Chapter 76: Master and Miss (Part Three)

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Zhou Banchuan nodded, but a strange light flashed in his eyes.

Yang Yin’s expression also changed a bit, but it quickly returned to normal.

Although Xu Xiaogong looked calm, his heart lurched a little.

Zhou Banchuan rubbed his nose, got up, and said that he needed to go to the washroom. Xu Xiaogong stood up and said that he was going to accompany Zhou Banchuan, asking if Yang Yin was going as well.

Yang Yin said, “How come you two who come from the military don’t have as great of a body compared to me? You can’t hold in your pee after drinking a pot of tea. Do you need me to recommend a great doctor to you?”

Then, all three of them laughed.

After Zhou Banchuan and Xu Xiaogong left the viewing platform, Yang Yin turned around and whispered something to a beautiful maid. That maid nodded and walked away.

In the washroom, Xu Xiaogong sighed, “It isn’t a bad thing to make many friends, but if many of them are from the martial arts circle… some people will see that as an exploitable weakness.”

While taking a leak, Zhou Banchuan said, “He is only bored, so he hired those people. This is something that cunning and vicious Hou Wenji should care about. Why are you worried? Was your breakfast not seasoned well, making you all worried?”

Xu Xiaogong chuckled; he wasn’t mad even though he got scolded.

“Ten years ago, Royal King Yi wasn’t like this,” Zhou Banchuan said while pulling up his pants, “Back then, he was sharp like a saber. However, when the blade is too sharp, you would injure others and yourself.”

While walking out of the washroom, Zhou Banchuan said, “Want to bet?”

“Bet on what?”

“Bet on if there will be fewer people.”

“Of course. There were four beauties there. When we go back, there will only be three remaining.”

Zhou Banchuan glared at Xu Xiaogong and said, “Boring! Would you die if you act like a fool?”

Xu Xiaozong replied earnestly, “I don’t dare to act stupid; I will lose money that way.”

At this moment, a soldier ran toward them from the viewing platform and said anxiously, “Principal, Great General… His Majesty is here!”

In the Seeing-Off Pavilion that was about 15 kilometers to the south of Chang’an, Wu Yidao, the richest merchant of Great Sui, was in a sapphire fancy robe, and he was drinking tea casually. However, he couldn’t hide the anxiety in his eyes.

“When did Miss say that she will be here?” he asked a fat middle-aged man beside him.

This middle-aged man was shorter and fatter than Xiang Qingniu. If others looked at him from afar, they would feel like a meatball was rolling on the ground. Since he was so fat, it was hard to find his eyes.

This fat man was feeling uncomfortable in this hot weather.

He was fat, but he wore a new-style moon-white scholarly robe. This expensive robe seemed like a waste on him. Sweat already soaked the robe, and the back of the robe turned slightly yellow.

“Master, we received the letter this morning, so Miss should be less than 30 kilometers away from Chang’an. She should be here soon.”

“I spend a ton of silver taels to send her to One Qi Daoist Temple on Pure Joy Mountain, but she ran back just like this! How hard do I need to work to make that much money? Since I already gifted that money away, how can I get the silver taels back? I lost too much on this deal,” Wu Yidao said angrily.

The fat butler named Jiu Secai corrected in a low voice, “Gold taels.”

[TL Note: Jiu Secai means liquor, lust, and money.]

This fat man looked like he was gentle and would never get angry.

“Here, here! Miss is back!” Suddenly, this fatty pointed at the road and said in surprise.

Wu Yidao quickly got up, walked forward, and said viciously, “She never makes my life easy. Just see how I teach her a lesson today!”

“Master, you are dominant!” the fat butler didn’t forget to flatter Wu Yidao.

However, after seeing the sweat on his only daughter’s forehead and the tip of her nose, the richest merchant of Great Sui quickly handed her a handkerchief and said, “You must be hot, right? There is iced sour plum drink in the pavilion. Do you want to drink some?”

Wu Yinyu wiped the sweat on her forehead and snorted, “Do you want me to get it myself?”

“I will get it; I will do it.” Wu Yidao quickly ran back to the pavilion to get the sour plum drink.

“Miss, you are the dominant one!” the fat butler instantly straightened his back and praised.

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