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Galactic Dark Net Chapter 112.2

Chapter 112: Rewarding Trip (Part 2)

Han and Ke Lake toured the prison that was filled with slaves. These people from the Red Dragon tribe, whether they were soldiers or old men, they all bowed down after seeing Ke Lake. In the prison, there are about 70 to 80 thousand slaves from the Red Dragon tribe which accounted for the vast majority. There were also some other alien races. They didn’t admire Ke Lake as much but they were all very afraid.

Ke Lake reached out his hand and put up his thumb, and Han saw everyone else from the Red Dragon tribe reaching out their hand and doing the same thing, the two sides’ thumb touched together, it seemed to be a peculiar ceremony.

“This is the tribal chief, Mu Tata.” Ke Lake pointed to an old man that had quite some spirit and introduced him.

Han took a careful look; he saw that this elder really had an extraordinary appearance. The Red Dragon tribe all had red hair, and the brighter the color, the more advanced was their lineage.

Although Mu Tata was already old, but his red hair was still like the clouds on fire, extending from the top of his head all the way to the back, and that was also the unique feature of the Red Dragon tribe. Many people in the Milky Way all discriminated against them and called the Red Dragons monkeys covered in red hair. However, other than that there was not much difference between the Red Dragon tribe and humans.

Han respectfully paid a salute to Mu Tata and said, “Nice to meet you, Chief. Now is not the time to talk, so Chief please be patient for a few more moments. After leaving here, I will invite you to drink.”

Mu Tata knew that Han was going to buy him and his whole tribe, but he didn’t expect at all for Han to have such a nice attitude towards him.

Nodding solemnly, Wu Tata used the universal Milky Way language and said, “Destroyer is the number one fighter in our tribe. He believes you, then I believe you too, you are a friend of our Red Dragon tribe!”

Han was suddenly shocked a bit by the pleasant surprise, “So you can speak the universal Milky Way language too?”

Mu Tata sighed and said, “Most people in our tribe can. After being hunted by humans for thousands of years, the universal language, warship technology and weapon skills, these are all essential courses in our tribe. All the races that don’t like to learn have long been eliminated by you humans.”

Han didn’t say anything. Humans wanted to dominate the Milky Way so they were never nice to alien races. Old Mo also complained to Han before, the majority of people from their Kui race became skinners after pressure from humans.

Han told Ke Lake to stay at the central square and continue to have some conversations with other soldiers from the Red Dragon tribe, and Han himself went with Horton to the office.

“5-star slaves 13, 4-star slaves 245, 3-star slaves 3139, 2-star and 1-star add up to close to 20 thousand, and the rest are all normal slaves and women, children, old people. Total is 150 thousand, this many slaves, are you sure you want to take them all?

“Yep.” Han added, “I also need a high-speed cargo ship ready with enough supplies.”

Horton smiled, “That’s no problem. Give me two days of time and the slaves I had in other markets can be shipped here. At that time the cargo ship and supply you want will be ready too. As for the price, we will follow the market price and I will give you another 20% off. That quasi-warlord is after all a human and you also know him. Just let him leave with you, little brother, and this thing is done and we will never mention it again, is that good?”

Han nodded.

Ever since the huge amount of index numbers appeared on the dark net, this price thing became more and more clear. One just needed to check out the slave price index of that year and they could know how much the current price of slaves was, what the average price for the past three month or a year has been. And usually, taking 20% off the average price is the final price.

As for Han’s method of payment, it was also very simple. The dark net not only had a slave price index but also a blueprint price index, Han just needed to give enough blueprints according to the current market price, and this whole deal will be done.

Does Horton like trading with blueprints?

Of course! Blueprint was like a hard currency in the dark net. If the trade was performed using GC, then the whole deal will involve up to hundreds of billions of GC in scale, which was going to be quite troublesome when the money moves accounts.

And if such a hard currency like blueprint is used as payment, only a little bag was needed and the payment and good will all be cleared. And whenever Horton needed money he can easily cash out the blueprint, so it would be strange if he doesn’t like trading with blueprints.

As for Ke Lake, how could a smart person such as Horton dare to ask money? Han and Ke Lake obviously know each other. If one day Ke Lake suddenly realized, WHAT THE F**K you captured me as a slave before and then he finds Horton to “talk” about it, then Horton will be in some big trouble.


Two days after, a brand new Polo class high-speed cargo ship set sail back to Earth.

Han was still in his room using his laptop, he was connected to the galactic dark net and saw Pathless Origin. That stubborn old man’s expression was still as serious as before. It was like everyone owed him money or something.

“Teacher, I began sailing back, this time the deal with Horton went okay.” Han seriously reported to Pathless Origin.

“It went okay?” Pathless’ mouth twitched and then he said, “You hit the jack pot! Can’t believe you are actually that lucky, buying slaves and you can get Ke Lake for free. Ke Lake also became an admired figure in the Red Dragon village, the ace of the tribe.”

“How is that buying slaves, you basically gave Earth a dedicated super army! Regardless of why the Red Dragons accepted Ke Lake, but based on my understanding of the race, as long as they recognize Ke Lake as their brother, then they won’t hesitate to sacrifice their lives for him, and now for Earth.”

“And if didn’t remember wrong, Ke Lake’s power is Celestial Dominator?!”


OH SHIEEET, even though I read this novel several times but I still got goosebumps translating these chapters.

Btw thank Vara S for sponsoring this chapter!

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