Chapter 79: Fat Ball (Part One)

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Luo Three didn’t even know how he returned to his people. He tried his best to avoid everyone, and he endured the pain, endured the shame, and endured the urge to cry and curse.

Inside the encampment, he stripped the clothes from a corpse and put them on himself. Since his right hand was useless now, putting on clothes was now a tough task.

Then, he coiled bandages around his head and put on a leather helmet.

Fortunately, he still had his warhorse.

He didn’t dare to find Luo Wen directly. Instead, he looked for Luo Two.

Luo Two wasn’t his brother. These servants didn’t have their own names, and their current names were given by the head of the family.

Luo Three got this name became he ranked third in terms of age among these servants.

After seeing how injured Luo Three was, Luo Two was enraged. “I will go back and deal with the corpses. That kid is right about one thing; we can’t cause any trouble for Young Master at this moment. If Young Master’s future is affected, we will be doomed. Young Master is meeting His Majesty right now, so we can’t inform him at the moment. You rest well and patch up the wounds, and I will go with others. Let’s talk more when I return.”

Luo Three didn’t know what else to do, so he hid and asked someone to treat his injuries.

Luo Two quickly went to deal with the corpses and clean the traces in the encampment with other servants of the Luo Family. He knew that this couldn’t be exposed. If others found out, especially Jin Ao and Li Fubo who lost out in today’s competition, they would expose this incident at all costs.

If Luo Wen was tarnished, those two young men would benefit the most. Both the Jin Family and the Li Family weren’t afraid of the Luo Family.

Luo Two knew Great General Luo Yao well, and he knew what would happen to servants like them if Luo Yao found out about this. Luo Wen would only be scolded, but servants like them might be killed.

While Luo Two dashed back to the encampment to clean up the mess, Fang Jie who killed more than ten people was thinking about how he could stay alive further.

Now, he wasn’t as fearful and resistant toward killing as before. In fact, he was even a little happy now that he killed those who wanted to kill him.

After Fang Jie got close to the small city, he ditched the warhorse in a forest and got to the outside of the city under the cover of the terrain and the long grass.

Now that the practice was over, no one paid close attention. The soldiers inside the city were organizing themselves. The 2,000 soldiers of Right Reverent Guard finished their mission and was about to go back to their encampment in Chang’an.

Fang Jie stood next to the wall and peeked inside the city. After observing for a while, he found that no one was paying attention, so he snuck into the city.

Just as he was about to get close to the group of soldiers, he suddenly heard someone shout, “Stop!”

Fang Jie instantly stopped, but his hand was close to the saber on his belt. Then, he slowly turned around and looked toward the direction of the voice.

A chubby captain walked out from behind a wall, tidied up his clothes, and stared at Fang Jie. He asked, “Which team are you in? Why are you running around? The regiment is moving back to the encampment soon. If you are lost here, you can’t even make it back!”

Just as Fang Jie wanted to tell a lie, that chubby captain asked, “You can’t hold it? You need to pee?”

“Eh.” Fang Jie quickly nodded.

“Get your *ss back into your formation! You snuck around here suspiciously, and I got scared. I was peeing against the wind to begin with… Damn it! I peed all over my pants…” that chubby captain waved his hand and said in anger.

Fang Jie quickly apologized and ran toward the regiment that was gathering. He didn’t have much time to think, so he pulled his leather helmet further down, trying to cover his face more. Then, he dashed into the formation and found a spot to stand in.

After that chubby captain cleaned up, he glanced around and didn’t try to find the soldier who startled him. He talked with a few other captains before reporting to a colonel and saying that the regiment was gathered.

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