Chapter 88: I Can Only Help You This Much (Part One)

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Fang Jie got off the horse-drawn carriage and smiled at the Captain who chased after him.

“Sir, what do you need?” he asked.

This captain who seemed to be about 40 years old walked up, looked at Fang Jie in silence for a moment, and said, “When you go back, please congratulate Ms. Xi on my behalf if you have time. I was once a little soldier under Royal King Zhong’s command. When he opened Beckon of the Red Sleeve, he didn’t treat us like insignificant people. He set up dozens of tables and treated us to drinks. After that, we were put into different legions, and we never saw His Highness again. It has been 11 years, and I still always dream about that night when I got drunk with him.”

This man was one of Royal King Zhong’s soldiers!

Fang Jie’s heart lurched, and he said respectfully, “Don’t worry, I will deliver the message to Ms. Xi when I see her.”

“Thanks!” That captain cupped his hands and left.

Da Quan heaved a sigh of relief and slowly put his gloves that he was about to wear back into his pocket.

Seeing that captain leaving, Fang Jie was suddenly struck with sadness.

In the last while, he had heard Royal King Zhong’s name many times, and all of this man’s stories inspired Fang Jie. Royal King Zhong helped the Emperor obtain the throne. If he didn’t quit his duties, he would be the second most powerful figure in Great Sui.

The more that Fang Jie thought about it, the more curious he became. What exactly happened more than ten years ago that made such a wise figure ditch everything that he had?

Where did he go in the last ten years?

Was he still alive?”

Soon, Fang Jie ditched all these sad thoughts. Now, he shouldn’t be thinking about if that legendary man was still alive; he needed to think about how he and others in his group could survive.

Chen Qingshan told him that the man behind his mysterious journey set a timeline of 15 years, and that man could make Fang Jie go back to him. The time was already up before Fang Jie left Fangu. Now that about half a year passed, it seemed like nothing changed.

Therefore, Fang Jie was even more worried.

Since that man used so much time and energy to create a 15-year-long plan, there was no reason for him to quit.

“What role am I playing? What identity do I have in this world?” These questions were all troubling Fang Jie.

Regardless of how he tried to analyze and guess, he couldn’t figure out what changed in the last 15 years.

One man caused havoc in the west, and the man who set up this plan had to deal with the imminent danger, temporarily ignoring the control over Fang Jie.

However, that didn’t mean this man gave up.

The horse-drawn carriage got out of Chang’an smoothly, and everyone on it all heaved a sigh of relief. Fang Jie sat on it and looked back at the magnificent city, the tall city wall, the busy streets, the armored soldiers, and the fluttering flag. His expression was complicated.

He prepared three years in Fangu to survive in Chang’an, yet he had to leave this place after only about two weeks. All his efforts had gone to waste.

“Fang Jie, why didn’t we notify others such as Heng Gun and Qi Lin?” Da Quan asked, “If we informed the four of them, our force would be stronger. Pure Joy Mountain is far away; only the four of us seem too insignificant.”

“Now, there are four of us. When we left Fangu, there were only three,” Fang Jie said.

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