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Galactic Dark Net Chapter 108.2

Chapter 108: Flagship and Slave Trade (Chapter Two)


“When? Who knows if you guys are just using some delaying tactics.” Levi aggressively followed up and asked.

“3 years is the limit.”

“Alright.” Mode laughed out loud and stood up, his contemptuous eyes swept across Han and Pan Yulin and satisfyingly said, “Within three years, I will wait and see Earth excavating the B-class relic on their own. Levi, let’s go, look at how strong Earth is, they don’t even need our help.”


Mode and Levi walked away, Doyle also had to go entertain other guests, so he got up and went to another table.

Pan Yulin let out a long sigh and said in a deep voice, “Han, you are too impulsive. The B-class relic is not something we can deal with.”

Han quietly said, “This time you have to believe in me. Conquering our B-class relic is not just a crisis for Earth, but it is also the best opportunity we have to rise.”

“I’ll believe in you.”


Miracle System, 6th Star, Mang Republic’s large Military Airport.

Han finally got to see the legendary Flying Dragon Class spacecraft carrier. It didn’t even look like a ship, but like a mountain. A super huge one that stretched to 854 km.

Yes, the Flying Dragon was currently one of the highest level flagships in the Milky Way. The most ferocious killing machine with a staggering length of 850 kilometers. When anchored down, one can’t even see the other end.

A flagship was like a city. The Flying Dragon spacecraft carrier needed at least 30 thousand crew members in order to take off. As for the maximum capacity, depending on the arrangements, if all the space was used to carry passengers, then it could easily carry millions of people.

Every Flying Dragon spacecraft carrier had the standard configuration of 3000 types of unmanned aerial vehicles. There were attacking UAVs, reconnaissance UAVS, unmanned bombers and so on.

The combat effectiveness of an UAV was equivalent to a small frigate, and that meant the Flying Dragon spacecraft carrier itself carried the combat strength of a powerful fleet.

And how many spacecraft carriers were there right now in the Milky Way?

This, Han didn’t know. Big countries wouldn’t just share this information with everyone, but Han knew very clearly that of the 14 thousand countries in Milky Way, no more than 100 countries actually had a spacecraft carrier.

After possessing this Flying Dragon, Earth Federation leaped to become one of the few countries that had flagships.

After visiting the mighty starship, Han obviously got really excited. But of course, in order to stop getting bullied, just having a flagship was not enough, Earth still needed an all-round enhancement.

So, after saying farewell with Pan Yulin, Han set foot on his previously planned trip and went to a place no one would’ve guessed.

As for this Flying Dragon, it will need the Mang Republic’s Navy to help return the ship to Earth. The little Earth now doesn’t even have enough crew to control this giant ship, it was actually pretty sad now that you think about it.

Han gave Pan Yulin 300 pink star crystals which could be sold for at least two hundred million and use that money to purchase some the most urgently needed supplies for Earth. In addition, Han also got a lot of second-hand weapons and gave them to Pan Yulin to take back.


The Falcon class frigate that carried Han and Pan Yulin to Miracle System took off again, this time taking Han alone to the place he wanted to go.

Coming to his room, and connecting the computer to the Galactic Dark Net, Han stood up and looked out of the window.

Although being only a very small star system under the Mang Republic, the Miracle System actually brought tremendous shock for Han. The bustling cities, dense population, well-developed financial and commercial systems.

At the Miracle System alone, the Mang Republic anchored 7 flagships, and it could be seen how significant the gap was between Earth and the top civilization in the Milky Way.


After the real-time communication channel with Night Walker was established, Night Walker laughed and said to Han, “I helped you contact Horton already, he’s one of the biggest slave traders in the Milky Way and he agreed to send someone to pick you up at the point of contact.

Han nodded slightly, “Thanks, I also mailed some blood seeps and condensed crystal to you and was hoping you can help analyze them.”

Night Walker waved his hand and said casually, “That’s no problem. My biggest hobby in my life is studying pharmacology. Blood seeps left behind by star beasts, I have never even seen that before and I was actually hoping to study them.”

“But then again, how many slaves are you looking to buy from Horton? The goods on his hands are good quality but they are also very expensive.”


Han gently touched his dimensional ring which was just something other people could see, and no one even knew about all the babies Han stored inside the Lunar Mark.

Han almost cleared the entire A-19 relic. Just counting blueprints that were worth hundreds of billions GC each, there were more than 13 thousand blueprints and he also had 7000 genetic maps.

The reason Han dared to agree to conquer their B-class relic without anyone’s help was because now he had enough cards in his hands.

Problems that cannot be solved through normal channels? Then Han will just go through the dark net and solve them using illegal ways.

On the dark net, nothing can’t be traded.

Since Earth lacks the high-grade warriors necessary for excavating high tier relics, then he will just buy a bunch directly from the dark net.

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