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Galactic Dark Net Chapter 111

Chapter 111: WHO ARE YOU?!

Although Sally Empire’s plan of colonizing Earth fell short, Chancellery Levi still came to Prime Minister Mode’s residence before leaving the Miracle System and brought a very expensive gift.

“How can I take accept this.” Mode slightly frowned. Last time he accepted Levi’s gift but couldn’t get things done, he was still feeling somewhat guilty.

“You don’t look well, are you sick?” Mode saw Levi’s pale face and asked.

Levi sighed and said, “Mr. Prime Minister, to tell you the truth, I did not sleep well last night. Now, not only was Earth not colonized by us Sally Empire, they even got a Flying Dragon class spaceship carrier.”

“That’s too terrible, we have only a slightly below Flying Dragon class’s dreadnought warship… After possessing that flagship, the little Earth will be able to be on the same level as us now.”

“Same level?” Mode laughed as if it’s a not a big deal and said, “Levi, you overestimated Earth way too much. They promise to open B-class relic in 3 years, that’s equivalent to digging their own grave. According to the intelligence I got, for some unknown reason, recently inside all major extinction domains inside Milky Way, the number of dark beasts have been increasing.”

“If Earth activates their B-class relic, it’s possible that they will get counter-rushed by the dark beast army. Even if it’s a B-class relic, there are still about millions of dark beasts inside, and based on what I know, Earth only has about 150 capable espers. Counting the non-combat types and the sick and elderly, at most they can form a 100 thousand men army, not to mention how low level their espers are.”

Levi was shocked for a second, and he asked quietly, “Mr. Prime Minister, you mean, if Earth activates the relic, and the situation gets out of control, then all the dark beasts will rush out of the relic and massacre all the inhabitants on Earth?””

Mode nodded, squinted his eyes and whispered, “Do you know what is more deadly?”

“Mr. Prime Minister, please speak.”

“Don’t let Earth take the initiative to activate the extinction domain. While the Earth Federation is not ready, we open it up for them and let out the dark beasts.”

Levi’s wrists suddenly shuddered, his eyes suddenly flashed and then he said, “This is truly a deadly trap! If a small country like Earth wants to activate B-class relic, it must go through a long period of preparation. Now we can just hire some mercenaries to secretly open their relic, and that puny Earth army will soon be washed away, and it will be difficult for even the citizens on Earth to escape unharmed.”

“And when everyone on Earth is dead, we can openly step onto that planet under the name of Earth Federation! And since we didn’t do anything ourselves, no one will be able to have anything on us to hold us accountable.”

Mode began laughing out loud, stroked his chin and said in a deep voice, “Right, that’s what it means. Levi, do you know what plan is even more malicious?”

“There’s a more malicious plan? Excuse my stupidity, please advise me, Mr. Prime Minister.”

Mode lightly drew a circle on the table and said, “Didn’t Earth just get a flagship and aren’t they so proud right now? You can set the time of this plan to the moment before the flagship returns to Earth.”

“Big guns like flagships are used for galactic war and can’t be used to kill the dark beasts on the ground. At that moment, Earth’s Flying Dragon will be watching their own people getting slaughtered without the ability to do anything, and the people on Earth will be in the middle of celebrating Earth finally having a flagship when waves of dark beasts rush out. And all they see will be the flagship in front of their eyes but it can’t do anything to save them.”

“And what’s more possible is that the Flying Dragon will be in a rush to save Earth and use the UAVs for mass destruction, killing both humans and dark beasts! At that point, dark beasts killing people on Earth, people on Earth also killing their own people, don’t you think that will be more interesting?”

Levi looked terrifyingly at Mode, who became a devil through age. No wonder Mode can become the prime minister of a permanent management country, his ideas are truly deadly and malicious. If he really executed Mode’s plan, it would be a doubled amount of torture for the people on Earth!

Really insidious.

Levi secretly resolved to never be on the enemy side of a merciless politician such as Mode. This guy just moved his lips and uttered some words and now Earth was doomed!

Thinking of this, Levi bowed deeply to Mode and said, “Prime Minister really has extraordinary wisdom, Levi learned a lot!”


Just at the time when Mode and Levi came up with a terrifying conspiracy against Earth, Han was on his way following Horton to see the mysterious 6-star slave.

“This slave was caught when we captured the Red Dragon Tribe. Don’t know why, he’s a human but he was living on the outskirts of the Milky Way with a bunch of the alien race. And by the look of it, those Red Dragon tribe soldiers all really admire him.” Horton walked as he explained to Han the 6-star slave’s situation.

Han asked in curiosity, “Since this is an elite at the quasi-warlord level, how did you guys capture him?”

Horton was a bit embarrassed and replied, “We didn’t catch him. When the Red Dragon tribe people were netted, this odd fellow surrendered himself. I’m guessing he’s not mentally stable, sometimes crazy, sometimes he mutters to himself.”

“My men all didn’t dare to get close to him. After all he’s a quasi-warlord, it was still very terrifying if he suddenly goes berserk. Sometime earlier, two of my guys were delivering a meal to him and I didn’t know how they offended him, but they were both literally ripped into pieces and thrown into the corner. From that time on, we only use traction beams to sent him food. And he doesn’t mind being all by himself, but he just always talks to himself.”

“What does he say to himself?”

“Who am I? Where did I come from? Anyway, they are all silly questions.”

The place that imprisoned this quasi-warlord slave was deep underground the base. After taking hundreds of stairs, there was a long corridor and a sealed allow door. At the door, there were 4 of Horton’s men guarding. They really looked nervous, constantly looking inside through the lens on the door.

“Little brother, you can just look from here. Any closer and I won’t be able to protect you.” Horton pointed at the lens on the door and said.

Han brought his right eye up close, the lens was like a cat eye. It was just that the optical structure was more complex. You can turn and stretch, and from that little lens on the door you can see the entire cell’s situation.

Han just saw a huge, empty room, square shaped, 100 meters in diameter. In the center there was a nail on the ground securing alloy chains. The chains were thicker than a human arm, and it was locked on that 6-star slave’s body.

Other than that, there was also the DNA control system. This slave had it on both arms but other slaves only had one.

This guy probably hadn’t had a haircut in a long time. Head down with his hair all on the ground, quietly mumbling about something.


Maybe feeling that there was a stranger looking outside of the door, this strange man’s head snapped up, both eyes bursting with force, colliding with Han’s eyes.


Han was suddenly shocked, this guy, he was just way too familiar!

Although his hair is a mess, his bearded face was not washed for a long time, but his facial features were still distinct.

“Let me go in.” Han’s voice sounded a bit agitated.

“Little brother, stop joking!” Horton hastily said, “He’s a quasi-warlord! I don’t even know if the alloy chains and the DNA binding system can really control him. Warlords can destroy the sky, quasi-warlords can destroy Earth. His level is way too high, if there’s an accident then it won’t be a joke!”

“You are not responsible if there’s an accident, let me go in now!” Han’s voice raised several times louder.

Horton didn’t know how else to deal with Han; he could only order his men to open the door. The moment the door opened, Han saw Horton’s men’s forehead were full of sweat. After all, it was a quasi-warlord, a human in his ultimate form with the power of complete destruction!


The sealed alloy door opened up, Han dashed forward and stopped a few meters away from the slave. The two stared right at each other, Han carefully observed and surprise and shock were written all over his face.

“Who are you?” Han frowned and asked in a deep voice.

“They call me the Destroyer.”

“Who calls you that?”

“The Red Dragons, my people.”

“But you are a human, Red Dragons aren’t your people.”


The strange man heard Han’s words and started hitting his head rapidly as he shouted in a hoarse voice, “I’m not a human, I’m a Red Dragon!”

“The Red Dragon family’s redness runs like a long dragon from their head to their back, but you are brown, nor is there a red dragon resting on your back.” Han replied in a deep voice.

“Although I’m not red, I’m still a Red Dragon!”

This strange man suddenly soared, he took only one step and stopped right in front of Han, the two’s face were only 20 centimeters apart as he shouted at Han, his voice was hoarse and painful.

Han didn’t back off at all, and he looked even more excited than that strange man. Using an even louder voice shouting back at that strange man, “You are definitely not a Red Dragon! Think harder, who are you! Where are you from! Where is your home!”


That strange man screamed in pain, as if he was about to breakdown. Suddenly, he reached out a pair of large hands and grabbed Han right by the neck with an incredibly fast speed.

Han’s reaction wasn’t slow either. His hands rushed forward and grabbed the strange guy’s hands, then pushed his head forward like a street fighting style fiercely putting his head against that strange guy’s head.

“Ten years!”

“We looked for you for ten f**king years!”

“You just disappeared without a word, but Earth lost its greatest pillar! Got bullied for ten years, and it almost became someone’s colony! Do you actually know about it or not!”

Han shouted out of the top of his lung, that strange man seemed to have understood Han’s words, and turned motionless.


A fist flew up from Han and landed on that guy’s face.


That strange man howled, and also gave a punch to Han.




You punch once, I punch once. Han and that strange man began punching each other like they’ve gone crazy! Both of them refused to give way.

“Didn’t you say you will protect us even if the sky falls on us? Now the sky really collapsed, where the f**k did you go!”

“Red Dragon? You even f**king forgot about your last name!”

“Today if I don’t wake you up with my punches, then I would not be called Han Lang!”

“F**king remember this! If you live, you are one of Earth’s people, if you die you are also one of Earth’s ghost!”

“Your name is Ke Lake!!!”

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