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Galactic Dark Net Chapter 100

Chapter 100: Base


After a big bang, the collapsed ice layers were shattered by someone.

Han immediately laid low and looked towards the direction where the sound came from. He only saw that after the ice broke, a group of dark beasts came out. They were much like the raptors from the dinosaur era, but also a lot more brutal-looking.

After being genetically modified by the pre-historic civilization, this type of dark beast was at least 3 meters in height. They didn’t look too exaggerated but their teeth, scales, and claws were all enhanced, resulting in its fighting strength being strengthened dozens of times.

After those dark raptors appeared, they immediately surrounded Han. It seemed like they were carrying out an order to just surround but not attack. Their black eyes had no color of life, and they just stood there looking coldly at Han.

With a finger lightly pressed on his storage ring, this was the last card in Han’s hand. At this moment, the despaired Han already prepared for the worst: if it didn’t work, then he will use this card! Might as well die together!

Out of Han’s sight, inside the ice tunnel, a man dressed in a sackcloth was doing some final preparations.

He rode on the strongest dark raptor’s back, and he slowly pulled up his hat that was covering up his face, revealing a black colored visage. The expression on his face was a bit strange.

Difficult to imagine but this man in sackcloths was not like a human. Although he had the same human shape, but he looked more like a dark beast. His black skin was very tough and full of finely divided scales, his eyes were black, and so were his arms, legs and hands.

Just one second before, this strange being in sackcloths still had a somewhat joking smile on his face, but at the next second, his expression immediately changed to fear and trepidation. The expression change was as quick as magic, like a skillful professional actor.

He heavily slapped his horse, and this sackcloth being looked very nervous when he got out of the ice hole. The moment he saw Han, he used the universal Milky Way language and shouted from afar, “My Celestial King! Are you okay?!”

Not too much trepidation yet, the sackcloth being even came to the front of Han, jumped right off his ride and directly kneeled down in one knee to kowtow (TL: when the forehead touches the ground). He then saluted Han, which really caught Han off guard and made him really surprised.

“Celestial King! Do you not remember me? I’m the most loyal soldier under your command, Kunlun, a member of the region that was left here to defend!”

“Celestial King? Could it be that you had an amnesia? Otherwise, how will you even forget your most loyal servant?”


This sackcloth being just gave Han an extremely good excuse, and this monster probably took him as the Dark King, right?

Now thinking back, he used half of the Heart of Darkness left behind by the Dark King, and that was how he gained the power of the dark fist and vision. This man-like monster must be a servant of the Dark King in the past, and because he noticed Han had the power of the Dark King, he must have mistaken him to be the Celestial Dark King.

Inside Han’s mind, he started wondering about all kinds of possibilities, but it was not right, the Dark King couldn’t possibly look the same as him. According to legend, the Dark King’s whole body was pitch black like an endless black hole, and Han had the typical human look. So even if Kunlun mixed up the scent, it was still impossible to confuse the two’s physical appearance.

Just at that moment, Kunlun started talking again, “My Celestial King, it has been tens of thousands of years since we last saw each other, don’t know why Your Majesty came here? And why did Your Majesty take the human form?”

Wait, the Dark King can change his looks?

Han gritted his teeth. By now he had no other choice but to follow Kunlun’s story, take it step by step and see where it goes.

“Oh, you’re Kunlun.” Han slightly frowned, stroking that non-existent beard of his and said in a deep voice, “There are a lot of things I actually don’t remember anymore, including how I got it, but I vaguely remember you, but I’m not sure.”

Kunlun was so excited that he almost cried, and he kneeled on the ground shaking, “Your Majesty is okay! This is the greatest blessing of Kunlun’s life! This is not a place to talk, Your Majesty, please return follow Kunlun to base first!”

When he finished, he waved his arm and immediately, a dark raptor came to Han’s side, and under Kunlun’s instructions, the beast reluctantly bowed his head.

It seemed like those raptors only identified Kunlun as their master, so the action of carrying Han was completely out of order. In their eyes, there’s not even the slightest sign of affection towards Han.

Faced with more than ten thousand powerful dark Raptors and a terrifying looking man-like being, Han had no choice but to jump on top of the dark raptor’s back. Under Kunlun’s command, they went back from the way they came from.

“My Majestic Celestial King, there are two humans nearby, should I go and kill them?” Kunlun turned around and looked at Han.

The two people Kunlun was talking about were probably Lance and Lan Feng, Han waved his hand and said, “It’s okay, just some non-important figures.”

“Yes, Your Majesty!” Kunlun saluted to Han in a very serious an respectful manner, and as he turned his head back, that jokester smile returned back to his face.



The dark raptors ran like the wind, and after a few hours past, Han was already very far away from that maze.

Lan Feng and Lance should be safe now, but Han was taken to a completely unfamiliar place by Kunlun. On the way, there were twists and turns and they went through all sorts of terrain, and all kinds of big and small caves. Han became disoriented as to where he was inside the Extinction Domain.

Suddenly, the scenery ahead became open. Light was finally here and a huge metal city appeared in front of Han’s eyes.

The black city was entirely crafted from metal, and it was located in the dark underground area, brightly lit, and there were plenty of machines busy at work. At the same time, there was also an incredible amount of dark beasts gathered, at least millions.

The biggest feature of this underground city was its huge towers. One after another sharp towers were like a bunch of black sharp knives that were inserted into the center of the city.

“Your Majesty!” Kunlun turned around and said in a deep voice, “We have arrived at the base, the entire trial dimension is managed and processed here, including the production of dark beasts.”

Han nodded blankly, the dark beasts were produced here? That means a part of this city must be the genetic factory, which is the core of the core of an extinction domain, and it was said that the destruction of the factory will make the site safe.

Han was brought by Kunlun to the strange underground city’s core, which was the inside of a spherical building, and those dark raptors were left outside.

The center was as luxurious as a palace, but the tables, chairs and lamps were all made of black metal, making the atmosphere very gloomy and depressing.

The center was surrounded by several rooms with transparent glass walls. Han curiously walked to one of them and discovered that the room was filled with blueprint memory discs. The quantity was as much as tens of thousands!

It must know be known that a blueprint selling for several millions or billions of GC in the Milky Way was very normal, and for all of these blueprint memory discs that can easily fill up a room, its total value was definitely an astronomical figure!

“Your Majesty, would you like to go see it?”

“Okay.” Han nodded lightly.

The room was not locked, Kunlun easily pushed open the glass door and brought Han into the room that was filled with blueprints. Countless numbers of memory discs were placed on the shelves, organized in accordance with the type of blueprints, like starships, electronic systems, power systems, weapons systems, and so much more.

“Your Majesty, this is a one whole set of Tier One technology blueprints. I have been instructed to carefully look after them and there were no losses. Aside from that, other trial domains have some blueprint storage as well, but few in numbers and also aren’t in complete sets.” Kunlun explained.

A set of blueprints?

Han was slightly shocked, just speaking of ship, beginning with the smallest sized space shuttles to frigates, destroyers, cruisers, battleships, dreadnoughts, carriers, there were thousands of models and all of their blueprints were in this room, including other auxiliary systems?

Without a doubt, having these blueprints was a huge treasure. After possessing them, you could manufacture all known ships and equipment in Milky Way by following the blueprints. Even for the most powerful 12 permanent management countries in Milky Way, it was still impossible to have the full set of blueprints!

Kunlun said that this was a set of Tier 1 technology blueprints, does that mean the Pre-Historic Civilization had even higher Tier 2 technology?

This set’s quantity exceeded 10 thousand types of complete blueprints and that made Han feel really envious. At the same time, he wondered about what Tier of technology the prehistoric civilization was at right now, but on the outside he still remained calm and collected.

After they left the blueprint room, Kunlun pointed again at some other rooms and introduced, “Look, a full set of single soldier weapon blueprints, full set of beginner level genetic engineering blueprints, I have carefully kept them and I checked every day. I have never slacked, and tried my best to fulfil the mission.”

Han nodded lightly and said, “Very good, you’ve done well.”

Receiving praise from Han, Kunlun put on a very cheerful face, then turned around and went into a closed room. The room was very strange, rooms that contained valuable blueprint samples and genetic engineering samples were all transparent without even a lock on, yet this smaller room was tightly sealed by thick alloy walls. When Kunlun tried to enter, there was fingerprint scanning and a bunch of complex curve cryptography, and Kunlun had to fiddle around for quite a bit in order to open up the door.

It wasn’t long before Kunlun took a sophisticatedly designed metal box out. It wasn’t too big but it looked quite heavy, and there was a loud dull sound when Kunlun put down the box onto the table.

“Your Majesty, you came at the right time, hatching this egg needs Your Majesty’s Power of Darkness, so please lend me your help.”

After he finished, Kunlun opened the box and there was an egg. A black egg, spherical, half transparent, and it gave an unexplained type of mysterious feeling.

“What is this?” Han asked curiously.

“It’s just a very normal dark beast, did Your Majesty forget?”

“Yep, I have really forgotten.”

“Then wait for it to hatch, and you will naturally know.” Kunlun said, as he stared at Han with an attitude that did not allow Han to reject.

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