Chapter 83: Unable to Reincarnate (Part One)

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The headquarters of the Royal Guard was big; it occupied about one-sixth the area of Tai Chi Palace. However, less than five people were qualified to have a residence in this place.

Meng Wudi, the Deputy of the Intelligence Department who severed one of his arms, had been recovering in his home. Although his career didn’t end here, it was impossible for him to advance further.

Hou Wenji didn’t kill him, but this incident was going to be a forever stain on him. Hou Wenji was never going to see him as a henchman again.

Meng Wudi moved out of his old residence in the front yard of the headquarters of the Royal Guard. As a result, the quiet and spacious headquarters of the Royal Guard was even more desolate.

However, the surprising thing was that Meng Wudi’s old residence was occupied by someone after not too long. Perhaps the most surprising thing was this person’s identity.

Among the people who had a residence in the headquarters of the Royal Guard, Meng Wudi had the lowest status as the Deputy of the Intelligence Department.

However, the person who moved in earlier was only a chiliarch.

Although the status of chiliarchs was high in the Royal Guard, they didn’t have this privilege. At least the other six chiliarchs didn’t have this privilege. Also, this person was the only female chiliarch in the history of the Royal Guard.

Her name was instantly spread in the Royal Guard when she moved into that residence; the people of the Intelligence Department were stunned. They all remembered her name – Mu Xiaoyao.

These people would be more shocked if they learned that she was only a level 5 master.

Since Mu Xiaoyao moved in, the decoration of the place changed. Many luxurious items were moved out, leaving only a bookshelf, a desk, and a few chairs. Even the painting on the wall was replaced by a red long dress; it was eye-catching.

Mu Xiaoyao used to wear such a dress before she entered the Royal Guard. She had many dresses, and they all looked the same. Perhaps only she remembered that when she first wore such a dress, a young man’s eyes widened with saliva sliding down his lips.

Fang Jie praised her many times, but she only remembered his expression.

The red dress on the wall was the one that she wore when she separated from Fang Jie.

After most of the things in the room were moved out, this place looked empty. Clearly, the decoration didn’t fit the status that this residence represented, and it looked a little desolate.

However, Mu Xiaoyao didn’t care about that. She didn’t like anything in here, so there was no need to keep them. She didn’t even think about how Meng Wudi who was recovering would feel.

Mu Xiaoyao was sitting in a chair right now, staring at the red dress on the wall. She was so blanked out that she didn’t even react when Mr. Zhuo walked into the yard.

It was hard to tell if she didn’t sense him, or she knew that it was him.

Zhuo Buyi looked around after entering the residence, and he couldn’t help but shake his head. The woman who was blanking out in the chair before him was too unique; she completely disregarded the taboos in being a part of the government. If she didn’t have the support from someone powerful, her ending would most likely be tragic.

If Meng Wudi learned that all his stuff was cleaned out, the hatred in his mind would be intense. Although he had lost a ton of influence, he was still the Deputy of the Intelligence Department. If he wouldn’t let go and tried to seek revenge, even Luo Weiran, the Captain of the Royal Guard, couldn’t side with Mu Xiaoyao.

After all, she was only a chiliarch who was quite weak.

“Your friend…” Zhuo Buyi opened his mouth and hesitated for a moment. However, Mu Xiaoyao’s reaction surprised him. This cold woman suddenly turned around and asked anxiously, “What about him?”

“Not him…” Zhuo Buyi shook his head. He sat down on a chair opposite to Mu Xiaoyao and said, “Before you went to see Fang Jie, I told you that it was probably someone in the Ministry of War who tricked Fang Jie out of Chang’an. The Head of the Intelligence Department has already sealed what you guys did in Fangu, yet someone or some people are still after Fang Jie. I don’t think it is Yu Donglai, the Deputy of the Ministry of War. He is someone who could see the big picture; he wouldn’t cause trouble for His Majesty at this moment.”

“It isn’t hard to investigate this. I only need to see who has connections to you guys in the Ministry of War. If no one has direct connections to you guys, I can check who has connections to Fangu. Even in the most complex case, I will only need to see who has connections to Li Xiaozong and Li Yuanshan. However, when His Majesty set his eyes on the Ministry of War, everyone who had close relationships with Li Yuanshan got killed, including Hou Junci, the former deputy.”

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