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Conquer the World Chapter 87.3

Chapter 87: Merciful Cause and Merciful Effect (Part Three)

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“I was able to move my right hand the day before yesterday, and I was able to form a fist yesterday. When I woke up this morning, I dressed myself and buttoned the shirt naturally… with my right hand.”

“Impossible!” Da Quan gasped.

“I also know that it is impossible.” Fang Jie pinched Da Quan’s thigh, and Da Quan instantly groaned in pain.

“What are you doing?” Da Quan asked.

“I want to know if I’m dreaming,” Fang Jie replied.

Now, both knew it wasn’t a dream since Da Quan sensed pain, and they fell into a moment of silence as they didn’t know how to continue this topic.

Suddenly, Fang Jie heaved a long sigh and whispered, “I suddenly feel like I missed something. In Fangu, after I drank with that man in cyan, I passed out in Yun’s Meat Shop. Afterward, you guys said that the poison in my body was gone; it was something that you and Sister Xiaoyao tried to do in the last 15 years. Now, I think that man in cyan did something to my body.”

“He should be an extremely powerful figure, right?” Fang Jie added, “Therefore, I feel like I missed something.”

He looked at Da Quan and said seriously, “Just like how I’m going to miss experiencing the Capital of Great Sui.”

After saying that, Fang Jie was able to see the city gate that they were heading toward. Although everything seemed normal, Fang Jie could find many hidden dangers without trying hard. There were more than 100 elite battle soldiers and many masters from the Royal Guard, the Ministry of Justice, and the Court of Judicial Review.

It looked casual but was tightly controlled. The ordinary residents couldn’t see anything, but all city gates of Chang’an were several times more securely guarded.

When the soldiers blocked the horse-drawn carriage, Fang Jie jumped off and smiled while saying, “Sir, we are servants of Beckon of the Red Sleeve that just opened for business. Higher-ups ordered us to get spring water from outside the city to serve the important guests. Gold-Sharing Duke brought top-tier tea with him, and he is planning to treat Royal King Yi, King of Xu State, and Senior Huai of the Ministry of Rites. They are all waiting for the spring water to make the tea.”

“Beckon of the Red Sleeve?” the Captain who blocked Fang Jie knew this name; he knew about it 11 years ago since he was a native resident of Chang’an.

“Why didn’t you prepare the water yesterday? Why are you going out now?”

“These influential people are quite picky. They like the spring water from outside the city since that spring water is sweet and refreshing. If we took water yesterday, the water wouldn’t be fresh overnight. There are many things to look out for when making tea, and I don’t know much. I’m only following orders.”

“We need to inspect your horse-drawn carriage,” the Captain said with a calm tone.

Fang Jie gestured and said, “Please be quick; I’m in a hurry.”

The Captain nodded and inspected the horse-drawn carriage with other soldiers. Just as Fang Jie expected, that level 9 master who saw Chen Qingshan’s face couldn’t guard all the gates, and this captain only had a portrait of Chen Qingshan that was drawn out based on descriptions; it looked nothing like her.

Besides, Chen Qingshan was in disguise, so it was hard to spot her.

After the inspection, the Captain learned that there were only a few wooden scoops and a small water tank. Therefore, he waved his hand, allowing them to go through the city gate.

Fang Jie quickly thanked this captain, got on the horse-drawn carriage, and winked at Da Quan. Da Quan suppressed his nervousness and swung the horsewhip.

While going through the gate, Da Quan heaved a sigh of relief. Only now did he find that the back of his clothes was soaked in sweat.

“Wait for a second!” Suddenly, that captain shouted behind them.

This captain was loud, and Da Quan’s shoulders shivered.

Fang Jie turned around and saw that captain chasing after them with a few soldiers.

There was a tea shop less than two kilometers away from Chang’an, and Chenya, the young monk in white, sat down in the shop and asked for a bowl of cold tea. He looked at the pedestrians on the road and finally landed his gaze at the city wall of Chang’an that was already visible.

“Such a big shell. Some people are leaving, and some people are going in. I’m about to go in as well. Is there anything fascinating in this shell? I’m so insignificant before this shell like a speck of dust. I have already planted a speck of dust in my mind, and I’m a speck of dust that is about to enter this shell. When I’m a speck of dust, I should remove the speck of dust in my mind. This trip is merciful, and this shell is merciful. Cause and effect were planted 15 years ago, and I’m here to garnish the merciful effect.”

He smiled charmingly like a girl.

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