Chapter 81: Picked Up A Treasure (Part Three)

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When Wu Yidao had free time, he liked to read in the bamboo forest that he moved into his backyard. In the summer, this place was cool and refreshing.

There was a recliner chair, a tea table with a pot of tea, and a few delicate desserts. Lying on the chair, reading a book, drinking the tea, and listening to the wind blowing through the bamboo forest was quite elegant.

Now, Wu Yidao had passed the stage of trying to hide his lowly merchant status by pursuing elegance and exquisiteness. Compared to most merchants, he was now truly elegant and no longer acting.

He was greedy, but he didn’t think that being greed was a bad thing; it was his duty.

Jiu Secai who had changed into another set of clothes stood by Wu Yidao respectfully and filled the teacup.

Wu Yidao put down the book in his hand, took a sip, and asked, “Everything is arranged?”

“Yes,” the fatty replied, “Miss is now resting in the courtyard to the west. I thought that Miss wouldn’t like this place since her place in the old residence was massive and next to a garden that has many unique flowers and a lotus pond. I’m surprised that Miss likes this place a lot. She said that even though the yard is small, it is much livelier. I’m dull and don’t understand what Miss meant by livelier.”

“That is fine; as long as she likes it.” Wu Yidao smiled and suddenly realized that his daughter didn’t need much. Although his old residence was big and pretty, it was cold and quiet. Also, he was always traveling and doing business. His daughter only had Azalea, her maid, to talk to. Although the current place was small, it seemed much livelier and cozy.

“Where is that young man?”

“He is sleeping in a guest room.”

“Did you get a doctor?”

“I did. However, the doctor couldn’t see the problem. He was only able to tell that this young man’s right arm broke. It is roughly bandaged; this young man should have done it himself.”

“His arm was broken, yet he was still in the mood to chat with you and negotiate. Interesting.” Wu Yidao smiled and asked, “What do you think?”

The fatty’s expression changed. After a moment of silence, he said with uncertainty, “His body is hard as a rock. I suspect that his body would shatter after being hammered. I took his pulse and found that out of all 128 qi-points, only three are open. It is too strange. If it weren’t for this fact, I would be sure that he fainted due to the pain caused by the expansion of his sea of qi due to cultivation.”

“But… his sea of qi is non-existent. Theoretically, the people who didn’t have a sea of qi should be wastrels. They shouldn’t be able to turn on their beds without others’ help, let alone walking. But this young man is agile and strong. Even after he passed out due to pain, his left hand is still tightly grasping his saber, and I can’t pull his fingers away. On his right hand, there are calluses left by the handles of sabers. Also, from his eyes, I can tell that he killed many people before. When we met him by the roadside, he was always staring at my throat. I had just checked his body; he is strong as a leopard.” The fatty shook his head with a bitter smile. “This is my first time seeing such a strange physique all these years.”

“It isn’t strange.” Wu Yidao held the teacup, looked toward the guest room, and said calmly, “At least I know someone who has this unique physique.”


“Luo Yao.”

“But I don’t believe that Luo Yao couldn’t cultivate,” the fatty couldn’t help but speak his mind, “Without cultivation, it is impossible to reach his level by merely tempering the body. Without internal forces, everything is meaningless.”

“There is nothing impossible in this world. Luo Yao couldn’t cultivate. Not many people know this, but his sea of qi was shattered by someone 30 years ago.”

“Huh?” the fatty was shocked. “He didn’t die after his sea of qi was shattered?”

Wu Yidao put down the teacup and walked toward the guest room with his hands behind his back. “You ran into someone who hasn’t died without a sea of qi. Why is it strange that Luo Yao didn’t die? Let’s go; let’s see how many surprises this treasure that you picked up will bring me.”

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