Chapter 8: The Great Unknown Danger (Part Three)

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“However… that wine was saved for you from ten years ago.” Du Hongxian suddenly thought of something and said while looking at Fang Jie who was almost drunk, “It is he who got lucky and benefited from you.”

“Since you already gave him the wine, then it is his. Now that I drank his liquor, I owe him a favor,” the man in cyan replied with a warm smile.

Su Tugou and Du Hongxian were both stunned and thought, “How come this kid is so fortunate? In Great Sui and even the entire world, who can easily obtain a favor from him?”

“This kid’s luck is insane!” Du Hongxian laughed and looked at the confused young man with relief.

“What is going on?” Fang Jie murmured before collapsing. “An illegal shop… it isn’t liquor but a sleeping drug.”

Bam! The young man fell onto the ground and snorted.

Of course, it wasn’t a sleeping drug, but it wasn’t an ordinary liquor as well.

This pear flower wine was infused with three ingredients that were hard to find in the world; it wasn’t something that an ordinary person like Fang Jie could handle.

The man in cyan helped Fang Jie off the ground and slowly pulled up the latter’s clothes. Looking at Fang Jie’s six-pac abdomen, he fell silent for a while before shaking his head.

“I don’t know if it is right or wrong to save you… Whatever, since we met, this is something in fate.”

-The Study in Fang Jie’s Residence-

Da Quan who was crawled up under a blanket behind the bookshelf suddenly sat up, and he looked at the woman in the red dress who was zoning out on the beam and asked, “Today is his 15th birthday.”

Mu Xiaoyao’s shoulders shivered slightly, and she nodded and replied, “Yeah… time passed by so fast. In a flash, 15 years went by. I was only 12 when I left that place, and I’m already old.”

Da Quan ignored what Mu Xiaoyao said. Instead, he took out the sword box beside him and tossed it at the beam. “Exactly 15 years ago, Master told me something in his study. I know that you are curious about what he told me, just like how I’m curious about what he told you. Master gave me this sword box, and I will tell Fang Jie everything when he comes back. Therefore, I will let you look at it first.”

Mu Xiaoyao tossed the sword box back down without looking at it.

Instead, she pulled her clothes, revealing a large stretch of smooth skin and taking out a small silk bag. She swayed it and said, “This is the thing that Master told me.”

Da Quan looked at the sword box in his hand and then at the silk bag in Mu Xiaoyao’s hand. He said, “It isn’t fair for him.”

Mu Xiaoyao froze for a second, sat straight, and stared at Da Quan. “You opened the sword box already?”

Da Quan rolled his eyes and replied, “I bet you opened the silk bag already as well!”

“Are we going to tell him everything and bring him back?” Mu Xiaoyao asked.
“F*ck that!” Da Quan suddenly threw the sword box into the brazier, and his body started to shake.

Mu Xiaoyao knew that he was scared, and she was scared as well.

“We will die,” she said.

“Then, let it be!” Da Quan shivered. “It has been 15 years! I’m not tough enough to do it!”

“Same here.” Mu Xiaoyao smiled and tossed the silk bag into the fire as well.

“Just let him live like this in peace. What if he can’t cultivate? Being an ordinary person is good too.”

“After he gets into the Martial Arts Academy, he can become an administrative worker,” Da Quan said.

“If he is lucky, he can stay in the Martial Arts Academy and work there,” Mu Xiaoyao added.

“After about five years, perhaps he will enter the government and become an official in the Ministry of Rites, the Ministry of Revenue, or other ministries,” Da Quan continued.

“With his brain, in a few years, he will become someone important,” Mu Xiaoyao said, “Why must he cultivate? He will still be an influential figure in ten years.”

Now, the poor soul that they were talking about was sleeping on a bed at the back of Yun’s Meat Shop, oblivious to the fact that he just experienced a great danger.

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