Chapter 9: Nevermind (Part One)

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The greatest danger for a nation was being conquered, and the greatest danger for a person was being killed.

Fang Jie was having a great sleep on the hard bed at the back of Yun’s Meat Shop where Su Tugou rested at noon.

It was hard to tell whether the pear flower wine infused with precious ingredients was too strong, or Fang Jie was too weak. Right now, Fang Jie was completely unconscious with a great complexion, and he smiled from time to time.

The man in cyan looked at Fang Jie’s abdomen and pressed on it. This action seemed simple, yet Fang Jie suddenly curled up like a shrimp and leaped up, and then he fell back down and smashed onto the bed board. The impact force made the bed board squeak, but somehow Fang Jie didn’t wake up.


Th man in cyan frowned, and disgust appeared on his face. He said, “This method has more variations compared to before, and it is also more vicious. If that thing isn’t broken today, he will be sucked into a dry corpse. There are probably other plans in place, but somehow others didn’t feed him the drug. That thing inside his body is about to break out of its shell, and it can dash into his brain in a short time, turning him into a walking dead.”

Su Tugou squatted on the side, smoked his tobacco, and nodded. “I can see some of it, but I don’t know who used this vicious method. Such methods are usually from the southern regions. I don’t know how big an enemy that this kid has. I saw something similar ten years ago… I get scared whenever I recall it. Too many people died in that battle.”

The man in cyan nodded, but his expression didn’t change. “I can only save his life, but his body might be even weaker than before. Without proper medicine, I would have to break that poisonous bug by force.”

“He is lucky enough already. He must have accumulated fortunate in several lifetimes,” Du Hongxian said softly, “This kid always acts like a hooligan, but it seems like he knows something. The melancholy deep in his eyes makes others sad. He is fortunate enough to meet you. Tugou and I investigated in our spare time, and it seems like he doesn’t have a big background. He came here alone three years ago. He has no relatives here, and he looked like a beggar. However, he is smart. In three years, he became the most popular person here.”

“If you two worked together, his life can be saved,” the man in cyan said.

Su Tugou froze for a second and then shook his head. “I only want to mind my own business. Hongxian and I have lived here like hermits for ten years, and it is calm and settling. If we break the poisonous bug, perhaps the people behind it will show up. I’m not interested in fighting anymore.”

“Ten years ago, you lost a finger.” The man in cyan looked at Su Tugou’s right hand and said, “Without the thumb, you can’t hold sabers.”

“I’m not afraid of not being able to hold sabers, and I’m not afraid of trouble. However, I’m afraid of not seeing you again.”

Su Tugou knocked his tobacco pipe on the ground, getting rid of the ashes inside. Then, he slowly stood up and said with an earnest expression, “I need to save my life and let you command me.”

The man in cyan took out a small porcelain bottle from his inner pocket, and an aroma appeared when the lid was removed. He took out a green pill in the shape of a sphere, and he squeezed Fang Jie’s lips open and put it in. This medicine pill looked like a pearl, and it was crystal-like and emitted a faint golden light.

“Small Golden Pill!” Su Tugou’s eyes widened. “It is worth 3,000 to 4,000 taels of gold!”

“Sensei gave some to me ten years ago, but I didn’t eat any.” The man in cyan tossed the porcelain bottle to Su Tugou and said, “You can keep it. You will need it.”

“You always dislike using medicine and external forces.” Su Tugou didn’t refuse, and he passed it to his wife and said, “Keep it safe; we will use it for sure. One small golden pill can save our lives once. With more lives, we can serve our savior more. As long as our dantian aren’t shattered, we can survive with these pills.”

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