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Conquer the World Chapter 81.2

Chapter 81: Picked Up A Treasure (Part Two)

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Although Fang Jie couldn’t see the outside, he could sense it by hearing. This was a fascinating feeling.

While Fang Jie carefully listened to the outside world, excruciating pain suddenly appeared in his abdomen. This pain was so intense that Fang Jie’s body instantly curled up like a cooked shrimp. The pain made him unable to maintain his cool, and he couldn’t alleviate it by biting his lips. He felt like his abdomen was being drilled through, and his muscles and organs were being ground together.

Even though Fang Jie was resilient, he couldn’t handle this level of pain.

He fainted after resisting for about ten seconds.

Just as he collapsed, the horse-drawn carriage stopped, and someone lifted the curtain, poked his head in, and said, “Quickly get off the carriage; are you trying to stay here forever?”

“Huh? Pretending to be dead?” the person who spoke froze for a second. Then, he got into the compartment and check Fang Jie by opening his eyelids.

Wu Yidao was planning to go into his residence first, but he suddenly wanted to see the young man who paid a lot of money to enter the city.

He ordered the maids to bring his daughter home first, and he walked to the horse-drawn carriage that Fang Jie was on.

No one came down after a while, so he frowned and looked inside.

The fatty named Jiu Secai was squatting down beside Fang Jie, and he looked shocked with slight fear in his eyes.

Wu Yidao knew Jiu Secai well; not many things in the world could scare him. Therefore, Wu Yidao was curious about the situation.

“What is it?” he asked.

The fatty looked back at Wu Yidao with a complicated expression.

“This young man… too strange and bizarre.”

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Except for Wu Yidao, probably no one else knew how rich he was. Just the properties that he had in Chang’an could make many people jealous, let alone his business that did trading almost worldwide.

Chang’an was huge enough to make people respectful, and the land in the city was expensive enough to make people fearful.

In such an expensive place, Wu Yidao owned an entire street.

Therefore, when people mentioned Wu Yidao’s name, they would automatically think about the street behind the name. As a result, people started to state the importance of a great name. When Wu Yidao’s father gave him this name, his father never thought that his son could own a street in the Capital.

However, since this street was associated with Wu Yidao too frequently, people overlooked his wealth that was enough to purchase one of the 24 circuits of Great Sui. This was the true meaning of his name. After all, Yidao’s literal meaning was one circuit and not one street.

All the kids that were born in recent years were given unique names. Some were called Yizhen, meaning one town; some were called Yicheng, meaning one city; and some were called Yijun, meaning one state.

On the way to the Capital, Fang Jie ran into a woman who had an infant in her arms. He said that the baby was cute and asked the baby’s name, but the woman said that the baby’s father was worried about this. There were several kids in their village named Yicun, meaning one village, and Yixian, meaning one county. The bold people named their kids Yiguo, meaning one nation. The baby’s father didn’t know what name to give this baby boy.

Fang Jie wanted to help and said that the baby should be named Yiqiu, meaning one ball, signifying that the entire planet would belong to this kid.

The woman’s reply was simple; she told him to go away.

Later, Fang Jie realized that Yiqiu wasn’t a good name for a boy.

Although Wu Yidao was extremely rich, his residence wasn’t big.

His old residence was about half an hour away by walking, and it was about five acres. He bought it when he was only a merchant. Since he was able to afford it, people didn’t say anything.

Now, the situation was different. He had a noble title, so he couldn’t keep his high profile.

Perhaps some people would report him for breaching the rites. If someone looked hard enough, there were always things that could be reported. For example, they could say that the slit between his double doors at the gate was wider than that of the Royal Palace on purpose. Of course, the Emperor wouldn’t punish him, but it would be disgusting to deal with.

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