Chapter 8: The Great Unknown Danger (Part One)

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The wife of the owner of Yun’s Meat Shop was pleasant to look at. Although Fang Jie still didn’t know the name of this tough and wild woman, he had seen her slap Su Tugou onto the ground with the bottom of a pan.

Today, the owner’s wife who was always straightforward turned gentle toward Fang Jie as if she became someone else. When she carried over the pot, Fang Jie lightly touched her hand, but she smiled charmingly and left instead of cussing at him.

The smile caused goosebumps to appear all over Fang Jie’s body, and he instantly put up a defensive pose. He thought that she was going to throw the abacus at him like always, but it didn’t come.

[TL Note: An abacus

Fang Jie had been hit by the abacus many times, and he somehow was able to catch it every time.

In the kitchen, the owner’s wife lifted the curtain and looked at Fang Jie who was enjoying the food. She frowned slightly and murmured, “He is a good kid.”

Su Tugou who was chopping the meat with a huge cleaver froze. Then, he shook his head and said, “It isn’t my concern. Didn’t we interfere with many issues that were none of our business in the first half of our lives? Focusing on our peaceful business is better than anything else. Although Fangu City is small and cold enough to freeze pee in mid-air, it is a calm little place.”

“The pee can be frozen because there isn’t enough force,” his wife snorted.

After a moment of silence, Su Tugou hesitated and said, “Then, we won’t charge him money today. It counts as our gift.”

His wife cursed, but Su Tugou didn’t hear what it was.

Shaking his head, he continued to chop the meat.

His wife turned around and took out a jar of pear flower wine that had been sealed away for ten years. After wiping the dust off the jar with her blue floral apron, she walked out the kitchen.

Su Tugou pulled her arm and said with displeasure, “This jar of wine isn’t for him.”

His wife looked at him and rarely didn’t push his arm away. She said, “This jar of wine has been sealed for ten years, and you said that you will only open it when he is here. Even you, someone who loves liquor more than anything, could hold back from drinking it; I know how important this jar of wine is to you.”

After a short pause, she continued with a sad tone, “It is more important than someone who is going to die?”

Su Tugou’s face stiffed, and he slowly released his hand. “I don’t know if he will come. Whatever; we will save another jar. Perhaps we won’t see him in another ten years.”

His wife smiled charmingly, stood on her tiptoes, and kissed Su Tugou’s cheek before leaving the kitchen.

Su Tugou rubbed the place where he got kissed and smiled like an idiot. Then, he raised the cleaver and felt like he had unlimited strength.

His wife and Fang Jie’s joking conversation could be heard. Su Tugou listened for a bit and sighed, “He is a great kid. Too bad…”

“Ten-year-old precious wine?”

Fang Jie’s shivering voice sounded, “Don’t try to fool me with a random jar of liquor and say that it is ten-year-old to get back all the money that I owe you. Don’t do this! Seduction won’t work on me!”

“What? It is free? Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”

“Ayah! This wine is great. It is so viscous that strings could be pulled from it! Is it really ten-year-old? Don’t tell me that you thicken it with a mixture of flour!”

Then, Su Tugou heard a scream; he knew that his wife Du Hongxian was flipping out.

After recalling the last ten years together, Su Tugou got a little emotional. He put down the cleaver and lit his pipe.

No one knew if he was in pain since he didn’t want to give out that jar of wine, or if he was recalling something from his memories.

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