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Galactic Dark Net Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Little Devil Girl

If such a beautiful and charming girl were to fall down in front your eyes, who wouldn’t catch her? Not to mention Han was not impotent in any way (if you can catch my drift), of course he wouldn’t just let her fall without trying to do something.

Han didn’t say anything but instead, grabbed the girl with blonde hair by her hand, and pulled her towards him.

Accident or not, Han was a bit nervous and used a bit too much force. The girl arrived in his arms, causing him to feel two very bouncy peaches. Han couldn’t deny it, it felt pretty good.

If you saw this now, you would see the spark between Han and the girl. There were literally sparks the moment Han grabbed her hand. When their skins touched, blue sparks appeared near their fingertips. Of course, Han didn’t feel a thing, so he didn’t think too much about it.

Han got a chance to look at the little girl’s pretty face up close, as if admiring a piece of art. There were pretty girls everywhere, but she felt too perfect.  She had pouty lips, not too big not too small, her eyebrows were not too long nor too short, a little change to her face anywhere is unnecessary because she looked like a heavenly beauty. Even her hair length was perfect. Someone this pretty should only exist in anime…

To be honest the girl was a bit strange, wearing full leather clothes from head to toe, with only her face and two hands exposed. Han thought to himself, if she wore a dress to show her perfect body, she would be so cute. (TL: pervert alert)

Han tried to shake his head around to stop his pervy thoughts. He could feel that the girl’s body was icy cold, holding her felt like holding an iceberg.

“She’s probably sick.” Han quickly took the girl’s hand and pushed the return button together.


As Han regained his vision, he noticed that there were countless eyes were focused on. Due to the gazes he felt while held onto this beauty, he guessed that people were making perverted accusations.

Han wasn’t a gentleman, but he was not dumb. Even though he doesn’t mind all these rumors, if people started talking about this girl being with another guy, it would damage her reputation.

Thinking about that, he put down the girl on the centre square, turned around and left as if nothing happened. After all, people can still feel pain in the virtual world but they can’t die. Han knew that the girl will wake up after resting briefly.

After finding out how to go back, Han went to the teleporter that’s in the direction of the sun. He briefly glanced behind him at the dim virtual screen hovering over the unconscious girl.

“Her name is Ye Weiwei. Hmph, her name sounds pretty cute. “ Han smiled faintly and thought to himself.


“My lady.”

“My lady.”

After repeating several times, the girl inside the assessment pod finally woke up. She was the girl that was just saved by Han.

At home she was still wearing the leather clothing and a pair of gloves. The one that woke her up was an old bald servant who had a white goatee.

“Don’t help me.” Han was right, Ye Weiwei did have a stubborn tomboy personality. She saw the servant was about to come over to help her get up and immediately declined.

She first doubled checked her gloves and saw they were still tightly fitted on her hands. She then grabbed the two sides of the pod and slowly managed to get out of the pod. It looked like wearing gloves was very important to her.

“Did I faint?” Ye Weiwei asked the old servant.

“The sea was extremely cold, and My Lady didn’t want to use lightning to protect her body so she fainted. Fortunately a young mister saved you, and My Lady has passed the 4th checkpoint and thus scored a 90.” The servant replied in a deep voice.

Her pretty eyebrows furrowed. She sighed lightly and said, “He must have been hurt badly because of me. That’s his bad luck, who told him to help me. He deserved it.”

The servant smiled, “My Lady, although that mister did feel the electricity when he touched your hand, he’s totally fine.”

Ye Weiwei was shocked for a sec, but said coldly, “That’s impossible, you don’t have to lie. I won’t feel bad for hurting someone.”

The servant replied again very sincerely, “It’s actually true, and My Lady actually fainted one meter away from the 4th checkpoint, it was also that young mister that held your hand and pushed the “return” button for you, otherwise My Lady wouldn’t have gotten the 90 points.

“I don’t believe it!” Ye Weiwei ordered unruly, “Show me the recording.”

“Yes My Lady.” The servant displayed the recording of the whole incident to her.

When he saw Han’s hand holding her own and the resulting blue sparks, Ye Weiwei felt an evil pleasure. After all she’s the lightning storm girl, and power she had was just that dominant. No one could touch Ye Weiwei’s body, regardless if it’s a man or a woman, they will all get hurt by the lightning storm that follows Ye Weiwei.

Judging by this point, Ye Weiwei was indeed powerful, but also lonely. She can’t touch anyone, nor can anyone touch her. It’s a barrier that couldn’t be breached. To be a girl that is untouchable for the rest of her life, was it really a good thing?

Ye Weiwei was stunned, because she noticed that Han touched her hand and nothing happened. He even shamelessly took her hand to press the “return” button and bring her to safety. What’s even more enraging is, after they returned to centre square, Han just dumped her on the ground and walked around without even looking back at her once!

“What a Shameless person!” Ye Weiwei blushed, and yelled in rage.

The old servant was a bit confused, “My Lady, after all that young mister saved you. Look at the facts, if it wasn’t for him, My Lady wouldn’t have gotten 90 points. And if it wasn’t because he wanted to help you return, he could’ve kept on walking, potentially even getting the highest 150 points.”

“I don’t care, he’s a shameless person! Who told him to help? Do I look like I need other people’s help?” Tomboy Ye Weiwei continued to argue,

“My Lady has the heart of gold, If My Lady wanted to use the lightning guardian there wouldn’t be any difficulty walking the entire distance. Only because My Lady was benevolent and feared that lightning can conduct underwater and hurt other people, she didn’t use that power.”

The little tomboy flicked her ponytail, got out of the assessment pod. Her legs were a bit numb, but she still pretended to be fine and said, “What’s wrong with the guy named Han Lang? His Power Source Index is only 27 but he’s not scare of my lightning storm? Could there be any conspiracy behind him?”

“It shouldn’t be a conspiracy, you two just met and never met before. Maybe his power is really strange, but unfortunately according to the rules, we can only know his level but not his power type. “

Ye Weiwei sneered, “Resist a SSS ranked lightning storm power? Is it even possible?”

The old servant hesitated and answered, “Probably not, even if there is power that can resist My Lady’s power, they can at most reduce the damage but not completely ignore it.”

“So, you have to look into this!” Ye Weiwei ordered, and turned her head and left.

The loyal old servant let out a light sigh, My Lady was almost perfect, just her personality is a bit too stubborn.

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  1. RedDragonX

    Thanks for the chapter! She’s TsunTsun now but in the future it’s gonna be all Dere

  2. jacobpaige

    I don’t get the obsession with “taming” tomboys. If you want your MC to date a doormat, then write a doormat. If you want him to date a tiger then write a tiger. Don’t write a tiger and then turn her into a doormat :/

    • Revenant

      Here here!

      Women are better when they have fangs and are capable of being badass next to you instead of meek behind you.


    • Isn’t what people usually do to tigers? Hunt them down and turn them into mats? Or hang their scary heads on walls. Yikes!

  3. AncientAnimeLover

    I never knew our Mc would be such an airhead!! I love him now! No h--o.

    But who is the Heroine in this story dammit?!

  4. Kryzin

    Thxs for the chapter.

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    as always thank you for the amazing chapter :3

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    He’s a Chinese Touma from Toaru no Index!

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    this novel remind me anime and novel Toaru Majutsu no Index
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    thanks author and translator

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    Thanks for the chapter

  10. Bunnn000

    Ohh. So he does not have combat power right? His power more to defensive type? Nullify… So, does mean he can get hurt from weapon?? Drug? Because hr can only nullify espers power only? BTW, This really remind me of Alice Academy. Nullify+steal other power. Really OP huh.

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