Chapter 84: Die Together (Part One)

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The weather was getting hotter and hotter. Even with the windows open, people would still feel anxious inside their rooms.

After drinking two cups of cold tea, Luo Weiran still felt like there was a fire burning inside him.

Since he returned from Smooth Spring Garden where the Emperor lived, he didn’t exit his study.

Hou Wenji, the Head of the Intelligence Department who was sitting across from him, couldn’t help but laugh. “People say that Luo Weiran, the Royal Guard Captain, is stable and calm in all situations. What is going on today? You have walked in circles ten times.”

“One can only be stable and calm if the danger isn’t big in his eyes. When His Majesty stares at you, you have to be nervous,” Luo Weiran sighed and said while shaking his head, “If Buyi isn’t involved, this case would be easy.”

While walking around in the room, Luo Weiran said, “Worse come to worst, we will just break all the plans that we made. Although it was me who handed Buyi to you, he is one of your men after he entered the Intelligence Department. Now, the relationship between you two is much better than the relationship between me and him. I told Buyi that you will do me a favor and only give me three days; will you give me three days?”

“BS!” Hou Wenji glared at him and said, “Since you said that Buyi is one of my men, do I need to do you a favor? We both know what he is like. He finally met someone who he likes as a disciple. If he really gets stubborn, he would dare to escape Chang’an and hide with these people. To us, His Majesty’s order should be the priority. However, he is different. Even after being locked up for so long, his stubbornness still didn’t get suppressed.”

Luo Weiran sighed, “I have been thinking if it is worth it to bear such a risk.”

“Zhuo Buyi never did things based on if they are worth it; he only does things based on his will.”

“Should we lock him up?” Luo Weiran suggested, “We will just apologize to him together after this is done.”

Hou Wenji couldn’t help but laugh, “Lock him up? After being imprisoned for ten years, he obtained inspiration and created the technique of creating prisons by drawing on the ground. If we battle, none of us can defeat him.”

“Let’s keep Mu Xiaoyao and not others.” Luo Weiran felt like his head was aching more, and his words were becoming dumber.

“If that woman named Chen Qingshan dies, this mysterious Fang Jie wouldn’t stay still. Will you let him live if he starts causing trouble in the Capital? If Fang Jie gets killed, Mu Xiaoyao will die alongside him. In the end, no one will be alive.”

Luo Weiran sat down on a chair and said with a bitter smile, “Both of us are being frustrated for Zhuo Buyi. I’m afraid His Majesty knows that we know the truth. His Majesty only gave us seven days to let us handle this.”

“Attacking the Ministry of War and killing 104 people. Even Heaven couldn’t save them.”

“Wait!” Luo Weiran’s eyes suddenly glistened.

“Others might not know, but you, me, and His Majesty know that Fang Jie had interactions with that person. If we use that man as a shield, do you think His Majesty will be lenient? For example… we can say that Fang Jie is that man’s disciple?”

Hou Wenji was a bit surprised. After a moment of silence, he said, “We can give it a try.”

Then, Hou Wenji drank a mouthful of cold tea and continued, “After all, the plans that we made have been materialized. Although Fang Jie is only an insignificant person in our grand plan, and he might not be useful to us in the future, it is worth a try since we could potentially save the grand plan that we worked hard on.”

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