Chapter 77: Who Got Lucky? (Part One)

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The weather today was extremely nice. There was no wind, and not even a single cloud could be spotted in the sky. The sunlight shined on the ground, casting a layer of warmth over the land.

The Emperor’s horse-drawn carriage slowly moved in the sun and entered the big training field.

After traveling for about half an hour upon entering the training field, that small city was finally visible.

The Emperor said something, and the horse-drawn carriage stopped.

Su Buwei bowed and lifted the curtain, and the Emperor poked out his head and breathed the fresh air outside the city greedily. He said, “Since we are at the training field now, let’s ride horses.”

Su Buwei quickly waved, ordering someone to pull over the Emperor’s mount. This was a pure white horse that came from Northern Liao; it was the gift that the first envoy from Northern Liao gave to the Emperor of Great Sui when he came to Chang’an. Upon receiving this horse, the Emperor instantly ditched his old mount. His old mount was also a handsome and rare Ferghana horse, but it was from Mongo-Yuan.

This white horse from Northern Liao was named Snow Kirin by the people of Northern Liao, and it was quite wild. The Emperor spent half a month to tame it. Even though the Emperor had commanded soldiers and had proficient horseback-riding skills before he became the ruler, the process of taming Snow Kirin was troublesome.

After getting on his horse, the Emperor looked high-spirited.

Royal Guard Captain Luo Weiran and Royal Guard Deputy Hou Wenji tightly followed the Emperor on their horses. The hundreds of royal guards in flying-fish robes, and the servants, and the maids could only continue to walk toward the viewing platform and smell the dust.

After dashing on the horse for several kilometers, the Emperor felt like his muscles that were tight got stretched, and he got into a great mood.

Although he was still far from the viewing platform, people like Zhou Banchuan and Xu Xiaogong all came this way under the lead of Royal King Yi. Seeing the Emperor, Royal King Yi lifted the hem of his robe and knelt while chanting, “Long live Your Majesty!”

Zhou Banchuan and Xu Xiaogong followed, and then the professors of the Martial Arts Academy and the generals of Right Reverent Guard all knelt.

The Emperor got off his horse and walked over. First, he helped Zhou Banchuan stand up and said, “Didn’t I tell you that you don’t need to kneel? You are well-respected by everyone.”

Zhou Banchuan winked at Royal King Yi and said, “The Royal King knelt already, so I didn’t dare to stand.”

The Emperor laughed, “Sixth Brother, get up. When we aren’t in a formal setting, you don’t need to kneel; it is too troublesome.”

Then, he walked toward the viewing platform and said, “I plan to slack off a little bit today, so I came here to watch the competition between the top three students of the Martial Arts Academy. These three young men are all geniuses. I hesitated for a long while yesterday and couldn’t hold back. Therefore, I came here right after the daily morning meeting.”[Support the real translators and read on Noodletown Translations for free.]

“It hasn’t started yet,” Zhou Banchuan replied.

The Emperor said while walking, “Yesterday, I heard that nothing was happening, so I assumed that they were going to move during the night. When I didn’t get any news this morning, I realized that these three are all waiting for others to move first. Therefore, I decided to come here. With me on the viewing platform, how could they wait any longer?”

The Emperor sounded a little bit proud.

Zhou Banchuan, Yang Yin, and Xu Xiaogong looked at each other and laughed. Among them, Royal King Yi was the happiest. If the Emperor didn’t come here, he probably would have waited in the training field for three days. For him, wasting three days here would result in the missing of many fun activities.

It seemed like the Emperor was in the mood, and he quickly walked up the viewing platform and sat in the middle. Then, he smiled and said to Yang Yin, “The tea that you collect is even better than the collection in the Royal Palace. Don’t be stingy and take some out.”

“How can my tea be better than Your Majesty’s? I mean I always wanted to taste the red-robe tea that Yangtze-South Circuit sends to the Royal Palace as a tribute every year. Whenever I think about it, I couldn’t sleep…” Yang Yin replied with a smile.

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