Chapter 78: The Devil (Part Two)

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One of his subordinates suggested, “Should we set the tent on fire and burn him alive?”

“You f*cking idiot!” Luo Three cussed, “Everyone will come here if a fire appeared. His Majesty is in the training field right now. If the royal guards get here, we are doomed! Go find shields! He is alone, and his right arm is broken! How could he block a dozen sabers?”

“Ok!” Those subordinates quickly found shields from other tents, and they got into groups of four. With the shields raised, they slowly squeezed into the tent.

After the curtain was lifted, no more arrows shot at them. These people felt relieved and all charged in.

“Ah!” shilling screams sounded from the tent, and Luo Three’s expression turned uglier.

The people in the back dragged the people in the front out of the tent.

The two people in the front were injured. Their feet were pierced, and blood was everywhere on the ground.

“That young man probably half-buried sharp stuff in the ground,” Luo Three thought.

Inside the encampment, there were caltrops designed to counter the charge of infantrymen. These things were made from several sharp nails. If they were scattered around, people couldn’t even land their feet on the ground.

Luo Three thought that his subordinates didn’t check the ground when charging in.

“This little brat has some abilities!” Luo Three cussed viciously, jumped off his horse, and ordered, “Go find arrows and bows! Just shoot him with many arrows!”

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All kinds of weapons could be found in the encampment. On top of strong bows, even repeating crossbows that not every army had could be found here.

Since repeating crossbows were too complex and expensive to make, only the most elite armies were equipped with such weapons. However, the training field outside Chang’an was where the most elite generals and soldiers practiced, so everything could be found here.

The arrows that killed the first two people were probably shot by a repeating crossbow.

“That young man with the broken right arm must have familiarized himself with this entire encampment after we left,” Luo Three thought to himself and got a headache.

It wouldn’t be hard to kill that young man if all these people charged into the tent fearlessly, but the casualties might be high, and it would be hard to clean up the encampment. If traces were left, others might discover something.

If Luo Three weren’t pressured into this situation, he wouldn’t have ordered his subordinates to shoot at this tent from the outside.

If he dragged this on, it would be even tougher to clean up. The small city was already sieged, and Luo Wen and the other two young generals would be meeting with the Emperor. Then, others would return to the encampment to clean up and count everything.

Luo Three didn’t have much time left.

“Shoot! We don’t have much time!” he ordered and shot an arrow into the tent.

Two people lifted the curtain on the entrance of the tent, and everyone else shot arrows into the tent.

After everyone shot at least three arrows each, Luo Three shouted and charged into the tent with others after ditching the strong bows and grabbing their sabers.

Luo Three knew that those arrows might not be able to kill that young man, but it would make the latter panic, unable to control the repeating crossbow. Then, they could easily kill this young man with their sabers.

Although these people were only servants of the Luo Family, they all had great archery and horseback-riding skills since Luo Yao was their master.

After getting inside the tent, Luo Three was stunned.

There was no one inside the tent, and a few repeating crossbows were facing the entrance of the tent. They were tied onto a table, and the rope that connected all the triggers broke. It was clear that the first two people who charged in pulled the rope when they fully lifted the curtain and activated the repeating crossbows. Also, many caltrops were on the ground, and some of them were stained by blood.

“We got fooled!” Luo Three was shocked, and he instantly turned around to leave the tent.

At this moment, a black figure suddenly jumped out behind those servants who were outside the tent. This figure was hiding in a tent and waiting for the opportunity.

As soon as this figure appeared, he aimed the repeating crossbow in his hand toward the backs of those servants before pulling the trigger.

In just a few seconds, about five servants fell to the ground as their hearts were pierced from the back.

The repeating crossbows made by the military of Great Sui were powerful; it was easy to pierce someone’s heart from the back with arrows.

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