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Galactic Dark Net Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Rank SSS Power

Milky Way Galaxy, Lanboly Planet.

The Galactic Pressure Exam’s main contractor, Moon River System Corporation, is located here. There are a countless number of countries in the galaxy. If a very important task like hosting the preliminary rounds of Galactic Meet is given to any country, then there will always be countries that aren’t convinced. That’s why it has been entrusted to a third party organization, the famous and reputable Moon River Corp.

At the moment, one of the three chief executives at Moon River Corp, Saita, who wa responsible for the operation of the virtual examination world, walked into an office. An old man with both white hair and a beard sat in the office, facing a whole row of screens that were broadcasting live each pressure exam.

The old man is called Keli, among the three chiefs he was responsible for technology.

“Why did you call me in?” Saita said with his stern face.

Keli laughed, “There’s a very interesting young man, take a look.”

Saita looked at the direction Keli was pointed, saw Han Lang who looked like the pressure exam didn’t even affect him at all and decided to advance towards the second checkpoint.

Saita stared for a few seconds, frowned, “This guy is really strange, it seems like the extremely cold sea environment has no effect on him at all. So is he a fire descent or water descent?”

Keli shook his head, “Do you still remember Ye Shuihan?”

Saita said, “Of course, the only Void End esper in the galaxy. If we didn’t do our research on him, we wouldn’t even know that there’s such abnormal power. But Ye Shuihan has a pretty bad reputation, the people that like him loves him to death yet the people that hates him will chase him through the gates of hell.

Keli laughed out loud, “There’s no way around it, and he has Void End, which can nullify any power in this world. All those prodigy espers that consider themselves a world above others feel like idiots the moment they stand beside him. How can they not hate him?”

Saita started laughing too, “I still remember the old saying, and Ye Shuihan’s strongest ability is to turn all espers into a bunch of retards. Although the saying is a bit inelegant, but that’s the fact, Void End is very scary.”

“At first, a bunch of espers were fighting and showing off their ultimate skills and abilities, but the moment Ye Shuihan showed up, holy crap, it became a tragedy for everyone else. No one could use any skills and they had to fight like freaking primitives, stabbing each other with knives. Now recalling the Ye Shuihan era, it’s actually quite fun. Everywhere Ye Shuihan went was complete darkness, power extinction!”

Keli slightly nodded and said in a serious tone, “Up until today, Ye Shuihan was completely unparalleled. But now, the galaxy has the second Void End esper of the mystery descent.”

Saita was astonished, looking at the ordinary looking Han, and at that moment he already passed the second checkpoint in ease with a long lead on the other contestants.

“It’s him?!” Saita exclaimed unbelievably.

“That’s right, it’s him, Han Lang, from Earth United, 16 years old, mystery descent, Void End esper, Power Source Index 27. The first examination ground we simulated the ice cold power from a 4 star ice descent esper. A lot of the contestants suffered greatly from the cold stream, but he wasn’t affected at all. The only explanation would be because he is a Void End esper who is completely immune to all esper powers!” Keli said in a very serious tone.

Saita nodded, “I can’t believe it, 400 years after Ye Shuihan went missing, a power like Void End will actually come into the light again.”

Keli stroked his hair, and said to himself, “Now that Han’s level is still low, he can only guarantee his own body to be immune to any power. Once he reach two star level, anyone within 1 meter range of him will lose their power, it will be hard to not be hated.


Earth, Esper Administration, Shanghai Division.

“Reached the third checkpoint! Han already reached the third checkpoint!”

“With a Power Source index of 27 he already reached the third checkpoint? If I didn’t see it with my eyes, I wouldn’t believe it even if you killed me.”

“Oh s--t! Han’s still moving! He’s not thinking of stopping?!”

“Reaching the first checkpoint scores 60, and every subsequent checkpoints grants 10 points each. That means, he’s at 80 right now and he’s advancing towards 90!”

“I already told you guys, my bro is really good!” The meat mountain Cheng Zhong started bragging unblushingly again, and the atmosphere on the 18th floor has never been so alive.

In the Milky Way Galaxy, the United Government on Earth was in a very weak position. In order to prevent Earth from being colonized, it is important to make sure that someone can successfully pass the pressure exam and enter the Galactic Meet Competition.

Including Cheng Zhong and many other espers, they are all working hard for the invitations. And accidently, Han Lang actually became one of the hopes for Earth.

Chief Chu of course was very happy too, if Han can really get an invitation, then it’s pride for him and the entirety of Asia as well. But, that 27 Power Source Index (PSI) he has, he just doesn’t look like someone with great potential… Even with the most elite power, if the PSI doesn’t go up, one still can’t become a true elite esper.

Then, Li Muyun walked to Chief Chu and whispered something in his ear.


“It can’t be wrong, Moon River Corp specifically sent an email to answer our question.” Li Muyun answered in a deep voice.

Chief Chu Li took the printed documents and read it. According to the present power categorization, S rank is the highest, A is second, B is a bit weaker, C is a lot weaker, and so on.

According to the documents sent by Moon River Corp, Rank S actually has subcategories as well, and Han’s power was given Rank SSS, a total of 3 Ss! It means that it’s the highest level in the galaxy!

But at the same time, the power Void End is also ranked as SSS on the universal Most Hated Power, meaning that the possessor is associated with the most risks.

Most powerful, most unreasonable, most dominant, most hated, most likely to get in trouble, in the email sent by the Moon River Corp, a total of 5 “most”s were used, which made Chief Chu a bit worried. The most powerful power has landed on Earth, it is extremely fortunate, but it can also be a great tragedy.


90 points now.

After reaching a total of 4 checkpoints, Han looked behind him in delight, the buff man that laughed at him two hours ago is already so far behind that not even the shadow can be found. Han was a bit disappointed. If that guy can see him standing at the 4th checkpoint, he would probably be shocked enough to drop his jaw.

Initially Han decided to continue the exam not for the score, but just to prove himself to the people that made fun of him. Now that Han’s not that pissed anymore, he start to worry about his job, because to him it is most important to make sure that he can earn several hundred GC of drug index, since that’s his entire income source.

And the score, what use does score have? Can’t eat it or drink it.

Only a few people made it to the 4th checkpoint. There was a very slim, scary looking guy. Han tried to catch up to him in the very beginning but that guy left him in the dust. Other than that Han also passed a little girl, with beautiful and shiny blond hair.

Thinking about that, he couldn’t help but look back, the girl is a bit younger than Han, about 14-15 years old, skinny body, smooth, snow white skin, a very beautiful face with big eyes and a small nose. She was giving off the feeling of a heavenly beauty, as if she’s a princess that just walked out of an anime.

Now approaching the 4th checkpoint, she already looked very burnt out, every step resulting in her slim and long legs shaking in unbearable amounts of pain. However, this girl is still holding herself up, doing anything to not give up.

In Han’s eyes, this young blonde girl had unparalleled beauty, but she’s very stubborn. When Han saw her at the 4th checkpoint she also saw him, that pair of big eyes seems to have sparks flying out of them. As if she’s angry at Han. She seems to have a tom boyish personality.

Han shrugged his shoulder, tomboys are usually trouble, and he personally likes girls that have a lady’s personality. The girl looks like she’s angry, so why get himself more trouble, better off going home and write his drug index reports.

Suddenly, just when Han was about to hit the Return button, the pretty girl with blonde hair fainted at one step away from the checkpoint, eyes tightly closed, the long eyelashes twitching nonstop, and she seems to be in a lot of pain.

Without a second thought, Han grabbed her hand.

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