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Galactic Dark Net Chapter 114.2

Chapter 114: Still Dare to Come? (Part Two)

This started from Earth’s history. Earth joining the Milky Way alliance only happened about 20 something years ago. All the war and separation that happened between the Alliance and alien races, Earth was not involved at all.

So, the people on Earth had no hatred and prejudice towards aliens at all. Additionally, Han already told them that these alien races were here to help with the construction of our home and also help us with our fights so everyone was even more happy. They were so busy welcoming them, how would they get a chance to discriminate against them.

It was really not just for show, the people on Earth really welcomed the new aliens, and all the alien soldiers were all very touched from what was happening. Plus, the alien races inherently loved to drink, so inevitable they drank a few glasses and got so drunk that they started singing out loud and dancing.

Han saw a lot of brothers that he trained together with at the camp together. At that time, everyone had the same goal, and that was to do something for Earth at the Milky Way Meet. But unfortunately, other than Han, all the other brothers didn’t make it into the final.

Then, Han became the spiritual carrier of all his brothers’ and sisters’ hopes, and now seeing Han’s victorious return, especially with the championship-winning identity, everyone felt extremely happy and had many full cups of drinks with Han.

The fatty Cheng Zhong became familiar with everyone right away. Soon he already joined the elite Red Dragon warriors chatting about life, jiggling his fat around, begging them to take him as a student and teach him martial arts.

More soldiers from the base heard the noises in the cafeteria and came to participate in this party. Since they had no prejudice towards aliens, the soldiers of Earth soon became friends with the alien warriors.

Excessive drinking also led to some people going outside to compete, so they went out and fought and came back with bruises and bumps and continued to laugh and drink.

All in all, it was a chaotic night, but also a fun night.

Good wine, good dishes, nice and welcoming people on Earth all gave Mu Tata and the others a great shock. No one will worry about how to get along with the people on Earth after settling in because everyone on Earth seemed to be very easy to get along with!

More and more people showed up, and more and more chaos was caused after drinking. They drank from evening to midnight and still no end was in sight.

Many elderly and children were already tired, and the logistic department already arranged rooms for them to rest, so everyone left were almost all soldiers.

Han felt a little drunk so he just laid on the table and squinted his eyes and looked around at his brothers.

Li Yu and the other two sat with Ke Lake and Mu Tata on a separate table, Ke Lake seem to be crying. Even after losing his memory, he could not erase the feelings he had deep down for Earth. Even though he didn’t remember what Earth looks like, the moment his feet touched he soil, he knew that it must be his home.

Other than Ke Lake, Han also recruited as many as 13 five-star alien elites for Earth!

No one knew who gave them the name “The Thirteen Guardians”. Even though they didn’t know what it meant, the alien soldiers all thought that the name sounded good started laughing.

“Its good to be home.” Han’s drunken eyes dimmed, and he smiled as he mumbled to himself.

The Earth now is completely different from the past, full of hope. Han not only brought back Ke Lake, but he also came back with a powerful alien army of high level espers!

Earth even had a flagship now, and that the Flying Dragon class was on its way home. In the near future, Han could use his financial resources that was comparable to a country and bring more powerful spaceships for Earth. Even manufacturing their own second generation starship!

“This feeling is really great, really great.” Han smiled, and mumbled as if he was just talking nonsense.


A Siren pierced the night sky, which stopped all the soldiers that were just excitingly drinking and left them frozen on the spot.

“Report! A foreign planet army invasion by a stealth warship!”

“Report! The invading army is very powerful! They have already consecutively broken through the first and second line of defense. It’s pushing forward fast towards the Extinction Domain entrance!”


After the voice of the second communication soldier just finished, Ke Lake let out a piercing cry and all the hair on his head stood up!

He remembered Han saying to him, “You just left without saying a world, but Earth lost their biggest pillar! We were bullied for an entire decade, and it almost became the colony of some other planet! Did you know?!”

It’s true, what Han said was true!

In the past decade when he was not here, all the people at home suffered too much! Suffered enough!

“I will kill you! I will kill you!”


Ke Lake’s super power was Celestial Dominator, the strongest flying descent power!

Capable of intergalactic travel with just his flesh body, and fighting celestial dragons with bare hands!

They just saw Ke Lake’s figure shooting straight out, like a lighting bolt. He broke through the glass window of the cafeteria and flew straight out!

Han was surprised and was left speechless.

Earth was weak, and you guys successively send someone to bully us, that’s no problem.

But now, not only did Ke Lake come back, but even just counting 5-star espers, Han brought back 13! And why are there still people that dare to come and bully Earth?

On the way home what Han thought about the most was the problem of who to bully now that Earth had become more powerful.

As a result, Han didn’t even get to go out and bully other people and someone already came knocking?!


Han’s eyes look like they were about to explode, his face blackened, he grabbed his Star Piercing Moon Slayer and rushed right out, and shouted, “Brothers, let’s go!”

“Kill them!”

“Don’t even leave one alive!”


The few tens of thousands of espers that just finished drinking, regardless if they were humans or aliens, they all grabbed their weapon and charged into the night!

With a grim look on their face!

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