Chapter 89: Two People, One Person (Part One)

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Xiang Qingniu covered his stomach and ran away.

Seeing that fat figure disappearing, Fang Jie shook his head with a smile. He and this fatty didn’t have a long history. This fatty tried to scam him when he was heading to Chang’an, but he saw through it. Then, they traveled together and bickered at each other, gradually getting along better.

Even Fang Jie didn’t think that Xiang Qingniu would stand out and help him at this moment. Although Xiang Qingniu made it sound easy, he must have worked hard to get this opportunity for Fang Jie. However, for someone like Xiang Qingniu, he was probably too lazy to brag about this after this whole incident was over.

Fang Jie was never someone who would waste opportunities.

He took a deep breath and walked toward the man who was sitting in the middle of the tea shop. When he first came to this world and wasn’t used to being hunted down, Mu Xiaoyao told him to take a deep breath when he was scared. Perhaps a deep breath might turn a dead situation back alive.

The more dangerous a situation was, the calmer Fang Jie would be. Fang Jie would always take deep breaths when he was in trouble; this was his habit.

After walking to that man, Fang Jie grew a little uncomfortable.

There was only one chair by the table in the middle, and that mysterious man sat on it. There was also only one bowl of tea on the table, and this man was enjoying it. It was hard to tell what he was trying to taste from this cheap tea.

Although Fang Jie didn’t know who this man was, this man’s status was probably extremely high if he controlled Fang Jie’s life and death in this situation. Fang Jie even suspected that this man was above the level of sticks and was the hand holding sticks.

There was only one supreme ruler of Great Sui, and he only had two hands. Fang Jie imagined that this man was one of those two hands.

Without a chair and a bowl of tea, Fang Jie could only stand on the side while being thirsty. However, he showed no displeasure and only had a humble expression on his face.

“Greetings, Senior,” Fang Jie said while cupping his hands.

This man whose age seemed like a mystery didn’t raise his head, and he continued to taste the cheap tea. It seemed like he was waiting for Fang Jie to continue, but it also seemed like he completely ignored Fang Jie.

Fang Jie was silent and only bowed slightly.

After a moment, that man put down the bowl of tea and said with displeasure, “I’m busy.”

Fang Jie nodded, stood straighter, and said, “I don’t know how I can get pardoned; I don’t think that I will. It was someone with me who charged into the Ministry of War that night. Although I want to tell you what happened, I couldn’t since that would make the situation more complicated. I can only say that she did it since she was worried about me being killed, so she did something irrational and broke the law. However, this person is important to me, so I can’t watch her die. Therefore, we can only escape together.”

That man frowned, looked up at Fang Jie, and replied, “You are wasting my time. Xiang Qingniu said you are smart; it seems like he exaggerated.”

Fang Jie licked his lips and said, “I can’t do something that will keep me alive but kill her. Perhaps you think this is dumb, but this is how I am. Before I decided to escape, someone tried to convince me to ditch my friend and survive. I did hesitate, but it was because I wondered if I could handle the situation better.”

“You can go then.” That man waved his hand and said, “I’m not interested in dealing with fools and those who think they have morals. Since you are so loyal to your friend, then I’m sure that you are willing to die together. I can make that happen and let you all die together at the same time.”

Fang Jie nodded again and bowed. “Thanks.”

Then, he turned around and left without hesitation.

That man was surprised; he didn’t think Fang Jie would really leave. He didn’t expect this young man who Xiang Qingniu said was extremely smart not to even try. He thought, “Even if he doesn’t kneel and beg for mercy, he should at least try to convince me. However, this young man didn’t do any of that and only emphasized the worthless bottom line that he wants to uphold.”

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