Chapter 88: I Can Only Help You This Much (Part Two)

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Da Quan froze for a second and got interrupted by Fang Jie when he wanted to say something.

“People have the right to choose how they want to live. Since those four finally escaped the 15-year-long nightmare, why should we drag them back? Also, even if we want to pull them back, they might not want to come back.”

Da Quan went silent; he knew that Fang Jie was speaking the truth.

Now that the 15-year-long commitment was over, there was no reason for those four people to risk their lives for Fang Jie. Now, they were with Mo Ningzhi and the daoists of One Qi Daoist Temple; they were extremely safe.

Only fools would risk their lives for no reason.

Fang Jie smiled and said, “Most people in the world are not fools. It is rare for four fools to gather together. When we are bored, we can still play cards. It must be interesting for four fools to play cards together.”

At this moment, Fang Jie’s pupils suddenly contracted.

There was a man squatting in the middle of the road.

He was looking at something with his head lowered, and he had a small wooden stick in his hand as he drew on the road. He was wearing a black daoist robe, and it had complicated patterns on it. It was hard to tell where the patterns started and ended; they seemed endless and connected.

It was easy to tell a daoist’s status by looking at their robe. Ordinary daoists wore grey cotton daoist robes, more elite daoists wore cyan daoist robes, and only elders and seniors could wear blue daoist robes. The red daoist robes were reserved for godly daoists, and only one person in One Qi Daoist Temple could wear the black daoist robe – Spiritual Master Xiao.

Clearly, this man in front of the horse-drawn carriage wasn’t Spiritual Master Xiao.

Fang Jie waved his hand, signaling Da Quan to stop the carriage. Then, he jumped off and walked forward.

“Xiang Qingniu, what are you doing here?” Fang Jie asked when he got close.

Xiang Qingniu looked up at Fang Jie before pointing at the road. He had drawn many circles, one inside another, on the ground, trapping a few ants that seemed like they were lost.

“I want to see if these anxious ants could get out of the big circle,” Xiang Qingniu replied earnestly.

Fang Jie looked at the ants and was silent for a while. “Regardless of how big the circles are, the ants will crawl out.”

“No,” Xiang Qingniu replied, “The ants could crawl out of the first circle, the second circle, and even the third. However, regardless of how the ants try, they couldn’t escape when I have the wooden stick in my hand; I can easily draw hundreds of circles. If a dozen circles couldn’t contain the ants, I will draw a hundred.”

Fang Jie didn’t reply since he knew that Xiang Qingniu was correct. The ants were too weak, and the person drawing circles was too powerful for them. This person could draw as many circles as he liked, and he could even easily kill the ants with the wooden stick if he got bored.

“What do you think? Don’t you think what I said is profound? I’m squatting down here and drawing circles to enlighten you; don’t I look like an unworldly master?” Xiang Qingniu asked.

Fang Jie nodded and replied, “The core of what you said is true, but what you are doing is dumb.”

“How come you are here?” Fang Jie asked, “Are you really trying to pretend to be an unworldly master? You stole this black daoist robe and waited for me to come here to play with ants for me?”

Before Xiang Qingniu could reply in anger, Fang Jie suddenly added seriously, “If you are really waiting for me, how come you know that I’m coming here?”

Xiang Qingniu snorted, “After I said all that, you still didn’t pick up on anything. I wasted my time boasting about you in front of my senior brother, telling him that you are one of the smartest people in the world. Tell me; what was I doing?”

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