Chapter 81: Picked Up A Treasure (Part One)

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The horse-drawn carriage was moving steadily, so Fang Jie gradually calmed down.

The horse-drawn carriage he was in contained merchandise, and he hid in the middle of it. He forced himself to close his eyes and rest, but his saber was still within his reach.

After leaving Beckon of the Red Sleeve yesterday morning, Fang Jie fell into dangerous situations repeatedly.

Since yesterday, he had to make deals with two people. The first was Luo Wen; Fang Jie suddenly got the idea and obtained a short amount of time to prepare. Then, he killed those who Luo Wen sent to kill him, mixed into the regiment of Right Reverent Guard, and left the training field.

Not long ago, he made a deal with the boss of this Worldwide Trading Company, using 1,460 taels of silver to enter Chang’an.

These two deals were necessary.

Fang Jie couldn’t fall asleep and didn’t dare to sleep as well. He wasn’t completely sure if that fatty could bring him into the city. The deal that he just made seemed bizarre and rushed.

Although Fang Jie was resting, he was resting his body but not his mind.

There were all kinds of items in the horse-drawn carriage.

There was liquor, tobacco, tea, and various small and unique items.

Fang Jie wanted to open a jar of liquor subconsciously, but he stopped himself half-way.

He sat cross-legged and leaned against the wall of the compartment. He breathed slowly as if he was really asleep.

After about two hours, the noises made by pedestrians grew louder. Fang Jie knew that he was close to Chang’an, and he placed his hand on the saber while opening his eyes, perking up his ears.

“Manager Jiu, how come you are dressed like this?” someone greeted the fatty.

“Don’t mention it; I get angry when I think about it. I made a bet in the competition among the top three students of the Martial Arts Academy, and I ended up even losing my robe. Unlucky.”

A series of laughter sounded, and Fang Jie guessed that this person should be a soldier who was guarding the gate.

“Manager Jiu, give me a hint; who is the champion?”

“You want to know? Just wait for the official notice.”

“Manager Jiu, you are being stingy; this isn’t like you.”

“Hahaha! Gongzi Luo should have come up on top by a little; the official notice should be posted tomorrow. Why? You bet on it as well?”

“I can’t be compared to you; my monthly salary isn’t even enough to buy a pot of tea for you. I put five taels of silver on Gongzi Luo. Haha! The odds are one to three, so I made some money.”

“Congratulations. You have to treat me later.”

After chitchatting for a bit, the fatty who was addressed as Manager Jiu told the group to move again.

Fang Jie was slightly surprised. “What is the background of this business named Worldwide Trading Company? How come the soldiers who are guarding the gates of Chang’an didn’t even check the horse-drawn carriages? They are always strict.”

At this moment, a name suddenly popped up in Fang Jie’s mind.

Fang Jie smiled powerlessly and shook his head. “If it is him, then this all makes sense.”

Wu Yidao, the richest merchant of Great Sui, donated 100,000 taels of gold to renovate one side of the city walls of Chang’an and got the noble title of Gold-Sharing Duke. Only he was so well-respected that his horse-drawn carriages wouldn’t be inspected, and only he dared to call his business worldwide. Others would be laughed at if they used this name.

“I made a deal with Wu Yidao and bought my life for 1,460 taels of silver?” Fang Jie found this a little funny. Would his life be recorded on the account book for 1,460 taels of silver? More importantly, he set this price himself.

After the group entered Chang’an, the noises outside got louder and louder. This city was extremely prosperous, and all the streets were bustling. The venders were shouting out their offers, the pedestrians were negotiating with the vendors, and the soldiers made uniform steps when patrolling while their metal armor created crisp grinding noises.

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