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Galactic Dark Net Chapter 104

Chapter 104: Demon Strike!

(TL: K, Eye of Darkness stays.)

There was no way out anyways so let’s fight!


Han charged straight at Kunlun, and that surprised the half man half devil monster. He was obviously the one threatening Han, but judging by sheer force of character, Han was the fiercer one.

Forbidden technique, The Six Paths of the Void!

Since the very beginning, Han had been walking on a completely different path from the other espers. He hadn’t learned any conventional martial arts and, besides the basic 46 Ensemble, he only knew how to use forbidden martial arts!

The Six Paths of the Void was a forbidden nature type martial art famous for being violent and deadly. Another name for it was “Demon strikes”, which arose because its attacks were ferocious, like waves of raging demons.

As for nature type, it meant that there were no particular techniques, all moves were constantly changing when the strike unfolded, and it didn’t have any specific moves to fight but, instead, will create the moves that are needed in battle!

As a “wild” esper that only got his power after growing up, Han didn’t learn any official martial arts. He was like a blank slate, and that was why the Six Paths of the Void was especially unique, simply maverick!

It was just because Han didn’t practice any martial art before, nothing could influence the kind of moves Han could think of, so he can be whimsical and let his mind freely direct the rhythm and technique of his attacks.

Pathless won the bet, he had Han skip conventional practices and send him directly onto the path of Demon Strike. He had opened a brand new door for Han, abandoning convention and going straight to learning forbidden techniques.


Fight to kill! Hit every punch! Trade and eye for an eye! Only surrender in death!

This mentality plus the Six Paths of the Void, Han’s unique way of fighting was born!

In essence, Han’s battle method was to attack! But he would only attack! Using the non-stop thunderstorm-like forbidden art Demon Strike, to tear apart his opponents in one breath!

When the enemy was too strong, Han would run away. But now that escape was not an option, the unyielding fighting spirit inside Han’s bones burst out without reservation!

Even when facing such a powerful and unknown enemy like Kunlun, Han will still take him head on!

One slash, two slash, three slash!

The Star Pierce Moon Slaying Blade was dancing madly inside Han’s hand. He did not even learn any martial arts before, and that obviously applied as well to the blade techniques. That was why Han’s edge always took unusual paths, coming from deadly angles that Kunlun couldn’t anticipate.

Against the desperate and full-on attacks from Han, Kunlun began to back up slowly.

Just by relying on his unique and crazy fighting techniques, he actually forced the powerful Kunlun into a corner!

This was definitely an unexpected and unimaginable situation. Before the battle, Kunlun was absolutely sure that he could kill Han. But when they really started fighting, he realized that killing Han might actually be a difficult task, because he had never seen this type of fighting style before!

It was like a grandmaster taking a walk on the road and a mad dog suddenly jumped out and went straight for a bite without making any noise.

No matter how powerful that grandmaster was, he would still be startled for a moment by the mad dog, right? If things didn’t go well, he might even end up with a few dog bites on him. After all, no matter how strong grandmasters were, he or she would only be familiar with fighting other humans and not dealing with a mad dog.

Han’s play was obviously not going the conventional path. When elites fight, they would first cautiously probe each other, and when they find each others’ weakness, they will then think about a fatal blow.

And as for Han, he would start a full onslaught right off the bat! Completely denying both Kunlun and himself any room, making it clear that this was a battle to the death!

Although Han was a low level, he was quite prepared!

The Six Paths of the Void was a nature class style martial art, aptly named Demon Strike, Void End could take away any enemies’ power, plus the Heart of Darkness could significantly improve Han’s attack strength. No matter how strong Kunlun was, when being cut by Han’s blade, it would still feel very painful!




Han successfully forced Kunlun to back up step after step. Things were actually looking quite well. After all, Han just got into the 4-star level, which had a giant gap in comparison to Kunlun’s level.

And the human half of Kunlun was warlord ranked, the other half was a powerful star beast whose level seems to be above warlord. Even in such an unfair battle, Han could still take the lead, one must say that Han’s ferocious fighting style was truly effective.

But Han didn’t feel too happy. He had already gone all out and all that resulted was pushing Kunlun back? This was already indicating how dangerous the situation was for Han!

Once Kunlun familiarizes himself with Han’s fighting style and begins to fight back, Han would be screwed!

Suddenly, Han roared loudly, his finger forcefully pushed up on the dimensional ring and released many red bugs.

Red Lava bugs, made from the dark net network, a type of illegal genetically synthesized creature that was prohibited by the Milky Way Alliance!

Flap, Flap, Flap~

After being thrown out by Han, the red bugs quickly stuck themselves to Kunlun’s body.  Kunlun was busy dealing with Han’s mad dog-like Demon Strike and was completely unprepared. His body was instantly covered by this type of red bugs. They were like pupas, but their bottom half was longer with a hook that can penetrate metal. Once attached to an enemy, it will be very difficult to get rid of.

This was another card in Han’s hand. A large quantity of insidious illegal battle equipment from the dark net!

“Blast his a-s!” Han suddenly backed off and shouted with his hoarse voice.


The red lava bugs let out shrilling chirping sound, and their body became more and more red, more and more bright.



Indeed, these vicious fighting insects were from the dark net. A tiny little red bug had such great destruction power when it exploded!

The walls of the hall began to collapse. Dust filled the air, as if it was attacked by a series of bomb attacks!


Meanwhile, Han who just released the red lava bugs turned four plant storage boxes upside down on his arm. They were four bloodthirsty dark wind vines!

Things like the Earth Claw dark fusion beast took up a lot of space, and since that dimensional ring Han originally brought was very little, he only brought one. But the size of the dark wind vine containers was a lot smaller, like a cigarette box, so Han brought 5 full boxes.

At this moment, Han completely released all four remaining dark wind vines!

He backed off earlier not only to avoid the red lava bugs’ explosion power, but also to prepare a few round of attacks!

If Han was still breathing, then his attacks won’t stop!

Every combat step was precisely thought through and calculated in Han’s mind.

Attack! Attack! Attack! Until the enemies were smashed into the dirt!

Endless attacks were Han’s only way of fighting!

And if there was a moment when Han was not attacking the enemy, then he must be preparing for the next round!


Up to four powerful control-type illegal synthesized plants, fully summoned!

The four bloodthirsty black wind vine were used together; the result was not four evil vines growing out of Han’s arm but four in one! They joined together and grew into a more powerful and bloodthirsty plant!


At the same moment the last red lava bug exploded, Han charged again! Not leaving Kunlun even 0.01 second of breathing room!

Gapless comprehensive attacks, that was the ultimate esoteric of Demon Strike!


The four-in-one bloodthirsty dark wind vine was like a giant demon’s arm, reaching into the dust cloud formed after the red lava bugs’ explosion.

Han’s tactic was really simple: Use the ultimately enhanced bloodthirsty dark wind vine to seize Kunlun, and then use the power of the dark fist to crush him blow by blow!

But at that moment, something strange suddenly happened!

Han could feel his dark wind vine disappearing at an alarming rate, as if there was a giant invisible mouth, chewing and swallowing the vine!

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