Chapter 86: That Man’s Written Order (Part One)

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When Fang Jie left Xi Huamei’s room, he asked her if Luo Yao was sleeping well every night.

Xi Huamei didn’t know how to answer, and she even felt a little angry.

However, when Fang Jie disappeared in her sight, she suddenly realized that she should be angrier if this young man did the same thing as Luo Yao.

No one knew if Luo Yao slept well at night, but Luo Wen hadn’t slept for two days.

He had become the no.1 student of the Martial Arts Academy, but he wasn’t happy. That young man who killed more than ten of his servants and left was haunting him at night.

The order from the Emperor wasn’t here yet, so his rank 4 position in the military wasn’t finalized. This was also a part of his worry, but it was negligible compared to that young man.

If that young man was alive, he couldn’t calm down.

His title as the champion was obtained by a lie.

If the Emperor of Great Sui learned that he wasn’t the one who came up with the idea of sieging the city with the other two, just the charge of lying to the Emperor could put him in the prison. He never saw his big brother before; he was only born after Luo Wu died. However, what happened to Luo Wu was a shadow that engulfed his mind. He asked himself many times if his father would take out his heart if he made a big mistake.

Whenever he asked himself that question, he would sweat profusely.

He knew that his father, Great General Luo Yao of Left Advance Guard who was a supreme warrior, could do something like that.

If his father learned that he lied to the Emperor, he could imagine how tragic his ending would be. However, he wasn’t able to resist the temptation of being the no.1 student of the Martial Arts Academy, becoming a rank 4 military official, and leading the battle soldiers.

Through a secret channel, he learned that Great Sui was going to launch a big military operation, and it was probably going to be in the northwest.

The fact that the no.1 student of the Martial Arts Academy was going to become a general in Right Valiant Guard that was stationed in the northwest was a huge opportunity.

He was confident that he would stand out among his peers in this war.

Perhaps in a short time, people wouldn’t say that he was Great General Luo Yao’s son after introducing him.

He wanted to get out of his father and his big brother’s shadows.

Luo Wen sat on a chair in his study and stared at the award certification on the table blankly. He didn’t lose the honor of the Luo Family.

“Since Luo Yao’s son is going to the Martial Arts Academy, he must become the no.1 student.” This was what his father said to him while patting his shoulder when he left Yong State.

Luo Yao’s son… Whenever Luo Wen thought about this phrase, hatred flashed in his eyes. Since he was born, regardless of what he did and how successful he was, others would contribute all these to the fact that he was Luo Yao’s son; they ignored all the hard work that he had done.

Sometimes, people would chitchat with ill-intentions and ask if he was the little brother of Luo Wu who got his heart taken out in front of Tai Chi Palace.

If Luo Wen were successful, people would think that it was normal since he was Luo Yao’s son. However, if he failed, people would jump out and mock, saying that Luo Yao’s second son was just like the first one who was a good-for-nothing.

Regardless of how hard the son of a great general worked, people wouldn’t praise him. If he failed, he could even imagine how people would laugh at him.

Since he was young, Luo Wen didn’t dare to sit across from his father and look at his father in the eyes. His father’s stern face was tougher than all the slanders and rumors.

These things made Luo Wen extremely painful.

“Luo Two, did you find out more about that person?” Luo Wen rubbed his temples that were in pain and asked with a hoarse voice.

“Young Master… not yet. Right now, I don’t have many people, and they are all asking around in the city. However, Great Sui is too big. Finding a person is tougher than finding a needle in a haystack. Please give me a few more days; I will find that person in Chang’an for sure.”

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