Chapter 84: Die Together (Part Two)

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“Us the Royal Guard couldn’t get involved in the matter of the military,” Luo Weiran said, “We finally found this great opportunity, and I’m unwilling to let it go. Civil officials, military officials, and the Royal Guard… There are conflicts between the civil officials and military officials, civil officials and us, and military officials and us. In the beginning, His Majesty wants us to stand on the opposite side of all the officials. Although it seems like the Royal Guard is in power, His Majesty wouldn’t always side with us if the civil officials and military officials stand together.”

Hou Wenji suddenly thought of something irrelevant to the conversation and asked, “Why did you choose to stay? If you didn’t accept this duty, you would still be free in the martial arts circle. Your fame would be greater, and you could do things as you like. Don’t you miss those days? After putting on the flying-fish robe, you can’t do all the things that you want.”

Luo Weiran shook his head and said, “Out of us four senior and junior brothers, one has to stay by His Majesty’s side.”

After blanking out for a moment, he smiled powerlessly and added, “I thought that he would stay. After all, his identity is unique. However, he left about ten years ago and entrusted me with the safety of His Majesty. I had no reason to say no to him, and I couldn’t say no to him.”

“If you four senior and junior brothers unite, can you wipe out half of Great Snow Mountain?” Hou Wenji asked curiously.

“Him alone is enough; there is no need for all four of us,” Luo Weiran said with respect and admiration in his eyes.

“Did he go there about ten years ago?” Hou Wenji asked.

Luo Weiran shook his head and replied, “I don’t know, but Great Snow Mountain is still standing.”

“The people of Northern Liao want to submit to Your Majesty, so Mongo-Yuan is upset. They attacked Fangu, the border city, but Great General Li Yuanshan of Right Valiant Guard defeated them. The people of Mongo-Yuan are unwilling to accept defeat, so they sent unparalleled masters into Chang’an, trying to steal the map that showed the allocation of soldiers along the border. Clearly, Mongo-Yuan is trying to wage a war. However, these cultivation masters of Mongo-Yuan were discovered by the generals who were on duty in the Ministry of War. The Ministry of War lost more than 100 people in this battle, but they also killed the cultivation masters of Mongo-Yuan, preventing Mongo-Yuan from stealing the military secrets,” Luo Weiran repeated what he said to the Emperor. He also recalled that moment; he didn’t even dare to look at His Majesty’s face when he stood outside the pavilion. For a moment, he thought that this answer would get him to be burned alive by the Emperor’s fury.

Luo Weiran was terrifying in others’ eyes since he controlled the Royal Guard, but the Emperor controlled the entire nation!

Hearing Luo Weiran’s answer, Hou Wenji clapped and praised, “If it were me, I wouldn’t be able to react in time. Now, everything is prepared, and His Majesty lacks a good excuse. How would the people of Great Sui react if they learned that Mongo-Yuan sneak-attacked the Ministry of War? What would the officials say?”

“By then, the calls for war will shake the city walls of Chang’an,” Luo Weiran said earnestly, “The people of Great Sui will support this war at all cost. If needed, they would take off their doors and give them to soldiers as shields, they would melt their farming tools and cast weapons for the soldiers, and they would charge at the enemies after the soldiers. Regardless of how people and officials of Great Sui fight among themselves, they would unite when they are facing foreign enemies.”

Hou Wenji nodded and said, “Therefore, having the Ministry of War attacked by someone like this isn’t a bad thing. The people of Great Sui wouldn’t support the war as much if it is for the protection of Northern Liao or the incident at Fangu.”

After a moment of silence, Hou Wenji sighed and added, “His Majesty is taking a giant bet. This wouldn’t be a quick war. Mongo-Yuan is powerful; perhaps Great Sui doesn’t have the ability to defeat Mongo-Yuan. This war would be unique. Great Sui would try its best to win the first battle and then protect the fruit of victory using time. Perhaps it will be ten years, 20 years, or 30 years… until Mongo-Yuan forgets to avenge.”

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