Chapter 78: The Devil (Part Three)

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The figure who suddenly appeared had a great aim; almost no arrow was wasted.

After killing five people, this figure disappeared into the back of a tent.

Luo Three’s expression darkened, and he cursed as he chased after that figure with the rest of his subordinates.

However, just as the person running at the front made a turn, he saw a young man chuckling at him. Then, the long spear in this young man’s intact left arm pierced this servant’s heart.

After succeeding in his strike, this young man turned around and ran.

When Luo Three made the turn, he only saw his subordinate falling and that young man disappearing at another turn.

“Chase after him!” Luo Three shouted and continued to chase.

This group of people only stopped after they made a few turns and completely lost that young man.

Suddenly, a javelin was thrown at them from somewhere, piercing through the heart of a servant. The rest of them looked around; they still couldn’t spot their enemy.

While they were feeling fearful, they suddenly heard screams. When they ran to the location, they saw that the two servants whose feet were injured earlier got killed. Their throats were slit, and blood was gushing out.

Luo Three’s heart almost jumped out of his throat, and he quickly looked around. However, he couldn’t find that devil-like young man.

“Third Brother… Let’s go. We can’t kill him. If this continues, we will all be killed by him,” a servant said in his shaky voice.

Before Luo Three could say anything, another javelin was thrown at them, and it pierced through the servant who just spoke from the back. The sharp tip of the javelin poked out of his chest, and the thick blood splashed onto Luo Three’s face.

Seeing the corpse in front of him fall with a vicious expression, Luo Three’s heart lurched a little. Now, he only had three subordinates left; they were all terrified.

“Now, let’s not separate. We will stand with our backs against each other; he can’t sneak-attack us anymore!” Luo Three ordered.

When they moved around slowly, trying to find that young man, a black shadow quickly got on top of a tent like a gecko even though he only climbed with his left arm. He was fast and agile.

After he got to the top of the tent, he grabbed the javelin that he was holding between his teeth. Then, he grinned coldly as he looked at the four people below him and threw down the javelin.

The javelin pierced down a servant’s head, and the tip reached his neck. He couldn’t even scream as his throat was blocked. When the corpse fell, the spear that was in his head leaned against the tent. The pose of the corpse was so bizarre that others’ hearts would shiver.

Luo Three and the other two were terrified, and they quickly looked up and saw the young man leaping down the tent like a single-winged eagle.

The young man drew out the saber on his back in mid-air and slashed down, decapitating a servant.

In the next second, the young man landed on the ground and pierced forward, stabbing through another servant’s neck.

Then, the young man pulled out his saber, pointed the bloody tip at Luo Three who just raised his saber, and said coldly, “Listen to me, and I will spare your life.”

Luo Three shivered and dropped his saber subconsciously.

“Hide all the corpses in that haystack; be quick. I will kill you if you are slow,” Fang Jie ordered.

Luo Three staggered as he ran forward, dragging the corpses to the haystack one after another before covering them with hay.

“Take off your clothes!” Fang Jie said as he pointed his saber at Luo Three’s nose, “I’m not going to kill you since I need you to report to your gongzi. Tell him to come back and take care of the corpses. If what happened today gets exposed, I’m not scared since I’m only a little figure, but your gongzi’s future will be destroyed. If your gongzi is smart enough, he will forget about what happened today. If he still wants to kill me, then his life wouldn’t be smooth. Remind your gongzi that he is going to be promoted to a general, so he should think more about his future.”

Luo Three shivered as he took off the soldier’s uniform of Right Reverent Guard, and he didn’t dare to move while kneeling on the ground.

Fang Jie first knocked out Luo Three by hitting the back of his head. Then, Fang Jie quickly changed into this uniform, cut one of Luo Three’s ears, and severed the tendon in his right wrist. The intense pain instantly woke Luo Three up, and he started to groan.

“F*ck off!” Fang Jie cussed before jumping onto a warhorse and dashing away.

This devil gradually disappeared in Luo Three’s vision.

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