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Galactic Dark Net Chapter 116

Chapter 116: The Relic Ghost

(P.s. Wtf homiesss, “Gengci” was like in every fight scene in the past chapters, it’s the sound of flesh getting cut open)

Han Wu’s original plan was to remove the relic seal and activate it, and then destroy the gate to let out all the dark beasts to flood Earth.

But he never imagined the previously thought to be fragile little planet actually hid such a powerful army, capable of completely rolling over his army within minutes. Now, they are even forcing them to go into the extinction domain to feed te dark beasts!


Without any more words, Han took out the particle amplifier equipment that was used to remove the seal and activate the extinction domain gates. He quickly pressed it against the sealed alloy gate.

With the human’s growing understanding of extinction domains, anything related to relics had become a developed industry chain. To open, close and probe extinction domains, there were corresponding machines for all these tasks.


Han didn’t hesitate and he activated the machine. After hearing a few loud banging sounds, then came a loud sound of metal breaking. Han pushed on the lever that controlled the gate, and the sealed alloy door opened!

All of Earth’s soldiers raised their knives and began cutting. If they saw any enemy that didn’t want to go into the relic to feed the dark beasts, even if there was 0.01 second of hesitation, they would be hacked to death on the spot by the frenzied Earth soldiers!

Ke Lake just picked up the Han Wu that got punched half-dead, accelerated, and threw out the dignified quasi-warlord into the relic like a basketball.


Seeing that vast majority of the enemy had been slammed into the relic, Han just directly closed the entrance to the relic, pointed at the last few hundreds of enemies that didn’t get into the relic in time, and commanded, “Let these guys stay, find out who hired them!”

Immediately, a large number of soldiers gathered around. With a vicious look, they managed to intimidate the hundreds of enemies, leaving them trembling like chicken.

Han Wu’s mercenary army originated from an empire’s official military. They never had previous cases of failure, nor did they foresee getting beat up that badly on Earth, so they didn’t have a tradition of secrecy for their employers.

Very soon, under the soldiers’ threatening, Han got a name, a name he couldn’t be more familiar with.

“Sally Empire!” Han gritted his teeth and said in a deep voice, “These guys are really just everywhere!”

Long Chuan shook his head and sighed, “There is a good saying, the enemy beside you is the most difficult to get rid of. The Sally Empire in Centaurus, they are really too close to us.”

Han nodded. It was the saying that there couldn’t be two tigers on one mountain (TL: Old Chinese saying that means you can’t have two man in power in the same area). If Earth wanted to rise up in the Milky Way, then the battle with this evil neighbor was inevitable!

“Han, how do we deal with these prisoners?” Li Yu pointed at those mercenaries that were currently kneeling on the ground and asked.

Han took a look at these guys with disgust, and said in a deep voice, “Don’t leave even one alive.”


This battle was really lost, not to mention how they got rolled over by the Earth army, even their most powerful mercenary leader, the quasi-warlord Han Wu lost his consciousness from all the punches from Ke Lake.

Nakdong and Delicaton carried Han Wu on the left and right, rubbed a little sobering potion on his nose. After a few twitches, Han Wu slowly opened his eyes.

“What is this place?’

“This is the B-class relic on Earth, we got pushed into here by the Earth army.” Delicaton said.

Nakdong laughed and said as if it’s not a big deal, “These Earth idiots, they never dared to enter this relic, so they don’t even know that there’s not a single dark beast here and they want the dark beasts to kill us? Those ignorant pigs!”

“No dark beasts?!” Han Wu stood right up despite the pain of his body, and he said with eyes wide open.

“Nope, we have been in here for an hour. The scouts have investigated the surroundings, there’s not a single dark beast.” Nakdong very proudly said.


Finally, it seems like Delicaton still had a brain. He let out a sigh and said, “The Earth army must have used the machine to scout the relic already. If there’s no signs of life in this relic, then they would’ve came in a long time ago. So, there must be dark beasts, it’s just that we haven’t encountered them yet.”


Han Wu swallowed his spittle, his face became very pale and his lips kept trembling.


Nakdong didn’t really take Delicaton’s words seriously. He looked around and complained, “God is so not fair, he actually gave Earth such an amazing relic and didn’t put any dark beasts in it.”

“Look, these huge machines, and that furnace that’s higher than the mountains. That year when I went to A-21 relic, I didn’t even see things like this! Looks like this B-class relic of Earth is not any inferior than those A-class ones, it’s probably a very important base for the prehistoric civilization.”

Hearing Nakdong’s words, Delicaton agreed. He gritted his teeth and said, “Yep, Earth’s really lucky. The machine, the furnace, and the giant alloy stent in the distance, the level is really high. I haven’t even see it before too.”

“Don’t know what kind of work the prehistoric civilization does here… Why are all the machines unusually large?”

Nakdong shook his head, “Don’t know, but anyways it’s really high level. Look at the floor that’s covered by mineral scraps. Those are all precious black crystal titanium. The Alliance uses black crystal titanium to forge weapons and armor, the prehistoric civilization actually used them to do the flooring? If we can bring back all these mineral rocks, then we will be rich!”

Just after Nakdong finished, they heard Han Wu letting out a painful cry.

“You guys all shut up!”

Nakdong and Delicaton didn’t know what happened, and even the surrounding soldiers were shocked by Han Wu’s sudden cry.

“We are going to die.” Han Wu despondently said.

Nakdong didn’t get it. He frowned and asked, “General, what are you saying?”

“I said we are going to die!”

“Such a high level relic, but there’s no dark beast, do you guys still not get it?!”

“In this world, there’s no such thing as an empty relic! If there’s no dark beasts here, then there must be something even more terrifying than dark beasts!”

Hearing Han Wu’s worlds, the faces of those soldiers that were still feeling lucky about not seeing dark beasts all turned pale.

Something more terrifying than dark beast?

What was that?

Suddenly, a strange wind started blowing inside the relic. Cold, it was cold enough to make the esper soldiers shiver.

Soon following was a black sandstorm that covered the sky. All the mineral scraps on the ground were blown into the air by the chilly wind, forming a black wind wall.

This wind wall was very strange, after it surrounded the mercenaries it stopped moving, just like a black cage, shrouding the entire world.

The mercenaries were frightened to death. Han Wu had just finished saying something scary, and now this creepy event occurred inside the relic.

How could wind suddenly stop?

How’s that possible?

Was it controlled by someone?

Just when the mercenary army didn’t know what to do, someone pointed at the wind wall in the distance and yelled, “Guys look! There’s a person!”

Hearing those words, all the mercenaries’ hearts instantly hung up.

This prehistoric relic hadn’t been activated for tens of thousands of years! How could there be a person?!


Nazca wilderness, outside of the entrance of the B-class relic.

A multiple spectrum analyzer was set up to probe the inside of the relic.

Han, Ke Lake, Li Yu, and Long Chuan all waited outside of the relic for the results.

“Strange, the data seems to be wrong.” The engineer that was responsible for proofreading the analyzer’s results mumbled to himself, “After the mercenary army entered the relic, the organism index inside the relic increased by 4300 units. Then the data dropped all the way back down to the original position, and now it’s beginning to grow rapidly, and it even went beyond the peak values of the past few hours.”

Han frowned. Although this analysis was more professional, he understood.

It meant the original organism index inside the relic was 10 thousand units, after Han Wu’s army went in, the index went up to 14 thousand. When Han Wu and his men died, the index went back down to 10 thousand. But now after a few hours, the index actually became 15 thousand? It’s even higher than when Han Wu’s army just entered the relic. Did the men mate and give birth or something?

After some thought, Han said in a deep voice, “There could only be two reasons for this abnormal data. One is that the number of dark beasts inside the relic increased and that dragged up the index. The second one is that the dark beasts ate Han Wu and his men, enhanced them, and became more powerful, thus leading to an increase in index.”

The engineer thought for a bit, nodded and said, “General Han, your reasoning is very logical.”

Han was surprised for a moment, he smiled and said, “What are you talking about? General? I’m just a soldier, just call me Han.”

Talin said in a deep voice, “First of all let’s not talk about the problem of title. What place you have on Earth, everyone knows. This time, Earth Federation is going to promote a batch of generals, the first one on the list is you, the second one is Ke Lake. You two, don’t even think about rejecting.”

“With great power comes great responsibility, those are your words. When the sky collapses, the tall ones will support it, that also came from you too. Now you are like one of the metaphorically tallest guys on Earth, so don’t even think about running away.”

Han curled his lips and didn’t say more.

Actually, you don’t even have to point out Han’s position in the Earth army. Now, the three giants Talin, Li Yu, and Long Chuan, even if they don’t discuss with Ke Lake when there’s an issue, they would still find Han and ask what he thinks. Obviously, everyone had defaulted a long time ago to recognize Han as one of the highest ranking in Earth’s military.

Ke Lake said in a deep voice, “The safest way is to send someone into the relic and investigate. Let me go.”

Han smiled, patted Ke Lake on the shoulder and said, “I know you are still feeling a bit guilty towards Earth, so anything happens you always want to charge at the very front. But this time you might not be able to handle it. How about this, I will go with you.”

“Should you take the 13 guardians?” Long Chuan frowned.

He knew that although Ke Lake was very strong, when he encounters real danger he lacks the flexibility Han had. Han was someone that knew both strategy and combat, with a body of tough bones, he also had the wisdom to back it up.

Han shook his head, and said without hesitation, “No! The relic already had its seal removed. To prevent the danger of dark beasts charging out of the gate, the 13 guardians must stay outside as the last line of defense. Inside the relic, it would be most ideal if it’s just Ke Lake and me. He can fly, I have void end, and we both went to an A-class relic before so we have more experience.”

“Then that’s set, according to the data collected, every morning is the lowest moment for the organism index number, Ke Lake and I will move out tomorrow morning.”

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