Chapter 83: Unable to Reincarnate (Part Three)

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“Find a craftsman tomorrow and change the words engraved into the mountain. Just change the last four words. The phrase ‘every step should be steady and safe’ isn’t good. Sometimes, people would become soft when trying to be too steady.”

“What should it be changed to?” Su Buwei asked.

“Change the last four words into ‘give birth to lotuses.’”

After giving the order, the Emperor looked back at the artificial mountain before walking forward.

[Every step should give birth to lotuses.]

Su Buwei didn’t know what this meant.

Smooth Spring Garden was big, and the Emperor had been busy. Since this garden was built, the Emperor had never walked around and checked out everything in detail. He could only see the artificial mountain from the Royal Study, and he couldn’t see the lotus pond. If he didn’t take this walk today, he wouldn’t know that there was something else behind the artificial mountain.

The Emperor thought to himself, “It has been 11 years since I took the throne, and I have been working diligently as if I’m treading on thin ice. I come to this garden every year to avoid the heat in the summer, but I don’t even know what this garden looks like.”

“Your Majesty…” Su Buwei turned his head and saw Luo Weiran chasing after them, so he quickly reminded the Emperor, “You summoned Luo Weiran, and he is here.”

“Eh.” The Emperor slowly walked into a pavilion and sat down. The lotus pond was beside the pavilion, and ripples appeared on the surface, making the pink petals extremely eye-catching in all green.

The Emperor even had the urge to paint this beautiful scenery, and then he suddenly realized that he hadn’t touched the paintbrushes in about five years.

When he first became the ruler, he would sometimes paint a landscape painting to calm himself. However, he didn’t touch the paintbrushes after his throne became stable.

The method that he used to calm himself didn’t seem to work anymore.

“Your Majesty.” Luo Weiran quickly walked over and kowtowed outside the pavilion properly.

“Get up. Since you have many things to deal with, I will keep it short. What do you think about this case where the Ministry of War almost got wiped? Although I ordered the Court of Judicial Review and the Ministry of Justice to investigate, they aren’t as experienced as you. You also checked the corpses; what are your findings?”

Luo Weiran was silent, and the Emperor looked displeased seeing this.

Luo Weiran took a deep breath and said with his head lowered, “It should be the assassins of Mongo-Yuan who did this.”

It was clearly a lie, but the Emperor nodded in satisfaction.

“What is the reason?” the Emperor asked.

“The people of Northern Liao want to submit to Your Majesty, so Mongo-Yuan is upset. They attacked Fangu, the border city, but Great General Li Yuanshan of Right Valiant Guard defeated them. The people of Mongo-Yuan are unwilling to accept defeat, so they sent unparalleled masters into Chang’an, trying to steal the map that showed the allocation of soldiers along the border. Clearly, Mongo-Yuan is trying to wage a war. However, these cultivation masters of Mongo-Yuan were discovered by the generals who were on duty in the Ministry of War. The Ministry of War lost more than 100 people in this battle, but they also killed the cultivation masters of Mongo-Yuan, preventing Mongo-Yuan from stealing the military secrets.” Luo Weiran’s body shivered when he said these words; he was taking a bet.

When he saw the smile on the Emperor’s face, Luo Weiran knew that his bet paid off; the Emperor needed an explanation like this.

However, the smile on the Emperor’s face soon disappeared.

“Luo Weiran, your reply is great, and I’m pleased. However, this truth is for all the officials and citizens of Great Sui; it isn’t the truth for me. The Court of Judicial Review and the Ministry of Justice’s investigation will yield the truth that you just stated, but it isn’t something that I want. I will give you seven days. If you can’t figure out who did this, I will fire you and Hou Wenji from your current positions.”

The Emperor turned around and said to Luo Weiran seriously, “Great Sui has a history longer than 100 years, yet something this shameful has never happened before. The Ministry of War almost got wiped out! I want to know who did this! How much hatred must this person have toward the Ministry of War to do something this outrageous? If a citizen of Great Sui did this, I would be heartbroken on top of being angry.”

“I don’t only want the perpetrator! I want to know if something shady is going on in the Ministry of War!”

The Emperor looked up at the sky.

“If anyone tries to stop me from doing the thing that must be done, I will make this person unable to reincarnate!”

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