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Galactic Dark Net Chapter 123.1

Chapter 123: Oblivion Domain

                In the Nazca base, Han’s room was terrifyingly silent. No one would’ve thought Han resolutely decided to leave in order to avoid dragging Earth into trouble.

Now, Earth had everything ready. There were funds, Ke Lake’s tribe members and professional technical personnel were being trained, and there was even a flagship production line. To rise up in the Milky Way, it was something that Earth had waited so long for, and now it was as if within the reach at fingertips.

The only thing missing was time. Han chose to leave Earth to win valuable time. If he didn’t do that, the enemy certainly will stay on Han and investigate him over and over and also harass Earth.

Harassment was secondary, but the moment they found out that Earth actually had a flagship production line left behind by the prehistoric domain, there might even be a war! And that was definitely not something Han wanted to see.


Long Chuan suddenly picked up the bottle of zero-degree accelerator potion, pushing himself on the wheel chair he turned around and left.

“Long Chuan, where are you going?”

“Han said that this drug can help me improve and repair the damage in my brain’s Zero-degree region.”

“But these drugs are not proven to be safe or effective yet. And also, once you use this drug, your zero-degree brain region will be completely fixed and there will not be any way to improve it. Shouldn’t you reconsider it?”

Long Chuan stopped, he didn’t turn around and he replied, “Reconsider? There’s no need at all! I have absolute trust in Han!”

“Two years, for the past two years how much did Han do for Earth? From beginning to end, Han was shouldering everything!”

“Now Han had to leave Earth in order to protect Earth, and during the time he’s gone, helping Earth rise up in the Milky Way is our responsibility!”

“I don’t care if I can’t improve my level in the future, even if I need to destroy my flesh or break my bones, I wouldn’t hesitate!”

The news of Han leaving Earth was spread across the globe extremely quickly.

Even though Han dismantled the federal parliament building with his own hands, still no one believed that Han was betraying Earth. Everyone all agreed that Han had some unavoidable difficulties and they all really missed Han.

Just at the time when everyone on Earth was very sad about Han’s departure, Han didn’t really have any regrets himself and was even a little bit excited.

At the Falcon class frigate’s command module, Han connected to the Galactic Dark Net and found Night Walker and Pathless Origin. He also told them about how and why he left Earth.

“If I were you, I would choose to leave too. After all, now is the stage to draw a clear line with Earth, and it is the only way to avoid trouble. Let go through what happened in the past. Come and find us as soon as possible, we really want to meet you too.” Pathless lowered his voice and said, “But looking at you right now, you don’t seem to be sad.”

Han smiled, “I’m still a little sad, but I’m more excited.”

“Excited? Why?” Pathless was confused and he asked.

Han shrugged his shoulders, “Ever since I came back to Earth last time, everything became very troublesome. I was promoted to be a general, Long Chuan and the others come to me to discuss anything large or small, and I also had to participate in various events and parties. It was too busy, so busy that I can’t even find any time to train.”

“So?” Pathless stroked his beard and said.

“So in my opinion, this is not only a time of crisis, it is also a turning point. I would give up the honor given by Earth, and I don’t need other people worshiping me. I want to be a true warrior and become stronger, a lot stronger!”

“Teacher, you told me before, Star Break Fist has 7 forms, and I only learned the first form. If I can learn the remaining 6 forms, I will be able to run rampant in the world. I want to achieve this goal as soon as possible!” Han said with a serious attitude.

Pathless and Night Walker were both suddenly shocked, this crisis was a turning point? Looks like Han had long known what to do in the future, and leaving Earth was not a hasty decision.

Pathless Origin smiled. Han still didn’t know right now but what he learned was no way close to the real Star Break Fist but a forbidden martial art, Six Paths of Void.

Capable of destroying the 9 Circles of Hell! Easily able to annihilate the 6 paths of reincarnation!

Han actually wanted to master the so-called Demonic Strike martial art Six Paths of Void… The goal he set for himself wasn’t high, it was very high!

“Should I tell him the truth?” Pathless thought for a second and then he immediately shook his head, “If he knew that the Six Paths of the Void was actually such a difficult forbidden martial art to learn, maybe he will back down? Whatever, I will just keep him in the lie.”

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