Chapter 80: Handsome but Dumb (Part One)

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After coming to this world, Fang Jie realized that human power was unlimited. All the understandings that he had about his previous world were breached again and again. Now, he wondered if all the directors of the wuxia dramas had space-traveled to this world first and then went back to Earth.

Just the fact that this fatty was swaying with this blade of grass could make many characters in wuxia novels jealous.

All Fang Jie wanted to say to this fatty was that none of this was scientific.

The fatty whose white robe was soaked in sweat and turned a little yellow smiled and pointed at Fang Jie’s clothes. “A deserter?”

Fang Jie shook his head before nodding.

“I heard that a regiment of Right Reverent Guard was moved to the training field, and they were used by the top three students of the Martial Arts Academy. Since you are hiding here at this hour, the competition must be over. Can you tell me who is the champion?” The fatty asked this question instead of asking why Fang Jie was here and what his intention was.

Fang Jie’s hand was on the handle of his saber, and all his muscles were tensed up. Although he looked to be in a weird position, he could instantly draw out his saber and slash toward this fatty if this stranger moved. However, Fang Jie didn’t dare to draw out his saber; he even suppressed his hostility at this moment.

Fang Jie didn’t know if his defense would be useless or not, but he wouldn’t surrender.

“It should be Luo Wen,” Fang Jie answered.

“Huh?” the fatty gasped and scratched his head in anger. “I put 500 silver taels on Li Fubo as a bet. If Luo Wen won, I would lose all of it! This is terrible!”

This fatty got off that blade of grass. His movement was so light that nothing seemed to have changed. The wind was blowing, and the grass was swaying.

“You aren’t here to ambush and rob us, right?” the fatty asked Fang Jie seriously after shaking his head in frustration.

Fang Jie also shook his head and replied, “I’m not doing that. As you can see, I’m hiding from you. If I want to rob you, I would have jumped out and said something along the line of ‘I paved this road and planted these trees. If you want to pass, you got to pay the toll.’”

“That is some BS.” The fatty shook his head and said, “That is something that the government should do.”

Fang Jie nodded.

“Since you aren’t here to rob us, everything is fine. You can keep on hiding, and I’m leaving. Sorry to bother you. Don’t worry; I won’t tell the government that a deserter is hiding here. They wouldn’t reward me, so I won’t do it,” the fatty said with a smile before waving his hand and saying goodbye.

When the fatty walked back onto the road, the curtain on a window of a horse-drawn carriage that was parked on the side got lifted, and the person inside looked out and asked, “Little Jiu, what happened?”

This person’s voice was deep and loud.

“Boss, there is nothing. We ran into an interesting deserter, but I think he lied to me. Although I don’t know why he lied, it has nothing to do with our trading company. He isn’t here to rob us, so I ignored him.”

“He lied to you; he isn’t a deserter,” the person inside this horse-drawn carriage said and lowered the curtain. “Let’s go. Yu’er must be tired after traveling so far. She must want to take a bath and get a good night’s sleep.”

“As you wish.” The fatty lowered his head and replied before glaring back at Fang Jie. “You lied to me!”

Fang Jie wanted to laugh but didn’t dare to.

Since he came to this world, Fang Jie met many interesting people. For example, there was Da Quan, Mu Xiaoyao, the crippled old man, the owner of Yun’s Meat Shop, and the owner’s wife.

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