Chapter 77: Who Got Lucky? (Part Three)

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The Emperor grabbed the monocular and looked toward the small city. He laughed, “Huh? How come these three moved together? Flags appeared to the south, east, and west of the city. Are they planning to siege together? If this is the case, they have comprehended a bit of Senior Zhou’s motive.”

“It seems like it,” Xu Xiaogong laughed, “Senior Zhou arranged this so that when they face troubling issues that seem unresolvable, they need to unite and work with each other; most of the issues would be solved this way. There are 2,000 soldiers guarding the city, and they each only have 500 soldiers. None of them could successfully siege the city if they take turns. There is only a winning chance if they come together. From the beginning, Senior Zhou didn’t plan on making these three young men figure out their rankings. He only wants them to learn this principle that all soldiers should remember.”

The Emperor nodded and said, “Luo Wen, Jin Ao, Li Fubo… Senior Zhuo, who do you think saw through this and convinced the other two?”

[TL Note: A correction needs to be made here for the story to make sense. The Author said that Yu Xiao was competing with Luo Wen and Li Fubo, but in later chapters, Yu Xiao was competing with Fang Jie in the entrance exam of the Martial Arts Academy. Therefore, we will use Jin Ao, the son of Great General Jin Shixiong is this competition and save Yu Xiao for later.]

Zhou Banchuan thought for a bit and shook his head. “Luo Wen is cold but also simple-minded; it is tough for him to think of this. Jin Ao is too calculative and would easily go into dead ends; it is hard for him as well. As to Li Fubo, he is the most stable and calm, yet he lacks agility and wits; it should be hard for him too. I don’t know which one of them thought this through. I thought that none of them would understand the meaning of this competition after three days.”

The Emperor said, “I will give the person who came up with this idea a rank 4 position and send him to Li Yuanshan’s Right Valiant Guard in the northwest.”

This meant a lot.

Except for Royal King Yi who wasn’t involved in the government and didn’t know that the Emperor planned to launch a military operation in the northwest, everyone else knew what that meant.

Zhou Banchuan and Xu Xiaogong knew that the Emperor was planning to give the ‘champion’ of this competition a great opportunity. If this young general grasped this opportunity and obtained achievements, his future would be unmeasurable.

“Huh?” Xu Xiaogong suddenly gasped while pointing at the small city, “There seems to be a change.”

“How come a troop appeared in the north?”

“Beautiful!” The Emperor was pleased. He slapped his thigh and said, “Only fake troops are at the south, east, and west; there are probably only several dozens of people with flags. These three gathered together and are sieging from the north where the defense is the weakest now. Great! Having such talents is something worthy of celebrating!”

For some reason, Zhou Banchuan squinted again, seeming to be thinking about something.

-Small city-

Seeing their soldiers climbing up the northern city wall, the three young talents of the Martial Arts Academy smiled. Jin Ao, who was 21 years old and was determined to inherit the noble title as the duke of a feudal state, pointed at the city wall and said, “Brother Shanwu, if you didn’t understand the Principal’s intention, us three would be anxious and walking around the maps in our tents non-stop.”

Luo Wen smiled and replied, “Brother Ancheng, I only got lucky.”

Then, he smiled and said to Li Fubo, “I thought that Brother Mouwen would be the champion, and I even prepared a gift for you. It seems like I can save this money now.”

[TL Note: As mentioned before, in ancient China, people who were closed to each other would refer to their ‘zi’ which is their courtesy name. Luo Wen’s zi was Shanwu, Jin Ao’s zi was Ancheng, and Li Fubo’s zi was Mouwen.]

Li Fubo smiled and said, “Let’s enter the city first. We still need to meet His Majesty later.”

“Please, after you,” Luo Wen said while gesturing.

Jin Ao dashed into the small city, and Li Fubo followed. Seeing these two moving forward, Luo Wen whispered to one of his guards, “Go and kill that person; do it cleanly. We can’t let anyone know that it wasn’t me who came up with this idea.”

That guard nodded and charged toward Luo Wen’s encampment with a dozen people.

Seeing his guards leave, Luo Wen sneered and murmured to himself, “Even though you are smart, what can you do? You were unlucky to meet me, but I was lucky enough to meet you.”

Luo Wen looked at the gate of this small city, and it seemed like he saw the armor of a rank 4 official.

Suddenly, the wind blew, and the battle flag of Great Sui fluttered on the city wall. It felt like the God of Fate was beckoning at him.

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