Chapter 85: Does He Sleep Well? (Part One)

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Xi Huamei stood on the third floor and looked into the backyard.

Those few people gathered together and walked. She but couldn’t hear them talking, so it seemed like a still image.

Xi Huamei’s brows were beautiful. Even that legendary man had praised her brows. However, these two brows were almost twisting together.

The backyard of Beckon of the Red Sleeve might be the center of the storm that would engulf the entire Chang’an and perhaps the entire Great Sui. In the backyard, there lied a maniac who attacked the Ministry of War of Great Sui.

There was no way that the Emperor of Great Sui was going to let her live.

“Little Dot, go and get Fang Jie,” Xi Huamei ordered as she turned around.

Although she didn’t know what was going on, this was Little Dot’s first-time seeing Aunt Xi this serious. Therefore, Little Dot got scared and felt like she was about to lose something.

Aunt Xi was the main pillar of Beckon of the Red Sleeve. If she even started to shake, little birds like Little Dot who rested on this tree called Beckon of the Red Sleeve were all going to be startled.

Little Dot pulled the hem of her dress off the ground and almost flew downstairs to find Fang Jie.

-In the backyard-

Fang Jie carried Chen Qingshan in his arms and put her on a reclining chair, letting her get some sunshine.

Both Da Quan and Fang Jie had never seen Chen Qingshan in this state. In Mu Xiaoyao’s eyes, Chen Qingshan was a cold and haughty woman; she would never show her weak side to anyone. As far as Mu Xiaoyao could remember, Chen Qingshan was like this since the first day she entered the faction. She was cold and never had close relationships with anyone in the faction.

Although Chen Qingshan was only a little girl back then, she looked at everyone in contempt, including her senior sisters. It seems like she did not doubt that she was going to surpass everyone in the faction.

She was like the longsword in her arms that didn’t need a scabbard to cover its sharpness.

However, when Fang Jie carried Chen Qingshan out of the room in his arms, she had one of her arms around Fang Jie’s neck, and she was as docile and weak as a kitten. Her eyes were slightly open, and she rested her head on Fang Jie’s muscular chest. When Chen Qingshan looked at Fang Jie, Mu Xiaoyao felt like she saw attachment and reliance.

This was something that should be impossible for Chen Qingshan.

She looked down on all men, including Fang Jie. At least it was that way before. She had called Fang Jie a wastrel and wanted to ditch him many times. On the journey of escaping, she even left a long wound on Fang Jie’s arm with her sword. At that time, Mu Xiaoyao and others all felt like Chen Qingshan wanted to kill Fang Jie.

Chen Qingshan was someone who blocked everyone out of her life and was proud and independent.

How could such a woman act so weak at this moment? How could such a woman look at Fang Jie with attachment and unwillingness to let go?

Therefore, Mu Xiaoyao thought that she must be misseeing things.

However, when Fang Jie put Chen Qingshan on the reclining chair, it seemed like the unwillingness to let go in her eyes intensified.

Mu Xiaoyao put the blanket in her hands onto Chen Qingshan before turning around silently.

“Thank you.” Mu Xiaoyao heard Chen Qingshan say this to her.

Mu Xiaoyao’s body shook a little as her expression changed. This was the first time that Chen Qingshan said ‘thank you’ to anyone in more than 15 years, and she said it to her target who she had already surpassed.

It seemed like Chen Qingshan wasn’t the same woman anymore.

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