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Galactic Dark Net Chapter 102

Chapter 102: Striking Back!

(Best comment from last chapter: “Now I have the image in my mind of Han as a mother hen sitting on top of an egg…”)

In the blink of an eye, one week had passed.

Han actually woke up already but he was lying motionlessly in bed because the moment he showed signs of being awake, Kunlun will take Han to eat the strange black paste and use his power to hatch the mysterious egg.

These days he basically did nothing but eat, sleep, help the egg hatch. Everyday it was the same thing. Kunlun never even let him leave this spherical building nor did he communicate with Han that much.

Han was not stupid. He already guessed that Kunlun didn’t really see him as the Dark King. It was more likely that he was just using Han for his dark energy.

Thinking of it, Han gently gritted his teeth.

“Dark Tongshu, open!” (TL: Eye of Darkness will be changed to Dark Tongshu from now on, if you don’t like the change, please comment and we will have a vote)

Han’s right eye turned black as the power of darkness entered. It was clear that after this period of eating the strange black paste, the color of Han’s right eye became more profound.

Although separated by a blanket and a wall, Han could still see everything that was happening inside the hall. There are two dark raptors guarding outside his bedroom, and Kunlun has shut himself in a mysterious room nearby. Han didn’t know what he was fiddling around with. Somehow, the wall for that room rejected Han’s ability to see through.

Han carefully observed using Dark Tongshu, and remembered all the details inside the building.

It was about time, Han got up from the bed, and pretended to be tired and rubbed his temples.

Kunlun installed a monitoring system inside the bedroom so he was able to know quickly whenever Han woke up. He showed up right after with a smile and invited Han out of the bedroom, to the dining table which was filled with that kind of strange black paste.

Han sat down, one mouthful after another, he ate the black paste. This pure dark energy was a huge help for Han.

Now, he could clearly feel his dark energy constantly growing, and as time passed, Han grew more accustomed to this kind of strange food. He could eat 10 full plates of the expensive and precious black paste blocks, which really broke Kunlun’s heart.

But for that little guy inside the egg, Kunlun refrained and didn’t say anything, despite how Han wastefully ate all of his precious pure dark matter extract.

Kunlun took out that magical egg again and placed it in front of Han.

The moment Han’s fingers touched the egg, he felt as if he could hear a shrill roar in his mind.

The creature inside the egg became stronger and stronger, and it could even affect Han’s spirit! If the present situation continued, who knew what day the egg will break and what kind of monster will jump out from inside.

Han tried to control the outflow of his dark energy at the same time as improving his spiritual strength.

Initially, the creature inside the egg desperately sucked out Han’s dark energy, and it would only take 2 minutes to torture Han to the state of exhaustion and force him to go back to bedroom to rest.

But now, although the life inside the egg was getting stronger and stronger, Han was too!

Han tried his best to control the flow of dark energy into the egg in order to prevent losing power too quickly, and at the same time, he growled towards the life inside the egg in the spiritual world, “Beg me! Beg me to give you more power of darkness! Otherwise, don’t even think about it!”


The little creature inside the egg was proud and evil. Of course it did not want to be controlled by Han. While it frantically absorbed Han’s dark energy, it was also roaring back right at Han, as if it was trying to threaten someone.

Control it, make every effort to control it!

Although there was no change on Han’s face, inside his body and the spiritual world he was battling against that strong creature!

Now that it has come to this, it was very different from before. Everyday, battling against this strong yet mysterious power had become training for Han!

As time passed, Han’s power of darkness became stronger and his control of that power also improved day by day.

It was just like a race, the mysterious creature was growing up fast, and Han was also growing at an unprecedented pace!

It was all about seeing who will grow faster! Who will surrender first!

The veins in Han’s black right arm started popping up and his forehead became full of sweat.

How would Kunlun guess that Han was actually competing against the creature inside the egg. Seeing Han’s painful expression, he thought it was just because that Han was getting tortured by the egg.

Gradually, as more and more dark energy left Han’s body, he finally couldn’t hold it anymore. Suddenly losing the advantage, all the power inside his body was immediately sucked empty by the egg.


This little thing inside the egg was very excited, and it wailed to demonstrate to Han, as if saying, “Look, in the end I’m still stronger! You lost! You lost again!”


With no more energy, Kunlun helped Han get back to the bedroom.

Closing the door, Kunlun walked to the egg. He obviously doesn’t dare to touch the egg, but he held up the box and observed with joy, mumbling to himself, “You little guy are getting stronger and stronger, just look at that guy’s face when you tortured him, so painful. Now I really look forward to your future performance. After you hatch, I will kill him.”

At the same time, Han was down on the bed, eyes tightly closed. The feeling of being sucked empty left him in endless waves of pain.

Give up?

No, Han never knew what was giving up!

He gently stroked the back of the left hand. There was a red scar left behind by the Dark Wind Vine after it withered.

He forcefully twisted with two fingers, and that wound that just healed opened up again, blood streamed down along the fingers, and the feeling of pain went deep into the bone marrow.

Sometimes, a man’s gotta do what he’s to do and be a little ruthless towards himself.


The 28th Day of Entering A-19.

Han woke up like usual, was brought back into the hall like usual, ate the already prepared dark energy food, and started inputting energy into the strange egg.

Kunlun looked very nervous. Both he and Han knew very well, the egg was going to hatch within the next two days.


Han let out a deep breath, pushed that power from that half Heart of Darkness all to his arm which made it turn black immediately.

His stared right at the black egg in front of him. At this moment, the egg was no longer half clear but completely opaque, like a ripe black fruit.

Only that, what this fruit was brewing was not a sweet taste, but the power of darkness and terror.

“It should be today right?” Kunlun looked at Han from the corner of his eye and mumbled in his heart, “After this little guy hatches, I will kill him. This damn human, how dare he use the power of the Dark King.”

And how would Han know the vicious thoughts inside Kunlun’s head. All of his attention was focused on the spherical black egg.

His finger gently approached the egg.

Suddenly, the moment Han’s finger touched the egg, something terrible happened! Han’s face suddenly became extremely painful, as if his whole hand was attracted to the egg by a strong magnetic pull, forcefully dragged by the life inside the egg!

And then immediately, Han started screaming in pain!

“What happened?! Your Majesty, what happened?” The past 20 days had all been peaceful, how come today was so painful right off the bat?

Han screaming in pain scared Kunlun as well.

“S--t! This thing is getting stronger and stronger! He needs more dark energy!” Han shouted.

Looking at Han’s face, it was already distorted due to the pain! The two eye balls were bulging outward, veins were bulging out of the temple and pulsing nonstop!

“Well, well, what should we do?!” Kunlun obviously didn’t care about Han’s life and death, but at that moment he was really nervous. Han’s face grew very pale, as if he could not take it anymore. If Han died and the little guy inside the egg still didn’t hatch, that what can he do?


Just at that moment, a wound suddenly opened up on the back of Han’s left arm, and blood was spraying out nonstop!

Without question, it was because Han used too much force and caused the old wound to split again!

From this, it could be seen how much effort Han was using to compete with the life inside the egg!

“I need to replenish my dark energy! Hurry and bring me all the dark energy food! This guy is going crazy!” Han’s eyes were wide open as he shouted at Kunlun.

Han’s hands were trembling violently, and he was about to collapse and the pain was written all over his face.

“If I leave, then wouldn’t he be alone with the little guy?” Kunlun thought to himself and he didn’t move. Leaving his baby with Han in the hall was obviously something Kunlun don’t want to do.

“Quick! This is the last chance to hatch the egg!” Han’s voice became hoarse, and he screamed at Kunlun again.

Kunlun looked at how much pain Han appeared to be in. It looked like he was about to die, blood was spraying out nonstop, and the scene could not be more tragic and painful. Obviously, Han was not acting, but was tightly suppressed down by the little guy!

“Ok! I’m going!”

Kunlun dashed into his storage room. The last piece of pure dark energy had not been cut into blocks yet so he just took the whole thing out. Maybe he cared too much about the little guy inside the egg and was also not willing to leave Han and the egg alone together. He didn’t even have time to get a plate, and he just carried out the big jelly-like trunk of dark matter in his arms, turned around and rushed back to the hall.


When Kunlun came back again into the hall, he let out a painful scream and was completely stunned. The big block of elastic dark matter directly hit the floor and shattered into pieces!

It was only about ten seconds, and the hall was empty. The two dark raptors that were used to monitor Han were now beheaded and laying motionlessly in the pool of blood.

The full set of blueprints in the blueprint room was gone, the full set of genetic maps was also gone, Han was gone, and even priceless black egg too!

“How did he do it? Just how did he f**king do it?!” Kunlun couldn’t imagine that he would fall short at the last moment. His eyes looked like they were about to explode, and he shouted madly in his heart.

Just at that moment when Kunlun was in tremendous panic and shock, suddenly, he felt a wave of chilly wind behind his back!

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