Chapter 78: The Devil (Part One)

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Luo Three had never been this nervous before. It wasn’t because he was going to kill someone; he was nervous that he had to kill someone in this environment. Of course, a sliver of thrill and excitement accompanied the nervousness.

This was the training field of Chang’an, one of the most solemn places in the region aside from the Royal Palace. However, he had to kill someone in this place where ordinary citizens couldn’t even enter.

Of course, he was this nervous because the Emperor was here as well. His heart was racing, and his breathing got heavy.

Regardless of how someone thought of the situation, killing someone under the Emperor’s nose was stimulating.

Luo Three was one of Luo Wen’s personal guards; he became Luo Wen’s henchman since Great General Luo Yao of Left Advance Guard assigned him to protect Luo Wen’s safety before the latter even entered the Martial Arts Academy.

In Chang’an that was filled with schemes and traps, Luo Wen had to trust him and ask him to do things in the dark. Therefore, Luo Three believed that once Luo Wen graduated from the Martial Arts Academy and entered the military, he would still be Luo Wen’s henchman. After all, he knew too many of Luo Wen’s secrets, and he did too many shady things for his young master. There was already a bond between them, and Luo Wen would have to trust him more when they entered a new environment.

Now, Luo Three was going to kill that young man who was in terrible condition with his right arm broken.

When Luo Wen was in Chang’an, Luo Three was only a henchman. However, if Luo Wen entered the military, then Luo Three would have a military position as well. After all, the guard captain of a rank 4 colonel could be a rank 6 captain with ease. If Luo Wen supported him, he might even become a rank 5 major.

If he had a military position, his fate would change completely.

In the Luo Family, Luo Three was only a servant. Although he had some status, he was still a servant. Therefore, he bet his entire future on Luo Wen. If he killed that young man who had a broken arm, no one would know that it wasn’t Luo Wen who came up with the idea to successfully siege the small city in the training field. Then, Luo Wen would become the champion of the competition and entered one of the 16 Guards as a general.

If Luo Wen’s future was bright, so would Luo Three’s.

With about a dozen servants of the Luo Family, Luo Three rushed back to the encampment. Since that young man sneaked into the training field, he could only hide in the encampment and wait for Luo Wen to bring him back to Chang’an. Even if this young man wanted to escape, he couldn’t do it.

Even if he could walk out of here, the people who set this trap for him were probably waiting outside and would kill him themselves.

Therefore, Luo Three was sure that this young man with a broken arm was still inside the encampment.

About a dozen warhorses dashed into the encampment. This encampment that could only hold 500 soldiers wasn’t that big. Only dozens of tents were scattered in the area.

Before Luo Wen sieged the city, he told Fang Jie to wait for the news in the central tent. Therefore, Luo Three quickly rushed to the central tent with his people. He made a hand gesture, telling his people to surround this place.

“Little Bro, are you here? I’m here to transfer you under General Luo’s command. Quickly come out,” Luo Three shouted toward the tent before patiently waiting for Fang Jie’s reply.

After about a minute, no sound could be heard from the central tent.

Luo Three’s expression darkened, and he pointed at the tent. Three of his people got off their horses, drew out their sabers, and carefully approached the tent.

One of them slowly lifted the curtain that covered the entrance of the tent with his saber, then he poked his head in and looked around. He shook his head to signal that no one was inside, and the two people behind him quickly dashed in.

As soon as people dashed in, several arrows were shot out of the tent. Before these two people could realize what was going on, the arrows pierced their chests. The force of the arrows that were shot by repeating crossbow pushed them out of the tent.

“He is inside the tent!” someone shouted with a shivering voice.

In just a few seconds, a few of their peers died.

Luo Three’s expression turned cold, and he pointed at the tent with his saber, telling everyone to get close.

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