Chapter 80: Handsome but Dumb (Part Three)

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“Can the clothes from Joy-Auspicious Shop save you?” the fatty asked Fang Jie.

“No.” Fang Jie shook his head.

“That is what I’m saying. You can only buy the most ordinary jacket from last year’s collection in Joy-Auspicious Shop for 50 silver taels. Do you see this one? This dashing and scholarly moon-white robe cost me 360 silver taels. I can only say that you don’t know much, and you aren’t taking your life seriously.”

“100 silver taels.”

“480 silver taels.”

“150 silver taels.”

“450 silver taels.”

Fang Jie couldn’t negotiate with this fatty longer, so he clenched his teeth and said, “360 silver taels. I will buy it for the cost you mentioned.”

“Ok.” The fatty smiled and took off the robe that he was wearing before throwing it to Fang Jie. “Here you go; I never defraud others.”

The foul smell of sweat almost knocked out Fang Jie; even Da Quan’s feet weren’t this stinky.

Also, this robe was tailored for the fatty. After Fang Jie endured the smell and put it on, he found that this robe looked like a long dress on him.

With only a white tank top and a pair of white pants, the fatty counted the silver certificates that Fang Jie handed to him. He chuckled and said, “You carry this much money? You aren’t an ordinary person. But since I have integrity, I will keep your information confidential. I won’t ask you more questions.”

After saying that, the fatty suddenly realized something and quickly said to the horse-drawn carriage in the front, “Boss, I made this deal myself. I purchased the robe that I just sold; it doesn’t relate to our Worldwide Trading Company. I’m going to keep these 360 silver taels.”

The man in the horse-drawn carriage in the front snorted and said, “When you bought this robe at Joy-Auspicious Shop, didn’t they give you a discount because of your connection to the Worldwide Trading Company? The money that you saved is the benefit that the company brought to you. Therefore, the money that you saved counts as shares in the deal that you just made.”

The fatty’s expression turned interesting, and he pulled out a silver certificate that was worth 100 silver taels and put it into the horse-drawn carriage in the front unwillingly.

Fang Jie’s eyes glistened as he sighed, “It would be hard not to make money when you do business this way.”

“You are wrong,” the fatty said to Fang Jie seriously after putting away the silver certificates, “Only my boss became rich by doing business this way. If others dare to be so calculative against him, they would end up even losing their pants.”

The curtain of the horse-drawn carriage in the front was lifted, and a silver certificate flew out.

“Your flattery was great. Here is your reward,” the man inside the horse-drawn carriage in the front sounded proud.

The fatty flew up from his horse and did a somersault in the air before landing back on his horse with the silver certificate that he handed over earlier. He was extremely fast, and his movement went against the laws of physics and gravity.

At this moment, a small head poked out of the horse-drawn carriage in the back. She seemed like a 15-year-old girl, and she looked curious. Although she wasn’t mature, it was clear that she was going to become a beauty in the future.

After taking a few glances, she pulled back her head and said to the girl who was sitting in the compartment with her eyes closed, “Miss, Miss! That idiot who paid 1,100 silver taels to get into Chang’an is a handsome young man! He looks dashing!”

The beautiful girl who had her eyes closed frowned and said, “Isn’t a handsome idiot also an idiot? Don’t you think that it is even more intolerable?”

“Miss… Is it really a good idea?” the little maid opened her eyes wide and sounded worried.

“It will be a big loss if we don’t lure him home and play with him. Now that I’m back at the Capital, my life will be boring again. I have to entertain myself, right?” the girl who had her eyes closed smiled and lightly pinched her thumb and index finger together as if she was pinching a butterfly. However, it seemed like this guy who paid so much to enter Chang’an was more fun than a butterfly to her.

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