platform with his maids and servants. He sat for close to half a day, so his back was hurting a little.

When he got up to stretch, he looked at Principal Zhou who was resting with his eyes closed and complained, “Just make them finish the competition in one day; why would they need three days? Although I’m free, do you know how many fun things I would miss in these three days? The girls at the pleasure quarters by Xin River… Eh, I mean Senior Huai invited me to go to Xin River to fish.”

Principal Zhou’s lips twitched, but he didn’t reply.

However, Great General Xu Xiaogong of Right Reverent Guard couldn’t hold in his laughter. Then, he quickly lowered his head in embarrassment.

Yang Yin rolled his eyes and then practiced a set of fist technique to stretch. Although getting fatigued from sitting was better than getting fatigued from working, this was torturous for this royal king who always wanted to be entertained. If the Emperor didn’t tell him to come here, he would be enjoying his life elsewhere.

Principal Zhou observed with squinted eyes, and he praised, “Your Highness, your fist technique is interesting; it contains too many things. Long-Armed Fist of Ridge-South Bai Family, Three-Iron Fist of River-West Liu Family, and Half-Step Force Fist of Qin Ridge Wu Family. There are a few other moves that I have never seen before. It looks messy, but you mixed them well.”

After finishing, Yang Yin panted and replied, “I hired a few good martial arts masters to protect my residence, and I learned a few moves from them. Although it is hard to master such techniques, they are effective at tempering the body.”

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